Chapter 10


Was he on drugs? Or was he bipolar or something? Surely those would explain his hot and cold attitude better than anything else.. Or Maybe he was just acting that good because we had a kid with us in elevator. Yeah, obviously… He did not want his nephew to see how mean he could be,so he was acting nice and cool. Jerk…

My mind was screaming to me "Show him Bella! Ignore him! Play it cool! Keep it together! But my stupid heart was beating like crazy causing my body to become hyper aware of his closeness and the way he was talking to me. My heart won that battle, and I cursed myself for letting him affect me that much. Just because he sweetly said good morning did not mean that he was sincere, but go on and tell that my stupid heart that was sending my hormone crazed poor body overdrive. I was so thankful that his nephew was with us, though. That little kid was a distraction for me, and if it weren't for him I would make an ass out of myself in front of Edward by blushing and stuttering. Not that I was better now anyway…

The elevator ride seemed like ages to me, but before long we were getting out and just I was about to step outside, someone grabbed my arm. Since Aiden was not tall enough to grab my arm, it was obviously Edward. Also the electricty I felt in my body gave me a clue as well. Fear, excitement, nervousness all washed all over me making my face burn. I had no other choice to turn to him wishing that he would not yell at me or do anything like he did in the past week. However the words he said made my mouth hang open.

"I'm sorry, Bella.."

I just stood there and lost in his eyes for a second while my brain was screaming to me to turn around and leave him. He did not accept my apology in a way, so why would I accept his? 'What you did was inexcusable,Bella' a voice said inside my head. Maybe it was inexcusable, but it did not give him the right to rebuke me and yell at me at every chance he got. I must have been staring at him like a fool, because he cleared his throat. I knew what exactly he was apologizing for; however I wanted to hear it from him in full words.

"For what?" I asked and did a happy dance in my head when my voice did not even shake. It even came out strong…

He was the one who looked shaken, though. His cheek looked a little bit pink, and I bit inside my cheek to stop myself from grinning. Yeah, I made Edward Masen blush for a chance.

"You know. About how I acted in parking lot and in my room. I had a lot in my mind, and I kind of snapped at you even if it was not your fault." He said so fast that I almost did not understand what he said.

"Yep, because I deserve whatever you say, since I made a hell out of your life in high school. I'm the most suitable person to snap." My mouth said before my mind registered the words, but I was not sorry about my words. They were true, and they were reflecting exactly how I felt. His eyes grew like saucers making their beautiful green look even more beatiful to me, but it was not the time to ogle at him.

"Bella, I did not even think that way. I was just so angry both of the times, and I never never never thought like that. I swear." He said and it was obvious that he was sincere from his eyes.

"Whatever. I just want to forget it. Just please ignore me like you said you would. It is better than being yelled at." I said and walked away. I knew I was being childish, but I wanted to be childish. Like Alice and Emmett said high school was a long time ago, and I apologized about what I did. If he was not going to get over it and snap at me at every chance he got, since I was the spacegoat of all the times because of the stupid trick I pulled in high school!, and obviously deserved everything because of that… I believed that a few days ago, but I now knew better. He could yell at me and curse at me about how stupid I was back in high school, I would not say a thing then. But he had no right to snap at me about the things I had nothing to do…

"Bella, wait! This is bullshit!" he shouted and I stopped abruptly. It was bullshit, but because of who? Because of the one who could not be civil enough to save his life. I turned to him and saw him looking at me intently.

"We're being ridiculous. You said sorry, and I said sorry. I don't want it to be like a soap opera. We're working together, we can't ignore each other. We can be just normal, civil though. What do you say?" he said scraching his neck and diverting my attention to his neck for a second. Even his neck was gorgeous and manly. Could necks be manly? But everything about him was manly. He had such a masculine beauty that evoke all of my senses. Never in my 23 years of life, I found myself attracted to someone that much physically.

He called my name again effectively waking me up from my daydream about him. My wanting to be childish and storm off vanished the moment I looked at his face. He was right. It was getting ridiculous. There was no need for the drama. We could never be friends, but we could get along without snarling each other. And he had said he was sorry. Finally I felt myself smile a little bit, and he smiled in return a big goofy grin.

" Umm, right. No need to get all dramatic. It's ok. But no more yelling to me, please." I said jokingly, but his smile faltered.

"I promise. I won't. And I'm sorry." He said in such a sirious way that I could not help but grin. I nodded and he smiled back at me.

" Ok. You know it already, but I want to say it again when I find you in such a good mood. I'm sorry,too. And I'm sincere." I said and he nodded this time. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. He acknowledged my apology! Maybe he did not still believe it, but he acknowledge it!

Stopping and staring his face, something caught my attention. Litte Aiden was watching us with pure curiosity, and I felt like I needed to break our gaze with Edward. Two adults looking at each other smiling stupidly while a little kid was looking at them with curious eyes could catch a lot of attention, and I did not want attention. Especially in my office building.

"Ok, then. I''m going to my office. See you later,Edward " I said and waved Aiden who smiled shyly in return.

It felt so surreal when I walked into my office. If you had said me that a simple conversation with Edward Masen would make me so giddy six years ago,I would've laughed my ass off, but now I could not erase that stupid grin from my face. We both made mistakes (mine was much bigger than his), but we were adults who were leaving all of that behind,and I couldn't be more glad.


She was nice. Nicer than I remembered. And it scared me shitless. Maybe people could change after all. But she was still so beautiful. So beautiful that I needed to force my tongue to form correct and meaningful sentences. And when she said she was sorry, I believed her. It did not mean I trusted her, but I could be around her without getting all worked up and upset.

Aiden tugged my hand and woke me up from my musings. He must have been bored standing there and watching two stupid adults interact awkwarldy.

"Ok, buddy. Let's go meet Uncle Emmett!" I said and started walking towards Emmett's office with Aiden.

"Who is Uncle Emmett?" I heard his tiny voice asking. He was talking so silenty always.

"He's my and your dad's couisin. He works here with me. And Uncle Carlisle is here,too. He is Emmett's dad."

"Your dad is here, too?" he asked making me stop talking. No, my dad was probably too busy with babying my mom!

"No, he doesn't work here. He works somewhere else. Somewhere far actually." I said hoping that he would not ask any more questions. Fortunately, he stopped asking and we continued walking.

I knocked on Emmett's door, and he opened smiling like a mad man. I cringed at his goofy smile, and hoped that Aiden would find it amusing or relaxing. Aiden was looking at him a little bit thoughtful as if trying to decide he really was sincere or not. I tried to stiffle my laughter, but couldn't help it.

"Aiden, it's so good to see you finally!" Emmett nearly screamed. Aiden's eyes widened further and he clinged on my leg. I rolled my eyes, and then glared at Emmett. That big moron acted like he never had seen a five year old. I decided to take things into my own hands and kneeled down in front of Aiden.

"He is Emmett. Do you want to say hi to him?" I asked hoping that Emmett did not scare him too much. He was too shy already.

"He's big." He said making Emmett let out a laugh resembling to barkling. Aiden looked at him again, and scooted towards me further.

"Yes, he is. But he is a very nice person. He is my friend, and he wants to be your friend, too. What do you say?"

"Is he your friend?" he asked as if he found it unbelievable. I nodded, and he looked at Emmett once again. Emmett was smiling, but this time he was not scary.

"Ok, I can be his friend." Aiden said and I relaxed immediately. He needed people around him,people who care about him…

Fifteen minutes later, we were all sitting in Emmett's room, and Aiden was giggling at Emmett's jokes and silly faces. I told Emmett about my encounter with Bella, and he being the jackass he was started wiggling his eyebrows, and this gesture made Aiden laugh loudly. I was so angry at Emmett, but grateful at the same time for making Aiden laugh a real laugh.

"Sooo, Eddie. You're in friendly terms with Bella finally. Maybe your high school crush will resurface, and you'll seal the deal, huh?" Emmett asked. That bloody iddiot! He did not even stop to think about his words. Aiden was here with us. Hello?

"Emmett, shut up!" I hissed through my teeth, but that did not effect him even the slightest.

"What? You liked her. And you still look at her as if you want to hug her or eat her. So?" I gestued towards Aiden and he shut up immediately finally understanding that those were not the kind of the words that you use in the presence of an exremely shy but curious child.

I liked her too much, I even loved her as much as a teenage boy could. Hell, I still like her, but it was impossible for us to have something like that. She had never seen me like that, and she had never liked me, so why now? And I did not know how to approach her anyway. Once I had aproached her, and I had get burned. It was probably not a manly thing to say, but I was scared.

After hanging out in Emmett's office for a while, Aiden and I went into my office. Aiden was a easy kid, and he was more than pleased to spend time with the blank pages and crayons I gave him. For the next few hours, he drew and colored while I worked in silence.

A few hours later, it was time to lunch. I thought about skipping it and continuing with my work, but Aiden could be hungry, and there was no way I would cause him to starve.

"It's lunch time Aiden. What do you like to eat?" I asked and he looked thoughtful for a second.

"I don't know."

What kind of kid would not know what he wanted to eat? Weren't they supposed to want fast food or chocolate? Wasn't that how it worked? Or was I so shallow when it comes to kids??

"How about pizza?" I offered hoping that he would accept and we could go and eat quickly. He shook his head no and continued to stare at me.

"Hot dog?" I offered again and he smiled nodding this time.

In my hurry to get back to office as soon as possible, I literally dragged Aiden out of the office, and bumped into something hard in the process.

"Hey, watch out Ed!" Emmett yelled and jumped away from me.

"Sorry Emmett. We were just going out to get something to eat with Aiden. Wanna join us?"

"Oh, I love yout maternal side Ed, but I'm eating with Alice." He said with a huge grin.

Just I was about to answer his stupid maternal side comment, someone giggled. Someone whose giggle I knew too well.. A giggle that was way too much sweet and enchanting.

Bella was standing near the coffee machine and watching our exchange with amused eyes. All my anger towards Emmett evaporated leaving its place to wonder. How could this girl manage to look even more beautiful every time I see her? When she noticed that we noticed her standing and laughing at us, she blushed a delicious red and her amused eyes looked frightened. Obviously she thought that I was going to snap at her again, but didn't we have a talk? Yep. So why the fear?

The same reason you are still afraid of acknowleding that you still like her. Old habits die hard.

Great, I started having an inner monologue now.

She was about to go into her office when I found my voice and shouted at her like a fucking teenager.

"Emmett is being an ass!"

She turned towards me and laughed with a voice that made my stomach and lower regions do funny things. I instantly forgot the emberassment I felt because of my rather loud declarement about Emmett.

"Yells the ass who told me to watch out my language near Aiden" Emmett said with booming laughter.

Bella laughed even more, and I couldn't find it in me to be angry at Emmett. I was the one who shouted and said ass, anyway. I kneeled before Aiden and hold his tiny shoulders.

"Forget what I said. They are not nice words, ok?" I asked and he nodded again. I wished he would do something other than nodding or giving silent answers, but I hoped that in time he would get used to me and feel more comfortable.

"Ok, guys. I'm out of here." Emmett said and went out leaving Bella, Aiden and me on exactly the same spot that we had talked in the morning.

"I was just grabbing a cup of coffee. So have a nice lunch." Bella said, but Aiden tugged my arm at the same time, so I could not answer her.

"Can Bella come with us? She is nice." Aiden said, and I was sure my eyes were bigger than ever before with shock. He let her in so easily. Did they have more than a few words? No? So it was rather surprizing for me that he wanted Bella with us to have lunch. But who was I to deny him? Also my crazy teenage ass wanted to spend some time with Bella, also.

Maybe it shouldn't be so surprising, though. She had her charm on Masen men, apperantly.

"Bella!" I shouted for the second time today, and scolded myself for being so inappropriate and having no voice control around her.

"Aiden was wondering.. Actually I was wondering, too.. We were going out to.." I felt like a seventeen year old again. I just could not find the words to express. How hard could it be anyway? I was just asking her if she wanted to come and eat with us.

"Do you like hotdogs?" Aiden asked and surprized me for the second time.

Bella hesitated first, but she could not say no to Aiden, so we were officially going to lunch together. Hopefully, this time in friendly terms, and without pretending…

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