A/N: So I was watching HP3 last night, when I realized that even Dumbledore calls the portrait that guards Gryffindor tower "The Fat Lady." She even gets called it to her face. I was curious as to what her real name was so I searched it on Harry Potter Wiki followed by the Lexicon and discovered that she had no known name. I felt a sudden surge of sympathy towards her because she has such an important job but nobody knows her real name. Thus, this fic was born.


The Fat Lady, the guardian of Gryffindor Tower. She was the one who kept all riff raff out of the common room and protected relaxing students. She had one of the most important jobs in the school, yet nobody knows her story...

The year was 1905. Elizabeth Franks, the wife to the Minister of Magic at the time had just sent her first child off to Hogwarts School. Elizabeth had five children, and each had magical powers. She was pleasantly plump, yes, and she didn't deny it, but that was what happened when you had five children. Elizabeth was a pretty woman, but was very worrisome, especially about her children, whom she loved dearly. She was very worried as being the wife of the Minister for Magic was dangerous and the children even more so. People who were attempting to overthrow the ministry may kidnap either Elizabeth or one of her five children as a ransom.

After about two weeks of worrying about Alfred, her eldest son, she went to professor Scamander, who was the headmaster of Hogwarts at the time. He assured her that Alfred would be safe. Elizabeth, not satisfied with this, refused to leave Professor Scamander until he issued some sort of protection, at the very least, when her son had his guard down. At the time, Gryffindor Tower was protected simply by tapping your want on a certain part on the door, much like the entrance to Diagon Alley. Elizabeth was very unhappy with this little bit of protection and demanded more. After a long, gruelling talk, Elizabeth and Professor Scamander finally agreed that Elizabeth would have her portrait placed over the door and students would have to tell her a password in order to get in.

And so she did. Elizabeth watched over her children as they passed through Hogwarts. Even after her children were gone, Elizabeth's portrait stayed to protect the Gryffindors. Elizabeth and her family passed on, but the legacy of Elizabeth remained in her portrait. She began to think of every single student that passed through that portrait hole as her own child and she enjoyed watching them grow up into fine young witches and wizards.

Every Gryffindor knew who she was and the important role she played in their lives. She wished that people knew her story, but they were always impatient, wanting to get into the common room, never stopping to chat. Even Violet, her own friend, never cared to hear her story. It made her upset that nobody cared about her. All she was to everybody was the portrait. The guardian of Gryffindors. The Fat Lady.

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