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Piano War

Part 9: Truce

"Your splashing paint on me, watch it," growled Edward.

"Then move out of the way, dumbass," retorted Cade.

"Stay on your side of the wall," responded Edward as he flicked paint at Cade with his own brush.

"Your the one that's invading my personal space, so back-off," said Cade as he too flicked paint at Edward with his brush.

Edward was about to respond when he heard the person behind him speak. How could he have forgotten that they were being supervised? Not only by his mother but he could clearly hear his father's warning penetrating his mind. His father that was currently upstairs in his study, who wouldn't hesitate to come down here and put a stop to any problems that may result.

"Is there a problem boys?" asked Esme from where she was sitting on the couch.

"No, of course not Mom," said Edward.

Esme looked at both boys; she nodded before returning to look at her redecorating plans spread out on the new coffee table.

"Isn't this the dumbest color ever?"asked Cade in whisper as he leaned slightly closer to Edward.

"Shhh….mom choose it," whispered Edward.

"But isn't…" started Cade only to be interrupted by Edward.

"It is but don't say anything," whispered Edward.

Cade nodded his head before he continued painting his side. He would occasionally look over at Edward. He wanted to apologize to him. He didn't want Edward to hate him. He wanted to make it right between them but what could he say? What could he do?

"You're my brother there's nothing you could ever do that would cause me to hate you," whispered Edward having overheard Cade's worries.

"But it was all my fault," whispered Cade solemnly.

"No, it wasn't."

"I'm still sorry it happened."

"Me too."

"Don't worry I won't mess with your piano again."

"It's everyone's piano and has long as you don't mistreat it, there's no reason you can't use it."

"I won't be using it; the only thing I can play is "Mary had a little lamb."

"I'll teach you if you want."



"Awesome, I love you," said Cade as he threw himself at Edward.

"I love you too," whispered Edward as he hugged Cade tightly.

Esme smiled from her position on the couch. Upstairs, Carlisle leaned back in his chair with a small smile on his face. Both satisfied at their children's actions. They just hoped it'd be along time before they disagreed again.

The End

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