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There he was, the first time she'd seen him in months.

He looked scared, and sick, like he had been for the past year. She couldn't remember what he had looked like before this all happened. Was he ever healthy looking? She couldn't remember.

She felt horrible just looking at him.

No matter what, all she wanted was for him to be happy. And she could tell just by looking at him that he wasn't.

She just wanted him to feel normal again. That is, if he was ever normal to begin with.

She looked between Draco and Harry.

They were so similar. They both were thrust in to something they didn't want, neither of them really had a family, and they both had always been fighting for their lives.

Her heart ached just watching him. She had never really stopped loving him. She had tried, and tried, telling herself that they were total opposites. He was a Deatheater, she was part of the Order.

It would never be able to work out.

But she wanted it to. No matter how much she told herself she didn't want it, she knew that she did.

She had missed him so much. Never a day went by that she didn't think about him, and wish to be with him.

Hermione could not bring herself to stop staring at him. There were people close by that needed her, Harry and the Weasleys, but the only person she had eyes for right now was Draco.

He looked up, and his eyes flicked directly towards hers.

Hermione's breathe caught in her throat. She didn't mean to be caught by him. She didn't want him to know that she had spent this whole time in the Great Hall staring at him.

She watched as he pushed himself up and out of his seat and slowly made his way towards her. He looked angry.

He's coming over here! Her brain screamed. What do I do?

But she had no time to think, because he was standing in front of her right now.

They were both silent as they looked at each other.

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