A/N: Here's another Cade adventure. This one is about Cade and Edward. It's basically told from Edward's POV but it does jump around somewhat, hope it's not confusing.

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Warning: Spanking of two childish vampires, a teenager and a child.

Piano War

Part 1: The War Begins

Edward was reading silently in his room when he heard the loud banging on the piano. He was so dead, he thought. It had to be Cade. He was the only one who didn't respect the piano rules. The piano was his, he kept it well attuned and to have that little pest banging away irritated him.

"Stop it," growled Edward as he walked into the foyer.

"Hmmm, no," said Cade as he continued to bang his fists over the keys.

"Cade," growled Edward once more.

"What?" asked Cade silently smirking.

"Get away from my piano," growled Edward louder.

"It's everyone's piano Edward. You have to learn to share," taunted Cade as he continued to bang on the piano keys.

Edward growled as he leapt at Cade.

Cade heard the growl a moment before he felt the impact that sent him crashing into the bay window.

Edward realized he'd gone to far when he saw Cade lying amidst splintered wood and broken glass. He quickly rushed over to Cade.

"Cade," said Edward as he helped him up.

"I'm fine you jerk," said Cade as he dusted himself off.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked concerned. He was more vulnerable than other vampires since he was part human and that meant he could get hurt.

"Yeah, but the window isn't," stated Cade as he gestured at the mess.

"This isn't good," muttered Edward as he took in the mess.

"You think!" exclaimed Cade.

"Let's just clean it up and fix it before they come home," said Edward.

"How about we leave it and pretend ignorance if anyone asks," said Cade hopeful.

"That's never going to work," said a voice from behind us.

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