Okay, I've had this idea in my head a little while now, and you know I think this might end up being a pretty good fic too. Characters will end up being OOC at times just because its been a while since I've seen the show, and in the fic, they're teenagers, so priorities have changed, so on and so forth.

This will contain a couple OC's, but the only three main ones and they won't be dating any of the characters from the show. Though there will be some past relationships with OC's that are over now.

Pairings: Marie x Edd, slight Nazz x Kevin, and mentions of Jimmy x Sarah and Edd x Nazz

Entire thing in Marie's POV


By: StarUchiha


Trust me, when I say that living in s trailer park doesn't mean your life is simple. It the opposite really. Sure it's faster to clean, with it being so small but, something has to have happened to drive you to such a dump as the Peach Creek Trailer Park.

Mom's been through some tough times, too tell the truth I has actually happy when I mom got her tubes tied. When a woman has three children with different men in a matter of three years, something has to be wrong.

Mom doesn't like to talk about her ex's, which I can understand being in her position, but sometimes my sister's and I would like to know about how to avoid the mistakes she made. I don't know what happened to Lee, and May's dad's, they come around every so often for visits, but I have no idea who drove who away in the relationship.

But I know what happened with my dad.

He got another girl pregnant, even worse it was around the same time Mom got pregnant too. He was forced to choose, and I think it's kind of obvious who he choose. He still comes to visit at least, and he always brings my half brother around, which is strangely nice. My half brother's name is Davey, and he's a great guy, we get along extremely well considering the circumstances on how we both got onto the world.

He cool you know, with black hair and thick glasses. May and Lee seem to like him too, though I think they feel awkward around him still. To tell the truth, I think the only reason my Mom even puts up with my Dad coming around, is the fact me and Davey get together so well.

Even considering the drama in my home, life was good. Life was very good. I wasn't failing school, I may have come close in math I few times but I did pass. Davey was constantly coming over for visits; we often hung out in the park. The stares form the other kids were hilarious, we never did tell them that we were siblings. My sister's and I still bugged the Ed's to death, watching them run was so fun. It didn't hurt that Double D was definitely a total cutie.

But of course all good things have to come to an end sometime. I was 13 when it happened. Davey and my Dad got into an accident, a bad one. And because of that one drunk driver who thought, he wasn't so drunk, my brother hasn't walked since. I should be thankful he was even alive, but I was 13. What else was I supposed to think of? He would never be able to run with me again, or go to the park with me and swing on the swings.

It wasn't long after that causing trouble didn't seem so appealing. I stopped chasing the Ed's, I stopped doing homework, most of the time I didn't even bother going to school. For days at a time all I could do was walk to the park and sit down on the swings. I would sit there for hours, staring blankly off into space.

No one but my sister's even bothered to come near and check up on me. People looked relieved that I was depressed, at least that's the way it seemed. Everyone looked so happy running around, playing, even the people that fell for Eddy's latest scam seemed way too happy. Don't they realize that in the matter of a second their ability to walk could be taken away like that? People take that for granted.

I couldn't take the happy faces; that's why I left Peach Creek. I moved to the town over to live with my Dad and Davey.

Surprisingly enough the girl my Father left my Mom for ended up leaving him. Talk about irony huh?

I didn't want to leave Peach Creek, but I wasn't about to leave my brother alone. I was his only sibling; he needed me to help him. And I guess I needed to help him, so that all those overly happy faces would stop pestering me like flies.

In all I'm not sad I moved, I still see my sister's, and it's nice that I'm the one to take Davey to physical therapy every week here in Windsville. Its funny that even after three years, the doctors are still hopeful as hell that Davey will make it out of his chair. But were both 16 now and we known better. I want to believe it's helping him, and according to the doctor's it is. But they don't now Davey like I do and it's taken a toll on him. He's sick of it, I know he is.

I here for him though and he knows that, and I'm glad that I am. Even though he's in a wheelchair, after a while the crazy happy faces did go away. But I'm not taking any chances for them to come back.

Though every so often I swear that since the day I left Peach Creek those damned kids have been smiling wide ever since.


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