Summary: What if Kim told Sugar how she really felt about Sugar being locked up for 18 months instead of saying, "Forget it!"?

Kim: …although, you know, one mistake and you'll be locked up again.

Sugar: And you'd like that wouldn't you. Me back in my box.

Kim's face turns a shade of red that Sugar has never seen before. It isn't the pink glow of embarrassment that Sugar is used to conjuring up in her ever so gullible friend. This red is fiery, wild and spreads to Kim's ears.

Through clenched teeth Kim spews, "Do you really believe that I want you back in there? You really think that all those months were just about you, don't you?"

With Sugar stunned into silence, Kim continues, tears welling up in her eyes, "I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep for weeks. You don't know that. That blasted judge sentenced me right along with you. I cried for days just wanting…wanting to hear your laugh, hold you, kiss you, to…"

A scintillating tingle passes through Kim's body as a latent memory materializes: tentative fingers reaching up - sandwiched between warm, thighs - pressing into soft flesh, discovering a wetness, not her own, that Kim never imagined could stimulate her so much, turn her into a helpless puddle of want and desire.

Kim becomes flushed as she continues, "…to…uh…"

"Stop blubbering," Sugar says defensively. "I get it!"

"And that's just it, you don't! The whole while you acted like it was my fault you were there in the first place. Visiting you was like torture. Half the time I didn't know whether I went because I missed you, felt guilty, or because I got some masochistic kick out of your being an absolute bitch because that's all I could have."

"It wasn't fair!" Sugar retorts. "Taking Stella's credit, stealing a car and practically getting us killed! You should have had to do the time."

"If I had my way I would have been there with you. I would have done anything. I never wanted us to be apart after that night. Never. "

Sugar looks away and exhales an audible sigh of frustration.

"Why did you push me away?" Kim asks.

"Bullocks Kiz, what was I supposed to do? Hold onto some whimsical fairytale that we'd ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after once I got out?"

Bewildered Kim answers, "I thought we'd be something, you know….now. Did you ever?"

"I guess," Sugar says as she looks away. "I might've."

"Then maybe we can start over. Start like the last 18 months never happened," Kim says as she undresses for bed. "I could be waking up in a hotel room again, out of my glorious slumber, with the woman of my dreams. Thinking about all the wonderful things we just did and all of the things that I'd like to do to her in the morning…and in the afternoon…and…"

Not bothering to put on proper pajamas, and wearing only her undergarments, Kim slips under the bed covers.

"Her arms wrapped around me…" Kim continues to say as she pulls Sugars towards her. Sugar willingly submits to the lure as she cleverly fakes a disgruntled scowl to mask the smile of delight forming on her face.

When their bodies touch, they can do nothing more than submit to their need to hold each other as if they were going to drown and to kiss as if their last breaths depended on it. They whisper unintelligible words that are only heard as sensual moans.

"Kiz? What are you doing?" Sugar hazily wonders as Kim playfully inching herself further under the bed covers until her head disappears.

And from somewhere under the covers, between Sugar's warm body and the damp, sensual darkness, Kim says, "Everything you taught me."