Chapter 1
AN: An odd premise suggested by a reviewer friend; I ran with it. Fluffy (After "Crazy", fluff was needed!), somewhat sexy, and a touch of angst with a good lesson at the end…..

It was a given. There were certain things in her life Penelope would never be able to explain. For instance, she was best friends with one of the sexiest men on the planet. On the sexiness scale, Garcia did alright. Her best friend, however, hit it out of the park: there wasn't a scale that went high enough to gauge him.

They were so very different, people might wonder what they had in common. She was a computer nerd, a self-described "girl power" geek. He was an ex-jock with the serious alpha male tendency to overprotect and overrule everything. She smiled; they were both very strong. Try as he might, he could never pull that crap with her!

What they did have in common, what she could understand, was really simple: it was this fantastic chemistry and the driving need to flirt with one another. Everyone knew it. There was no hiding how she sparkled when he said one of his little comments, or how his eyes twinkled when she teased him.

Also, there was absolutely no doubt they loved each other. She knew it was a forever thing, too. There was a bond that wasn't going to be broken, no matter what happened in their lives. He was her confidant, her strength, her stability when life got crazy. He literally saved her life once. She knew she'd never be able to repay him.

But he said she already had; she saved his life every day.

It was a little awkward once she had a steady boyfriend, but that only put a little snag in their friendship. She never had to worry about a steady girlfriend for Derek. He was a serial dater, tied for first place with Don Juan. A long time ago, he told her he wasn't ready to settle down. After watching him with woman after woman, she didn't doubt him!

Their friendship did make other relationships rocky. For instance, Kevin hated it that Derek called her "Baby Girl." Derek always called her that, from the first moment she met him. Kevin didn't think that sort of endearment was appropriate at all. Penelope told him she liked the name, it was hers before she ever knew him. If he didn't like it, he'd just have to deal.

It backfired big time on her. One night, Kevin called her Baby Girl. She blanched; it felt so awkward coming from another man's mouth, she couldn't help it. Kevin was more perceptive than she thought; he noticed and he never called her that again. Kevin was mad at her for months for that. She understood why. This started a downward spiral in their relationship. They never really picked back up again. She didn't want to lose Kevin, he was nice enough, but Morgan would always come first.

After a particularly bad argument, she went to Derek's to watch a movie. They were on the second film, had a few more beers than usual, and ended up talking about Kevin a little. "He's kind of a jealous ass at times, sugar." She pouted as she went on, "He doesn't get certain things, and I am getting sick of it."

"Why do you stay with him? You could do so much better, momma." She scoffed a little, so he continued, "I'm serious! Baby, he's not just a geek; he's a geek on steroids. The mantra to geekdom, the-"

"Honey, be nice."

"Seriously. I asked you a question; answer it." His eyes were dark, there was something there she didn't know how to decipher. But it made her feel funny inside.

Quell that thought, Garcia! She thought to herself. He's passionate about your friendship, that's all.

Then she remembered. He asked a question? Oh, yeah. She never lied to Morgan, so she was just told him the blunt truth.

"For the sex, really." He looked very surprised, so she continued, "Celibacy is not appealing, mon cher. Something is better than nothing."

Now he looked plain old irritated. "Not always, momma."

"Bull," she said, scowling at him. She felt that was rather mean coming from him, who never had a dry spell in his life! "Anything is better than nothing."

He shot her a look."Not if the guy isn't using it right."

"We do alright," she said. "Not everyone has your prowess, Morgan."

"How many times does he make you come?"

Morgan rarely shocked her, but at that moment, he could've knocked her over with a feather. She couldn't believe he just asked her that! She had to wince, though. The truth of the matter was really bitter. He was talking multiples, and she didn't even come every time. She chickened out: she didn't answer him.

The non-answer must have been enough to get him to guess correctly. "That selfish prick; you deserve better," he swore. Then he sighed and muttered, "Damn! Hottest little woman I know, turns me on with a smile, and -"

"We do alright!" She was fighting blushing furiously, and really, really wished he'd just drop this whole thing.

For a moment after, his words rang in her head. Hottest woman he knows? She didn't feel that way so much after dating Kevin; hot women came a lot, and she... well....

Then the other part registered, with a touch of alarm and genuine pleasure. Did he just say I turned him on?

"Penelope, that isn't alright," he murmured, then reached over to tuck a wayward curl of her hair behind her ear. "Baby, you call it quits with him, and I'll show you what you've been missing."

"Yeah, okay, Morgan." She laughed.

"I'm serious. Give me my chance with you."

She needed to cut him off; he must've had too many beers! His look was so hot though. A shiver ran down her spine, not of fear, but of absolute awareness of the man sitting in front of her. She didn't know what to think; so many relationship changing things just happened, it seemed unreal. He had to be teasing, really. Right? She just couldn't deal with it.

She decided to do the logical thing: She ignored it.

She just laughed and reached for the popcorn. "The movie's on."

He grabbed her hands. "Promise me."

She looked at him. He was so intense over something so silly. Like she'd ever end up in bed with Derek Morgan! She decided to humor him. "Sure. Now can we watch the show?"

He sat back, popped some popcorn in his mouth, took a swig of beer, smiled just a bit and sighed. Then he grinned that trademark Morgan grin, and all was back to normal.

As she sat back, the idea sat in her brain. His "chance" with her! He was teasing, he had to have been teasing. Like he did all the time with her. He was just being silly, making her think she deserved better than Kevin, in the sack and out.

But that didn't stop her from wanting to take Derek up on his suggestion, joke or no joke.

Brain, stop it!

She sighed. It was definitely a given. There were things in her life she would never be able to explain. Like why her best friend would give her something like that to think about, that she would always think about, for the rest of her life.