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Randy's POV

I hate it… it's freaking 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning and I'm awake. Why the hell am I awake? 3 years ago, 6 a.m. was usually the time I went to bed. Shit… Nowadays I wake up at the weirdest times. I think I'm getting old. The only good thing about waking up that early is to be able and watch my roommates sleep… and play pranks at them. Though today… geez. That's a look.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I couldn't help but smile at that sight: on the other bed, inches away, lay a sleeping Cody, his nose nuzzled into the crook of Ted's neck; both of them sleeping peacefully, Cody having his arm draped around Ted's chest and as it seems -from what I can make out under the covers- his leg around Ted's thighs. It's a sight for gods. I wonder if I had better wake Cody up to save him any weird moments when Ted finds him THAT close to him. I mean… I doubt Cody told Ted about his feelings yet… so… Ted might get slightly scared at being that close to another guy, especially to Cody. Whom am I kidding? He'll freak out. Though… after accepting Cody's wish that fast last night, maybe he won't care. I mean… no one ever asked Ted if he isn't maybe bi-sexual… who knows? Might even happen that he likes being that close to… Naw… I doubt it.

I wish I could be here when they wake up to see there expressions, but I texted John if we can head out to the gym. It's 6:15 by now… the gym sure as hell is empty and it'll give us some time to practice for our next match in silence, without any fans interrupting us. Taking a last look back before I walk out I see a smile on Ted's lips and the same on Cody's. They look kinda cute together. Don't get me wrong… I'm as straight as a guy can be… I'm just happy for Cody that he's happy… or at least that he seems to be happy. That's what I'm thinking as I finally close the door behind me and head over to Cena's room.

Ted's POV

I'm sleeping, right? God damnit, I'm not… I'm awake and from what I read on the clock on the wall, it's not even 7 a.m. Why the heck am I… wait… *swallows* I… I can feel an arm around me… I feel a leg draped over my thighs… and I feel… oh shit … I jump slightly, my lips pressed together to stifle a shocked squeal, scooting away from the lithe body behind me only for an inch until… a fucking morning-wood pressed against my lower back… *swallows again*… that's just not… god… I mean… is it normal that I feel… warm… comforted… safe? I know it's Cody who's laying behind me, now shifting as he sure as hell stirs and is waking up slowly… but… his warm body pressed flush against my back, his scent in my nose, his hot breath on my neck… isn't it wrong to be turned on? It must be… I mean… I'm married… not really happily married, but I'm married… to a WOMAN… I don't have feelings… god… what if I HAVE feelings for him?

Shit… I mean… it feels good… too good… his soft skin rubbing against mine as he groans and the bed dips a bit. Either he's still sleeping and having a dream or he's wakening up… I don't even want to know… I don't want to look back, so I just press my eyes shut, pretending to sleep, ignoring the growing bulge in my boxers, ignoring his soft, warm fingers rubbing my thigh… what the hell? What is he…? I shake my head slightly, fists clenching as I feel myself growing more and more whilst listening to his low moans… he must be dreaming… I'm sure he is… sure until I hear one thing…

"Teddy… oh god…."

My eyes shoot open as I snap my head around and the sight nearly takes my breath away, making me twitch and getting painfully hard: Cody's laying half on his side, half on his back, hand on his lower abdomen, fingers under his waistband, a full hard-on in his boxers. I swallow really hard as my eyes wander up that beautiful, perfect body of his, enjoying the view in front of me clearly a little too much as I feel myself twitch again: his lips are slightly parted, eyes shut tight, cheeks flushed a nice shade of pink as another moan leaves his throat, this time even lower, a bit louder. His other hand is still on my thigh and as I feel the bed dip, I see that his hand now completely disappeared below his boxers and his hips are arching into the touch of his own fingers. Believe me or not, but I've never seen something as hot and sexy as this right now…

I… god… shit… maybe I really have feelings for him… maybe I'm not as straight as I always thought. I mean… he's gorgeous… he's sexy… he's just… breath-taking… not only now, but… always. Fuck… I need to close my eyes again… I can't watch him like this… but… I also can't close my eyes…

I can't take my eyes off him as I see his hand now rubbing up and down his hardened length, under the material of his boxers, moan after gasp after moan leaving his oh so fucking sexy lips. My own member is fully aware of who I am watching there, of WHAT I am just watching and still it is painfully hard and throbbing. I wish I could do something against it… shit… I wish HE could do something about it.

"Hmm… Teddy… harder…"

Did he… I… my eyes go back up to his now pleasure-contorted face, seeing him licking his lips as his pants, his hot breath meets my face… he's dreaming about me… oh my fucking… he… I… god… that's so fucking sexy… I can't… I can't help myself and before I can stop, my lips act on their own accord, pressing against his.

I didn't even realize what I was doing at first until I felt Cody respond to the kiss. I slowly opened my eyes to see that his were still closed, but he sure as hell wasn't sleeping anymore. I swallowed hard as I pulled away, my eyes staying fixed on his face, trying to read his mind, trying to find out what he was thinking. His lips curled up in a small smile as he slowly opened his eyes and our gazes met. God I could get lost in those azure oceans of his.

There was a more than awkward silence while we just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. I didn't even feel his hand in mine until he squeezed it lightly. I think that was what brought me out of my trance and made me realize what I'd just done. I pulled my hand away, attempting to get up and off the bed as fast as possible. I had just kissed a guy, not any guy… but my best friend for god's sake… my best friend who's gay and who apparently just had a dream… a sexual dream about ME moments ago. I had to get away… out… I had to think, but I couldn't, because only a second later I felt his hand on my wrist, pulling me back.

Cody's POV

Of course I couldn't just let him go. I mean… he kissed me. HE kissed ME… Teddy freaking kissed me… god… I had to know why… what made him do it?

"Don't… please…"

Sure, I was pleading with him. My dream was finally becoming real and he just wanted to run away. He hesitated before turning his head to look at me and I could see his insecure ness, his confusion, his angst. His cheeks were flushed, eyes blood-shot as if he was going to cry any second, lips only two small pink lines as he pressed them together. I swallowed as I felt him trying to pull his arm away, but my grip tightened; now MY eyes were watering.

"Teddy… stay please… I… I don't want you to go… I… I love you."

Before I could stop myself, it was already too late. The words were out, my secret spilled. I couldn't take it back again and honestly… I didn't want to.

"I love you…"

I repeated it, my voice trembling and barely above a whisper.

There was silence again for a very long time. Teddy didn't even move, his face turned away from me… correction: his back turned to me; but I could feel him shaking under my still tight grip on his wrist. I just hope that it's not out of anger. My eyes were still watering, but this time I stayed strong. I didn't let the tears fall.

"I… you… Codes… I'm not gay… you know I'm not… I…"

God… not exactly what I wanted to hear, but at least the defining silence was finally broken.

"Then why did you kiss me?"

Now that finally made him turn around and I could see his red cheeks, his bottom lip tucked in as he was chewing on it and for the first time ever I think I could see something in his eyes, something I've never seen before: Lust.

"Cause… I… I don't know. You were laying there, so close to me, so very close, dreaming about me, moaning my name, your hand going down to your… well…"

I watched Teddy's tongue snake out to wet his lips as he stared down at my hand still on his wrist. Actually, I should have blushed now… but it wasn't the first dream I had about him and it sure as hell wouldn't have been the first time that I lay hand on myself while fantasizing about him. So why getting embarrassed? It was then that my eyes traveled from my hand on his wrist somewhere lower… to his groin… and I finally realized the tent in his boxers. So he WAS turned on… turned on by watching ME… by kissing ME. Licking my upper lip my gaze went back to his face and he had either followed my gaze before or he just knew where I'd looked at, cause he swallowed hard, turning his eyes away from me.

"You liked it?"

Though it was a fact, it came out more as a question and I waited for the answer… in vain. He didn't even dare to look at me.


I heard his steady breathing, deep and shaky, saw his still naked chest heaving and sinking, saw his lips forming to speak, but nothing came out.

"Ted… please at least look at me!"

For whatever reason that one worked. His eyes were closed as he turned his head back to me, slowly shaking it.

"I…" He opened his eyes, those warm oceans drowning me. A long sigh followed as he chewed on his upper lip. I don't know why I did what I did next, but my hand let go of his wrist and made its way down to his thigh. I felt him tense up instantly, his eyes widening as my hand slowly, carefully caressed it, giving it a little squeeze every now and then.

Ted's POV

Oh my fucking god… it does feel good, so very very good… so… right. His eyes met mine again. He looked so sexy and wanton, yet so innocent. I doubt though that his thoughts right then were innocent at all

My own hands acted on accord as one of them covered his on my thigh, slowly leading it up to my groin while my other hand cupped his cheek. Now it was his time to let his eyes widen as my fingers closed his hand around my still hardened member, only the light material of my boxers between his cold hand and my burning erection. That one small action drew two low moans from both our throats and in a heartbeat my lips met his again, just this time more in passion and desire than anything else. Feeling those soft, plump lips against mine, almost silky, sent sparks through me and chills down my spine. I can honestly say that I've never felt anything like this before and before I knew it, my tongue traced his lips, tasting him, begging him for entrance.

When our tongues met for the first time, both of us moaning in wanton need and pure pleasure, his grip on my member tightened and I instantly bucked my hips into his touch. My mind was on overload, almost blown away as his second hand grabbed my neck, thumb stroking the sensitive area where my hair stops, deepening what must have been the best damn kiss I've ever experienced in my whole life.

All thoughts of Kristen, all worries, all doubts were pushed away as my hands started their journey from his beautiful, angelic face down his neck, back, chest, over his well-defined abs, touching, feeling, exploring, grasping each part of that sexy body, until they reached his waist. As I let myself fall back down onto the bed, I pulled him with me, on top of me, our groins rubbing against each others for the first time, eliciting a gasp from me, so loud that I was sure, everyone on the floor awoke, but I didn't care. This felt way too heavenly to stop it. Cody's lips parted from mine and he started kissing me frantically, every part of my exposed skin, his tongue sneaking out every now and then to taste the saltiness of my already sweating body and I had to grasp the sheets besides me, my fingers digging into them as my eyes stayed fixed on his gorgeous face, gasp after moan, after gasp escaping my lips, seeing him grin like a little schoolboy while he got closer and closer to my oh so sensitive area of my waistline.

"Codes… please no… not now… I just… I want you… please!"

My hands were already around his neck, caressing it while pulling him back up, on top of me, into my lap, my warm, wet lips crashing onto his soft, swollen ones as his hips started to slowly gyrate. I have no idea why I was doing all of this, I just know… it felt good… and right… and goddamn… it was Cody… if any guy then HIM. Our tongues were dueling, devouring each others, fighting together as I felt a slight dip on the bed on Cody's body shifting above me.

Through half-flitted eyes, I saw him fidgeting with his boxers, sliding them down his strong, tanned thighs before kicking them of, my eyes fixating on his proudly erect member as he settled back in my lap, straddling my hips, leaning down to me so his lips were inches away from my ear as he huskily whispered, almost panted:

"Want to… see you… touch you… please…"

I slowly nodded my head, eyes wandering up to meet his gaze as his fingers hooked into my waistband and I raised my hips so he could slide my shorts down and off. There we were now, both naked as god made us, both rock-hard, breathing heavy in unison, as our eyes explored each others lower regions.

He made it back into my lap, crawling there, his naked, soft skin brushing over mine, sending shivers through my whole body. His lips found every sensitive spot of mine on his journey back up… my inner thighs, my waistline, my navel, my nipples until he stopped at my ear, our hard length' rubbing against each others, that first contact almost making me scream out in ecstasy.

Cody's POV

Here he lay… finally underneath me, naked, butt-naked, strong thighs shaking, toned chest heaving, soft lips trembling and moaning as I nibbled at his earlobe, my hands roaming over his naked torso, feeling him, touching him wherever possible in attempt to find out if this was real or just another dream. I hope he won't realize what he's doing and snap… I just hope he really wants this… wants me… and just as I finish these thoughts, I feel his hands on my ass, gently groping me, kneading it, his hips now moving in unison with mine, both of us letting go.

"Want you… now… in me… please…"

My words are incoherent and I'm barely able to form any sentences as his cock brushes over my entrance, already leaking some pre-cum, the feeling of his essence, the warm fluid against my skin making me nibble his earlobe even harder, gaining a gasp from him… or maybe it's been my words that elicited it… I actually don't know, nor do I care…I can feel his hot breath on my skin, his nose rubbing over my throat and my cheek as I turn my face towards his again, eyes meeting and I almost get lost in him, lost in his pretty face, in that moment until I felt his lips against mine, gently brushing over them, whispered words going straight to my groin:

"No… I want you… need you… in me… please Cody… show me how it is…"

I swallowed hard, pulling away a bit, staring at him in disbelief, my eyes asking him if he'd really just said that or if I was hallucinating, but that gorgeous, breath-taking smile of his reassured me that he indeed wanted me… wanted to feel me inside of him. I swallowed again, tucking my bottom-lip in before licking my upper one, nodding at him with a grin on my face… I'm sure I must have looked insane, but goddamnit… that was what I've dreamed about so many times before… and it was becoming true…

Slightly shaking I held two fingers up to him and I have no idea why, but he knew what I was asking for without me even having to ask as his tongue snaked out, licking them, slicking them up before taking them into his mouth, sucking them in, nibbling on them, drenching them and I swear by god, I could have cummed right there and then… this view was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. His eyes shut as he swallowed around my digits, knowing exactly what to do and how to do it and I slowly began to wonder how he knew all this, if he'd ever had a man before.

Though before I could think any further he released my fingers with a plop, opening his eyes again, smirking at me, his hand sneaking between us to take hold of me, thumb brushing over my slit, making me buck my hips forward, the growl escaping my throat so loud that it actually shocked myself.

"Fuck… Teddy…"

His hand going back to my neck, one still on my ass he drew me into a passionate kiss, biting, nibbling, tongues dueling before he pulled away, hand caressing my cheek, thumb stroking it, gorgeous brown eyes pleading with me.

"Tell me what to do, Codes… I'm all yours."

His voice husky and full of lust, his words almost sent me over the edge. Leaning down, my hips still rocking against his, I turned us over so he was on top of me, his glowing hips holding me down as now his legs were on each side of me. I licked my lips at the sight of him in my lap, his eyes half-flitted, lips pressed together as I'm sure he was trying to hold back a moan. My hands slowly made their way down his body to his perfect butt, gently kneading it as I bucked my hips up into his, growling.

"Touch me again… please…"

And without thinking about it, he obliged, taking hold of me, running his hand up and down my rock-hard cock, thumb brushing over my tip every now and then as I slowly spread his cheeks, careful not to scare him as one of my fingers caressed his pucker. Instead of his eyes widening, I got a low moan and he let his body fall forward, one hand holding him up next to my head while the other hand stayed on my length and the increased pressure on it showed me that he was ready. I raised my head slightly to gently peck his lips, whispering against them.

"Relax… okay… relax…"

He swallowed hard, but nodded, his eyes staying fixed on mine as I carefully pushed a digit in. I was only half-way in as his hiss reached my ears and I stopped, my other hand coming up to hold his cheek, to caress it, to sooth him.

"Breathe… Teddy… trust me… it'll get better soon."

Another nod and a deep breath later I pushed my finger in to the hilt, gaining a grunt from him.

"Fuck… it hurts…"

I kissed him again, this time softer and longer, whispering against his lips.

"Baby… relax… I'll make you feel good so soon… just relax…"

It didn't take long and I felt his muscles really relax, drawing my digit in even further and soon enough I had him moan and rock his hips down on my finger. That sight was for gods: mouth slightly parted, eyes shut tight, cheeks flushed, one hand on my chest while his other tried stroking me in synch with my thrusts… I'll never forget that… he looked like pure sex… it felt heavenly… but not as heavenly as what was about to come.

"Cody… please… need you in me… now…"

I couldn't hold back a small chuckle as he spoke the words, shaking my head as my finger brushed his prostate a second time.

"Easy… you're not ready yet… you need to be stretched a little more…"

He nodded, licking his lips before he leaned down to kiss me again and I used the moment to add a second digit, pushing both of them in fast and hard, going for his prostate again. The muffled scream sure enough turned into a guttural moan as I hit it, his eyes shooting open as he pulled back.

"Shit… again… please…"

I smirked as I pulled my fingers out almost completely, before thrusting them back in, repeating the action for a few minutes before starting to scissor them apart. He now had both his hands on either side of my head, rocking his hips back and forth into my touch, our cocks rubbing against each others abs and I think none of us could have been any harder, any readier when I finally pulled the digits out, grabbing his hips.

"Raise your hips a bit, Teddy…"

He did as I said and I was able to align myself with his puckered hole, rubbing the tip up and down between his cheeks, circling his entrance for a while, trying to enjoy the moment before I drew him into another kiss, pushing into him slowly.

Ted's POV

Fuck…. Shit… shit… shit… it hurts… it hurts a lot.

"Shit Cody… stop… please…"

I hissed… I couldn't relax, I could barely breathe, couldn't shut out the pain. Hell it felt worse than getting a Slam from Henry. Cody was staring at me pleadingly, hand still caressing my cheek, trying his damnest to sooth me.

"You sure you want me to stop?"

I swallowed, thinking about it for a moment and shook my head, seeing a slight grin appear on his face before he kissed me again, soft… oh so soft… his hand traveling to my neck, rubbing it, thumb brushing over my hairline.

"Breathe… Teddy-baby… I'll make you feel so so good in a minute… you just gotta let me in… relax…"

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath before nodding and opening them again and as soon as I met his gaze I knew I could trust him… trust him when he says it'll get better, trust him when he says it'll feel good and soon enough I relaxed around him, allowing him to push his 9 inches fully in while I grunted through gritted teeth.

"Good god… I…"

I didn't get to finish my sentence, cause as soon as I felt his hand on my own length, my brain went dead… well… not exactly… but I forgot about the pain almost instantly.

"God… you feel so good, Teddy."

He had his head buried in my neck, kissing me, sucking on my sensitive skin, his hot breath tickling me as he slowly started to thrust.

"You've… no idea… how much… how long… I wanted this…"

His words were almost a blur as I got lost in the action, lost in the moment, lost in our movements, my hips starting to move on their own, slowly raising and sinking in synch with his thrust, taking him in as far as possible.

Soon enough our sweat-soaked bodies were moving in unison, our pants becoming louder, moans mingling with each others, heavy breathing filling the air as his thrusts became harder and faster, my hands fisting his hair while I tried to steady myself on my elbows… honestly, it felt wonderful. His soft hand rubbing me while his thick length buried itself in my warm hole time after time after time. I never felt something like that… something that intense before and I didn't care that I was being fucked by my best friend right then… all I cared about was how wonderful we fit, how perfectly he filled me, how sensual his kisses tasted, how careful and soft his hands tried to send me over the edge, his hot gaze burning right through me as his eyes never left mine.

I could feel it by his thrusts becoming almost frantic and deeper that he was pretty much as close as me… honestly, I didn't expect it to take long, after all the pent up sexual tension, the sexual frustration, after how much both of us wanted this, needed this… I was surprised that we were still going at it and none of us had shot his load earlier.

"God… please… so close Cody… harder… feels so so good…"

And he complied almost instantly, his thrust going even deeper, hard but smooth, hitting my prostate once… twice… three times and I felt my walls clenching around him, muscles spasming, body trembling, loud growl echoing through the room as I spilled my seed all over our abs and his chest.

Cody's POV

Fuck… this sight was too much for me: Teddy's body trembling, shaking, eyes half-flitted, hands grasping my hair, his lips slightly parted as an almost animalistic growl escaped his lips and he spilled his seed all over our sweaty bodies… that paired with the immense pressure of his muscles spasming around me, his tight, hot, warm hole tightening even more, that did it and with only two more thrusts I followed him into heaven, bucking my hips uncontrollably as my sticky, hot fluid filled him to the brim and I bit his neck in attempt to muffle my screams.

"SHIT… Teddy…Fuck…"

I drew it out as long as possible, rocking my hips gently, not wanting that moment to end, until I felt his body crash down on mine, both of us spent, both of us breathing heavily, panting in each others ears.

I closed my eyes again, not really wanting to see the sheer horror in his eyes as soon as he realizes what he had… what WE had just done and I'm sure minutes passed, his chest raising and sinking in synch with mine, before I felt him sit up in my lap again, his hands caressing my cheeks, thumbs brushing over the skin under my eyes.


His voice was cracking, a soft whisper, one of his hands running through my hair as I slowly opened my eyes again, surprised to see him smile down at me, his eyes shining, cheeks still flushed a bright red. He leaned down to me, his lips brushing over mine, before kissing me softly, my hands finding his neck to stroke it, to hold him close.

"That… felt amazing…"

I didn't know how to respond to that, the only action I was capable off was to nod my head, my eyes staying fixed on his, swallowing down the lump in my throat in attempt to speak, but nothing wanted to come out. We stayed like that for a while, just staring at each other, just holding each other, caressing each other.

"Can we… I mean… can we do that again?"

Now that totally brought me out of my own little world, my eyes widening as I took his words in, trying to register them.

"You mean… you… I… you want to?"

He grinned, nodding his head really fast, licking his lips before tucking the bottom one in.

"That means if you want to?!"

Geez… I could have cummed again just by that innocence in his voice, by that request, by… by the though of what we could do together the next time.

"What about Kri…"

His lips on mine cut me off.

"Let's talk about that later…" He shook his head, tracing my lips with his thumb before pecking me again, whispering. "Right now we better get showered and dressed before Ran…"

Now it was his time to get cut off by the door opening and a humming Randy walking inside, mouth opening in shock or horror, maybe even both, his eyes widening as he stared at us, before he covered them with his hands; Teddy jumping off me in a second, grabbing a blanket to cover our naked, sweaty bodies as he sat next to me.

"I… ugh… damn… can't you put a sign on the door next time or something… geez…"

I couldn't help but chuckle as I saw Randy blushing a bright red, turning his face away from us. Squeezing Teddy's thigh under the blanket, I looked over at him, seeing him swallowing hard, chewing his lips. I leaned over to kiss his cheek before turning back to grin at Randy.

"Sorry… forgot that in the heat of the moment."

He groaned as he shook his head, hand still covering his eyes.

"Too much information… thank you… I'll sure as hell have night-mares for the next weeks."

I chuckled again, running a hand up and down Ted's thigh, licking my lips as I shook my head.

"Next time we'll warn you."

The grimace he made was enough to make Teddy chuckle, too, hand covering his mouth.


Randy let his hand sink down, looking at us, smirking, shaking his head.

"Next time, huh?"

I smirked, glancing at Teddy, seeing him blush slightly as I whispered.

"Yeah… next time…"

I squeezed his thigh again, before clearing my throat, smirking at Randy.

"Like… right now!"

Randy arched a brow as I leaned over to Teddy, whispering in his ear, loud enough for Randy to hear though.

"Come on… let's go take a shower… and maybe this time you'll allow me to taste more of you."

The gagging noise Randy made together with Ted's now bright red face and him almost choking on his breath, let me burst out in laughter as I grabbed the blanket with one hand to cover us and his wrist with my other one, dragging him off the bed and into the bathroom, just turning around one more time to stick my tongue out to Randy, before closing the door behind us.

This sure WAS the beginning of a whole new legacy.

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