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The world around her was all black. She could see nothing and felt like she was standing on a flat surface. She looked around and put up her arms to try to feel around her. Curiosity came to her at first, then a slight panic. Where was she?

Then, from the darkness that surrounded her, a laughter began, slowly at first then continued. It was a childish laughter, but sounded evil at the same time. She reached up and managed to cover her ears.

"Who are you…what are you…" she called out into the darkness. The laughter continued. Then it stopped in a halt. She paused and put her hands down from her ears. But, the world of darkness didn't last long.

Soon, the dark world around her filled with light and images swam around her. People were cheating, stealing, beating, lying, and killing other people. She could hear the agony cries of the victims of these terrible crimes, and she once again covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Stop…stop showing me these nightmares…" she cried out, pain lined her voice. The cries of pain from the images around her only grew louder, and soon the same laughter as before erupted again, but this time she could tell it was coming from in front of her. She opened her eyes, but saw no one. Then, the cries and screams from the images stopped, but the images continued to show her the terrible deeds done by people. She put down her hands and stared at the images, her eyes trance by them.

"Nightmares…no, these are the dreams of man…of humans…" came a voice right next to her ear. Her eyes grew, but before she could blink, pain erupted in her chest. She slowly looked down and saw a silver sword, now dripping red with blood, piercing out of her chest. She gasped. "And you…the Nightmare…will disappear…forever…" Her eyes then rolled back, and the sword was drawn out of her. She slowly fell to her knees, and then face met the ground. The voice then spoke again, "Nightmare will disappear…disappear…"

She awoke with a start and sat up in her bed. She hunched over and began gasped. After covering her chest with her hand, she found no sword wound. Her black-colored eyes scanned her room and sighed when she saw no one and no evil visions. She sat up and removed her hand from her chest.

What was that… she thought. So…realistic…

She turned her head to the right and looked out the window in her room. The full Moon was glowing a soft silver glow. She shivered. Silver, the same color of the sword that had 'killed' her in the dream-state. She took in a deep breath and laid back down in her bed. She laid down on her right side so she continued to stare out the window. Tomorrow she would ask the Professor about the dream…and maybe tell Remy, for reassurance that it was just a dream…

But…I don't dream dreams, only nightmares… she reminded herself. Then, she shut her eyes. The last line in the dream was frightening her on the inside.

"Nightmare will disappear…disappear…"

The girl stood in front of the gates that lead to the Institute, which was currently being illuminated by dyeing glow of the full Moon. Her height was about 5'7, and her appearance gave her a younger looking age than she already was, which was eighteen. Her premature grey/silver hair was cropped off at her shoulders, and her eyes were a hazel grey similar to that of her hair. She stared that the large building and her skinny hand wrapped itself around one of the bars of the gate.

"Dear Nightmare…you will pay for your crime…you will pay with your own life…pay for Dream" she hissed in a young child's voice. She let out a series of low giggles and removed her hand from the bar. Soon, she closed her eyes and quickly re-opened them. But now she looked different. The girl examined herself and a smirk slivered its way on her thin lips.

"Perfect…" She then looked up at the Institute and watched as the Moon's glow died away, to reveal a rising Sun. "Silly Nightmare…your Moon has just set…" Another series of giggles followed, and she opened the gate and walked through it.

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