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Author's Note: I remember seeing a photo of a young Michael Weatherly in what looked like a magazine and he seemed to be in an ad as a model. He had his hand on a woman's boot and looking up at her. I thought that maybe what happens if Tony was a model too with the same picture.


Tony walked into the bullpen on the phone talking to one of his frat brothers He loved talking to his brothers even if they weren't always have time to spend time together. He threw his backpack into the same space he always threw it. He then said goodbye and then slipped it into his pocket and then put his gun into his drawer and then sat down. He looked up at McGee and Ziva. Ziva was at McGee's desk and they were looking at what looked like a magazine.

"What have you got there, Probies?"

"It is a magazine. I saw this photo and this guy looks a lot like you."

"Does he now?"

Tony walked up to the two staring at the magazine. He looked down at the magazine in question. He thought to himself. Why is that in the magazine? He did that boot ad a long time ago when he was trying to get money for college.

"Yes, Tony it looks a lot like you."

"No, it doesn't. I look much better than that guy." He smirked at the two.

"You got to admit he does look a lot like you, DiNozzo." Gibbs voice said as he looked at the image.

"Well, it isn't me. They say that you have a twin in the world, so maybe he's my twin." Tony said as he smiled and shrugged.

"I wonder who it is if it's not you?" Asked McGee wondering if he should show Abby this.

"I don't know, McCurious."

"Get to work people. This is not a library it's a federal agency."

"Sorry, boss." The three agents said as Ziva and Tony made their way towards their own desks.

Tony turned on his computer and then turned to the folders behind his desk he snatched one up and then put it on his desk and opened it. While looking at the paperwork he hoped that they believed his lie. He sure hoped so because he didn't want to explain why he needed to do that.

Gibbs's phone rang and then suddenly it was time to get focused and get to work. When it was time to quit Gibbs told everyone, but DiNozzo to go.

"I know, Tony."

"Know what?"

"I know that it is you in that picture."

He knew that he couldn't lie to Gibbs and how he saw through him when he said it wasn't him. He should have known that he couldn't put anything by Gibbs because he knew him. "I did that when I was in college. As you know my father disowned me at twelve and I needed money for to get through college."

Gibbs nodded to Tony "Thank you for telling me. Do you know why it's in the magazine again?"

"I don't know why. It was an old photo shoot."

"Are there any more ads that you did?"

"A couple of more, but that was it."

"Is it going to be a problem?"

"No, it's not."

"Good." Gibbs said as he turned back to his paperwork. Tony gathered his things and walked to the elevator. He hoped that the other ads wouldn't be in magazines when this one shouldn't have been out in magazines.

The End