Chapter 1-The Secret Apprentice

It was Naruto's birthday again and he had just turned 6 years old the same day as the Kyuubi festival on October 10th. Unfortunately, it was around this time that the villagers would form a mob to find the boy, and try to beat him within an inch of his life.

Tonight was no different.

Once more the Shinobi supposed to be watching him were distracted from doing their job given to them by the Sandaime and were not paying attention to the fact the one they were watching was being attacked by a bloodthirsty mob. As for the Sandaime himself had been naïve in believing that those guarding Naruto would actually do their job and wasn't paying attention to the boy currently in trouble.

However, as Fate would have it, someone else was watching the boy currently trying to escape another near death experience, and smiled at the boy while the taller figure next to him. Both wore dark robes with the taller of the two wearing armor from head to toe, and head a respirator system hooked up to his suit to keep him alive.

"Look at those fools my friend. How they are so quick to destroy what they fear and yet the easier path would be to understand what it is the boy has become," said the first and older of the two shadows in the darkness.

"Yes my Master. The boy is strong with the Force just as you have foreseen and could be turned to become a powerful hand under your command. Should we intervene now?" said the taller figure in a deep bass voice that spoke of authority that was surpassed only by the older of the two.

"Yes my friend. We can't have them damage such a prize," said the first, as they moved to save the child for their own means, and for the older of the two...achieve what he had always desired.

The perfect Sith apprentice.

As for Naruto himself, he had been surrounded by the mob, as it broke off into two, and moved around him to form a pincer movement that would cut off the boy's retreat. Hardly fair considering the boy was facing a mob of people armed with sharp or blunt objects to administer suffering to the child.

"Now demon, we will kill you, and become heroes just like the Yondaime when he put you in this weakened state!" said the leader of the mob, as he readied his sword in an semi-amateurish way, and got ready to end the boy's life.

"But I didn't do anything! Why are you doing this?" said Naruto, as he was able to move away from the man, but had to jump again when another member of the angry mob with a pitchfork tried to attack from behind, barely dodged the sword strike from the leader of the mob once more.

"'You didn't do anything'? You are the demon fox Kyuubi that attacked our village and was sealed away in human form by the Yondaime. He may not have had the power to kill you, but by sealing you away like this, we can do it for him, and in his honor!" said the leader attempting to strike Naruto again and grazed the shoulder of the blonde before the boy could get away.

Clutching his shoulder, Naruto dodged again, again one more time, and a few more times after that before he tripped with the leader stabbing him in the shoulder with the crowd cheering. The man with the sword smiled wickedly, laughing at the boy's pain, and would have done more had he not been shoved by an unseen power into a portion of the mob that was now knocked down.

"Such a primitive people you are, if I wasn't so pressed for time, I would destroy this place, and all that reside in it," said a figure from the shadows, as he appeared with his taller friend, and now gained the attention of the mob.

"Who are you?" said the leader of the mob after getting up from the ground with the others with the mob as a whole wanting that answer too.

"Our names are not important for you to know, as you along with these foolish people will not live long enough to tell anyone, and will know one thing before they die at our hands," said the figure with the cane, as his taller friend raise a hand, and made the boy on the ground floating before slowly gliding over to the armored figure.

"And what is that? In case you haven't figured it out, we out number you 20 to 1, and are armed with various weapons," said the leader of the mob with the mob cheering at the fact these people would fall to their greater numbers.

What they got in response was the chilling laughter of the older of the two dark figures, who soon raised his right hand, and grinned an almost demonic smile at them.

"Such odds are not against us you fools, as we wield a power beyond your understanding in this backwater world, and can wipe you out with little effort. Oh, and the thing I told you that everyone here would experience before they died? Let me tell you what that is exactly. It's none other then...pain!" said the figure, as intense lightning shot out from his fingertips, and the element struck the mob before they began to spasm while crying out in pain from that attack.

Meanwhile, Naruto watched in awe at the man's power, and the man laughing at the sheer pleasure he derived from doing that to them before stopping after the mob was turned into that of a pile of smoking corpses. Turning the around, the elderly man turned to look at the child with apparently gentle kind eyes while his taller companion put the child down gently, and Naruto felt like rabbit caught in a snake pit.

"Um...thank you for rescuing me I have your name please?" said Naruto, as he kept his head down, and tried not to look the man in the eyes though he hoped the mystery man could tell he really was grateful.

"I go by many names child. You may call me Sidious, but in truth I am an Emperor of a grand Galactic Empire that has recently been made under my rule, and I came here to this planet because I sensed your pain with my second in command...Darth Vader," said the Emperor, as he pointed to his apprentice, and Naruto turned around to stare at the dark shadowy figure before him in awe.

"Wow! You must be really strong to be an Emperor of a whole Empire. I wish I was able to be that strong, then maybe I wouldn't be beaten up by all those people, and live out on the streets at night," said Naruto angrily at the end, as he had been kicked out of the mean orphanage a few Months ago, and had to fend for himself.

"Really? What if I told you that I could grant that wish to you my young friend? What if I gave you the chance to become more powerful, then you could possibly imagine, and one day show these fools the error of their ways?" said the Emperor, as he saw Naruto look at him with wide eyes, and could tell the boy wanted to become powerful.

Still, the boy was cautious when accepting due to people befriending him, only to betray him, and call him a monster.

"Why? I'm a nobody. A street rat living on garbage and semi-rotten food. Why would you take an interest in me?" said Naruto, as he looked at the one the Emperor called Vader, and seemed to sense a great deal of anger running through the giant of a man.

"You saw what I did to those people that tried to hurt you? It is a power known as the Force, which like my apprentice here, I sense you have it within you too, and we would like to train you in its ways," said the Emperor, as he saw the boy's eyes shine, and the thirst of knowledge being brought to his mouth was almost too much to resist.

"Train me? You really mean it? I would be honored Sidious-sama," said Naruto, as he saw the Emperor raise an eyebrow at the strange suffix, but then read the boy's mind, and saw it was that his people gave to those of high ranking.

"Good. Follow me my boy to my shuttle, as I sense we have company approaching, and we cannot have them try to stop you from achieving your true potential. Lord Vader, deal with them while we escape," said the Emperor, who saw his loyal enforcer nod, and then unclipped his Lightsaber from his belt before activating the red blade when an old man in battle armor appeared with masked warrior beside him ready for a fight.

"Who are you? What have you done with Naruto?" said the Sandaime, as he saw the Sith Lord in all his intimidating glory, and he would lying if he didn't feel some kind of fear at the sight of him.

"The boy you call Naruto is no longer yours to manage old man. You have failed him, his Father, and his Mother for the last time," said Vader, as he read the old Kage's mind, and knew all his secrets along with who the boy's Father was along with the reason behind the hatred.

"I may be an old man stranger, but I am not without the power needed to stop you, and to rescue Naruto from your vile clutches! Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!'" said the Sandaime, as he went through hand signs, and shot fireballs at Vader.

Vader for his part raised his left hand and stopped the balls of fire easily to the surprise of Shinobi before him.

"Indeed you are powerful for your age, but I sense that your powers have long since been weakened old man, and do not have the power needed to stop me," said Vader, as sent the fireballs back, and hit the various masked figures behind the old man.

"We will see about that," said the Hokage, as he was about to summon Enma, but was stopped when his throat was suddenly constricted, and saw the Sith Lord had his left hand now forming a crushing action before he was thrown back a good 30 feet into a wall into unconsciousness.

"No, you will not," said Vader, as he deactivated his Lightsaber, and then left to meet the Emperor at their shuttle.

(Coruscant-Imperial Palace-Sometime Later)

"Incredible, isn't it my boy?" said the Emperor, as he saw the child look around in wonder at the city below, the palace, and all the things that he would never see back home.

"It's amazing! Thank you again for brining me here Sid-um...Emperor sir," said Naruto, as he may have been excited, but was respectful all the same to the disfigured form of the Emperor, and was told not to call him Sidious while in public.

"Yes it is. Took me over 20 years of my life to create my Empire and I am looking for strong individuals like you to help me keep it," said the Emperor, as he saw Naruto look back at him with surprise, and realized how little value the boy felt he had within himself.

Not unlike Vader when he was a child growing as a slave.

"Me? But...I'm not strong," said Naruto, as he saw the Emperor look at him with kind eyes, and put a skeletal hand on the boy's head.

"You have endure much since your birth my boy. That much I know. And Lord Vader has told me much about why you are hate along with who your parents are after fighting an old man in battle armor," said the Emperor, as he saw the boy look at him, and then at Vader in surprise.

"You mean the Hokage? He's the leader of the Leaf village. You didn't hurt him, did you?" said Naruto, as he was met with silence, and worried that the old man was dead.

"He's not dead Naruto. Though he should be considering how many lies he has told you," said Vader, as he saw Naruto frowning in confusion, and it had made him even that more infuriated at that old fool for doing this to a child.

Just like Obi-wan had to him years ago.

"What lies?" said Naruto, as he knew the old man was keeping things from him, but in what way he never knew, and always felt the Sandaime wasn't entirely honest.

"Regarding why you are hated and who your parents were," said Vader, as he saw Naruto looking at him in surprise, and had pleading eyes now staring at his helmet.

"Please tell me...please tell me why I am? Tell me who my parents are? Every time I have asked the Hokage, he tells me he doesn't know, or I should wait until I was old enough to understand. I have been beaten, stabbed, burned, and spat upon by so many people that I feel like there is a higher power our there that hates me. I don't care if my parents were sinners or if they are even related to the reason why I am hated. I just want to know what secrets were being kept from me," said Naruto, as he hoped the being that was Vader would grant his wish, and that the Emperor would let him.

'Should I tell him Master?' thought Vader to the Emperor with Sidious was thinking about it.

'You may my apprentice, but let him know that such knowledge comes with a price, and I expect the boy to pay it,' thought the Emperor, who saw Vader nod physically, and knew Naruto thought it was in regards to his question.

"Very well Naruto I will tell you, but in return for knowledge, I along with the Emperor expect your undying loyalty to us, and become a loyal agent of the Empire no matter what we ask of you. Do you understand?" said Vader, as he saw Naruto looking from him, to the Emperor, and then back again to him before nodding.

"I understand Vader-sama," said Naruto, as he knew that it was inevitable he would serve them anyway after they saved him from the mob, and had no problem repaying his debt to them.

Behind the boy, the Emperor smiled, and nodded for Vader to proceed.

"This is the truth Naruto," said Vader, as he began telling Naruto what he had learned from the Sandaime in raiding the man's mind, and learning about the Kyuubi being sealed inside the boy along with the boy's parents.

How one of them sacrificed himself for the village while wishing for Naruto to be seen as a hero and how the other had died shortly after the boy's birth at the hands of someone from within the Leaf for power hungry reasons regarding the blonde. How the Sandaime knew all of this, but chose to do nothing in terms of protecting the boy further from harm, and left the boy to survive with little to nothing despite the two Godparents, who were for all purposes if nothing else suppose to be raising Naruto.

Needless to say, Naruto was shocked beyond belief, as he had been raised in a lie filled with half-truths, and had been force fed them by the one person he had trusted out of all those within the village that was not so trustworthy after all. What emotions soon filled Naruto's very being next, was that of sorrow, pain, and anger at those that wrong him. Anger at the Hokage for betraying him, anger at the one who took his Mother away, and at the village that wrong him for something that was not his fault!

'Incredible. His strength in the Force could one day rival Vader's if pushed hard enough and with this fox like creature that also possesses Dark Side energies sealed within him will make the boy a strong apprentice indeed,' thought the Emperor, as he saw the boy's power strain the metal around him, and bending to his will by unknowingly calling upon the Force.

"Naruto, while you are here in the Imperial Palace, you will be trained by myself in the ways of the Force, and then by the Emperor personally before you become one of his many loyal Hands that serve him throughout the Empire. This will require your complete commitment to what we are to ask of you," said Vader, as he saw the boy look at him now with strong eyes that spoke of incredible power, and the Sith Lord knew this boy had the power to change things in his favor.

"I will do whatever it is you ask of Masters," said Naruto, as he bowed his head to Vader, and then to the Emperor now looking on with joy in his yellow eyes.

"Good. Welcome to my Galactic Empire my new Hand. Lord Vader, prepare a room for our newest agent, and have the medical droids take a look at him. I want him ready for training immediately and I sense his life has caused his body to be quite malnourished," said the Emperor, who saw Vader bow before motioning Naruto to follow, and the blonde obeyed instantly.

With the two gone, the Emperor released an evil cackle of a laugh that echoed throughout his chambers knowing that soon he would be in possession of a powerful agent of the Dark Side, and that would obey without question.

(Executor-6 Years Later)

"What is your bidding my Master?" said Starkiller to his Master that was Darth Vader while kneeling down to the form of the Sith Lord in question.

"You have done well in killing the two Jedi I sent you after my young apprentice. Now you must find one more before it is time to take on the Emperor," said Vader, as he saw his secret apprentice look up in protest, and saw the young man wanted to rise while doing it.

"Why? We can take the Emperor now! I know I'm ready," said Starkiller, as he wished to prove his worth to Lord Vader, but the Sith Lord would not hear of it, seemed to loom over the boy with great intensity.

"You have defeated an old man and an outcast. That is hardly an accomplishment worthy of showing that you can take on a Dark Lord of the Sith like the Emperor himself. You have one more Jedi to hunt before we can make a move against the Emperor and only after you come back will we proceed," said Vader, as he saw his secret apprentice nod, and submit to his decision.

"Who is my next target my Master?" said Starkiller, as he awaited his next mission, and the target he needed to kill.

"Jedi Master Shaak Ti is your next target my apprentice. She is one of the last remaining Jedi left, who was on the Jedi Council, and you will need the full power of the Force to defeat her. She has been located on the planet Felucia where our agents report she has been impeding Imperial forces there by assisting the natives of the planet. Crush her my apprentice to prove to me that you are ready to face the Emperor and secretly help the Empire conqueror the planet," said Vader, as he saw Starkiller bowed his head before the transmission was cut, and revealed Proxy coming out of the holographic transmission looking ready to fall had Starkiller not caught him.

(With Vader)

Darth Vader smiled under his mask knowing he had trained Starkiller well, but knew that this boy was merely a means to an end in bringing all of the Emperor's enemies into the light, and would have to kill the boy eventually before things got out of hand. It had been a dangerous plan from the start when he told the Emperor, as the old Sith Master had first suspected he was planning to betray him, and was fortunate that was not the case when the plan was unveiled. The Emperor admitted the plan was brilliant, as his enemies had been sneaking through the shadows of his Empire to secretly plan against him, and Vader could only do so much.

Especially when so much time had been spent by both Sith Lords in the secretly training of one Uzumaki Naruto when the boy wasn't on missions for the Emperor to kill corrupt officials that were a disgrace to the Empire. In actuality, the boy was a blessing to both men, as the boy was a natural in the ways of the Force, and pushed himself when learning from both of them. The boy even developed his own Double-bladed Lightsaber that could break off into two standard Lightsabers to advance his combat training.

As for physical training, both Sith Lords pushed Naruto to do many things from fighting in hand to hand combat with the Royal Guards of the Emperor, and running through life threatening obstacle courses. What impressed the two Sith Lords regarding Naruto was the simple fact the boy had taken to the Dark Side so well without it dictating his actions. The boy could use it so well, yet could in control in such a way that it did not corrupt his body like it did the Emperor, and to an extent Vader's own. It could have been due to the demonic fox sealed within the boy with such energies flowing through the blonde already that it gave him much better control, but even then it was not the main reason for the boy being able to command his anger so well, and use the various skills taught to him.

Speaking of the Kyuubi, Vader believe that the fox was an impressive creature, and had entered Naruto's mind to meet the creature personally to see it looking back with interest. After talking to the fox, Vader had explained to his Master how the seal on Naruto's body would take the "chakra" that the fox possessed, and integrate it into the boy's system.

The Emperor himself was surprised, yet pleased by this information since the boy would (unknown to Vader) one day be the Sith Lord's replacement when the time came, and the old Sith Lord would enjoy teaching the child all that would be required to take the throne.

"Lord Vader, I bring word from the Emperor," said Naruto appearing from the shadows, as he wore crimson black Sith robes, and knelt before one of his two Masters having long since stopped using the suffix of his home planet on the order of the two Sith.

"What does the Emperor wish of me Demon Hand?" said Vader, as it had been Naruto's code name among all the Hands at the Emperor's disposal, and the boy only came to him in terms of important information that was from the Emperor himself.

"The Emperor foresees Starkiller will be victorious over the Jedi Master you sent him to kill Lord Vader and as such...wishes for you to begin the next stage of Operation: Light Killer," said Naruto, as he sensed the Dark Lord understanding what the next phase of the plan entailed, and felt a small conflict within himself about it.

"Something troubles you about the next stage Demon Hand?" said Vader, as he picked up on the boy's feelings on the matter, and frowned when the blonde nodded.

"Its just...Starkiller has been your loyal apprentice and still could be a loyal agent of the Empire if things were altered to keep him within its ranks," said Naruto, as he saw Vader was displeased slightly by his words, but hoped they didn't put his loyalty into question since he was loyal to both Sith Lords.

"It was necessary that such an action happen Naruto. I did not train him to be a Hand like you were trained by both myself and the Emperor. There can only be two Sith for that is the Rule of Two and it will not change for whatever reason you think it should Naruto. Sacrifices must be made for the good of the Empire and Starkiller must be sacrificed in order to protect the Emperor. Do you understand?" said Vader, as he saw Naruto nod his head, and leaving to report to the Emperor.

(Incomplete Death Star-Sometime Later)

Naruto watched from the sidelines, shielding his presence using the Force to make sure no one saw his location, and saw how the outcome of Vader fighting his former secret apprentice was going in the man formerly known as Starkiller's favor. It was inevitable of course, as Vader had taught the boy well, and in a way it was possibly too well when you consider how the boy was not holding back in his fight with the Sith Lord having learned the truth about his purpose the hard way.

Eventually, the battle had hit an important crossroad, which came down to the former Starkiller making a decisive choice to kill Vader, or go after the Emperor like the blind Jedi Master wanted him to. In the shadows of that moment, Naruto saw the Force show him visions of each outcome of the choice, and frowned at how the Emperor immediately disregarded Vader upon his death despite the man's loyalty to old man. If the older boy fought the Emperor, then the Emperor would lose, but would not die, and young potential Jedi would fall at the hands of the Sith Master.

Since this operation first started, Naruto had been having a conflict within himself, as he saw the man not unlike himself swearing loyalty without question to two Masters, and had trusted them in the belief that they deserved it. However, it also showed just how far the Sith Lords were willing to go to destroy their opposition, and that loyalty to them did not hold as much value as he first thought.

So what did that mean for him?

What did it mean in terms of his loyalty to them?

Between the two of them, Vader was more honorable since he preferred to fight his foes rather then manipulate things like the Emperor did, and only did the "cloak and dagger" actions because it was what the Emperor wanted. Naruto also knew about Vader before the man became it, as the Force had shown him many things about the Sith Lord prior to his fall to the Dark Side, and saw why the man went down the path he did.


Oh how Naruto could understand Vader's intentions, as the blonde had also wish to have the love of others in his life, and felt a connection with the Sith Lord.

Naruto's thoughts on the matter stopped when his mind went back to the present with the sight of the older boy poised to destroy the Emperor and the Sith Master beckoning him on in order to covert him to the Dark Side once more. Naruto couldn't let that happened, as he jumped from his hiding spot before the blind Jedi Master behind the former Sith apprentice could move, and engaged the older in Lightsaber combat using the Double-bladed style.

To the corner of his eye, Naruto saw Vader getting up, and heading to a nearby door to no doubt rally troops to flank the enemy of the Empire to crush them all in one swift stroke. Behind Naruto, the Emperor cackled in glee at seeing his loyal Hand interfere, and stall long enough for Vader to make the maneuver needed to kill his enemies.

That changed however, when Naruto smirked at the former Starkiller, and the older boy himself frowned before the blonde disconnected the Double-bladed. Instantly, the newly made Jedi leaped back, but instead of the blonde attacking with both blades now in each hand, Naruto threw one at the Emperor, who did not expect his loyal Hand to strike him dead center in the chest just as Vader entered to see the sight of the boy killing his Master in a surprise attack.

"TRAITOR!" yelled the Emperor in anger before the Sith Master exploded with Dark Side energies that sent everyone flying in all directions.

And in that moment, the Force showed Naruto another vision, and it nearly knocked the wind out of him for the second time in a row.

When the energies dissipated, Naruto quickly called his blade that was on the Emperor's robes back to his hand, and saw the other two Force users in the room still able to fight now on edge though unsure what to do. Not surprising since the Emperor was dead, the Empire now stood on a pivotal point in its history, and who it was that would take the reigns of power.

At the moment, the three Force Users with Lightsabers in hand didn't have the strength to fight each other, as Vader had his injuries, the young former Sith apprentice once known as Starkiller was exhausted from fighting the two Sith Lords, and Naruto himself was not strong enough to fight either at the same time.

So how did he defuse this situation.

"Go! Run!" said Naruto, as he saw the older boy look at him like he was crazy, and then at the Jedi Master behind him.

"He's right. Your strong, but in your current state we're no match for Vader, and the army behind him," said the blind man, as he grabbed boy, and they along with the Rebels were running towards the ship that was docking nearby.

"But what about him? He's facing Vader alone and he's younger then I am?" said the Jedi, as he saw the blonde standing there with the Stormtroopers shooting at them, and the boy was giving them a chance to escape by deflecting the more close range ones.

"Trust in him like we are now to escape. I sense things will be different in terms of the way this Empire is heading after today," said the blind Jedi Master, as they got on the ship, and took off to leave their blonde hero alone with the injured Sith Lord on the still incomplete battle station.

"You are either very brave or very foolish to do that Naruto," said Vader, as he stared at Naruto, and the boy simply deactivated his Lightsabers before putting them away.

"I am neither. I simply did what was right. I set you free from the darkness the Emperor had around your being. I saw visions of the future in the moment that he chose to fight you further or fight the Emperor. Had your former apprentice chose to finish you off, he would have won, and the Emperor would have had him replace you as his new apprentice after modifying him to his own specifications," said Naruto, as he saw the Stormtroopers surround him with blasters drawn, and waiting for the order to fire.

"Perhaps, but that did not happen, and I am still alive. So tell me why I shouldn't give the order to have my forces kill you for your traitorous actions?" said Vader, as he saw the boy smile at him, and remove his hood from his face.

"Because, I know something about your family that not even the Emperor knows, and I believe it is worth enough to give me my freedom," said Naruto, as he saw Vader's eyes widen, and then narrow at him with fury.

"And what is it that you could possibly know about my family?" said Vader, as his words were filled with anger, and told Naruto to be cautious when choosing his next few words.

For they could be his last.

"Your child lives and I know where he is," said Naruto and the instant those words left him did Vader use the Force to pin him to the nearest wall of steel.

"What did you just say?" said Vader, as he could crush the boy no in an instant since Naruto was not calling on the Force to protect himself.

"I said I know where your child is. When I killed the Emperor, the Force showed me a vision, and it was connected to your son. I know where he is and I will give it to you freely if you give me your word that you will let me go," said Naruto, as he saw Vader's eyes looking at him for any deception, and finally relented before pulling the boy back to solid ground.

"You have it. Now tell me where my son is before I change my mind!" said Vader, as he saw the boy steady himself, and then explaining about the desert planet he saw with a boy about the age near that of Starkiller's with sandy blonde hair on a moisture farm by the name of Luke.

"There is more. The Emperor lied to you when he said there were no treatments to heal your body. I know because I did some checking of my own, but I knew I could never tell you since the Emperor would catch on before you could receive such treatments, and kill us both for such an action. So in addition to me helping you locate your son, I want you to receive the needed medical treatment to heal your body, and look at your son without the need for this suit the Emperor imprisoned you in," said Naruto, as he saw Vader look away in thought, and saw the shattered glass at his feet to see the horribly scarred face that was once Anakin Skywalker.

"Leave us," said Vader to the Stormtroopers, who looked at him for a moment, but the glare the Sith Lord gave them told them to obey, or they would die painfully for it.

"You know what I say is true. Between you and the Emperor, I felt a much closer bond of loyalty to you because I knew you understood the value of it," said Naruto, as he saw the man close his eyes, and then open them before turning to face the boy.

"And what you young one? What will you do now that I have the power to control this Empire? What will you do now that you wish to no longer be in its service? Or my service?" said Vader, as he saw Naruto give him a weak smile, and shrug a bit at him.

"I honestly don't know. Go back home I guess and see if things have changed, maybe? But in terms of the Empire, we both know that it cannot continue to exist. The Republic must be restored along with the Jedi to bring stability to the Galaxy. I know you don't like the Jedi after what happened, but can you honestly say that doing what the Emperor had asked of you didn't indirectly cause the visions to become real? Right now, you have the power to change everything for the better like your wife wanted and bring peace to the Galaxy instead of keeping it in a constant flux of conflicts that may never end. Whether you do this or not is your choice, but we both know deep in our hearts that I am right, and I ask you to trust me more then ever on this," said Naruto, as he had learned much under his teachers, and had proven to be a tactical genius when it came to getting jobs done.

"I can't be a Jedi again. Even if my body could be healed like you claim it can be, I will not be a Jedi again, and we both know that is the truth," said Vader, as he saw Naruto look at him with sad eyes, and shaking his head in disagreeing with that statement.

"How can you say that? Is it so easy to give into the darkness the Emperor made you fall into, but too damn hard to leave it, and be what your son would rather idolize? You have the chance to bring the light back into this darkness covered Galaxy and yet you say you won't all because you fear the light when it does nothing except forgive those that wish to be forgiven. If you won't go back to the light for yourself, then do it for your son, and his Mother whom you loved without question," said Naruto, as he saw Vader clench his fists in frustration, and for a moment the blonde thought he pushed the man over the edge.

"For one so young, you speak words of great wisdom, and understanding of the heart Naruto," said Vader, as he saw the boy give a sheepish grin, and the man was once more reminded that the light of a child could do wonders.

Even if it had been touched by the Dark Side.

"I've had my share of lies fed to me so I know what I'm talking about," said Naruto and he also added to the fact he had some good teachers on the subject.

One of them was currently dead, but that was beside the point.

"Go then Naruto. Take whatever ship you need and go wherever you desire," said Vader, as he saw Naruto nod, and smile back at him.

"May the Force be with you," said Naruto, as he took off to the hanger area, and to find his own ship The Crimson Eyes currently docked a private hanger only a handful of people had access to.

"And you as well young one," said Vader, as he looked at himself once more in the crude reflection of the shattered glass, and then left to his personal chambers to repair himself for the last time before seeking out the treatments the boy claimed existed.

It was time to fix what was once broken and in more ways then one.

(Sometime Later)

Naruto looked at the planet he had been born from before smiling down at it while he let his ship descend upon it the world and wondered how things had gone after leaving? What had become of the Leaf? The old Kage? Was he even alive after all this time? How was the village that once scorned him?

It was in that moment, Naruto realized that he was free to do what he wanted, and had the choice to use his powers for good or for ill. Though which would he choose? What he did for one side in the name of good could be considered evil to another and such points of view were always shaded in grey areas.

Still, Naruto needed to check on the life of the village, and see if he can start there.

He just hoped that the place was worth saving.

If there is one thing I teach above all things Naruto, is that some people, and places are beyond saving. The Jedi did not realize this and paid for it with many of their numbers during their time protecting the Republic. The Sith kill any threats to them and those the rare handful of people they cherish. Do not hesitate when it comes to removing enemies my Demon Hand, as such mercy will be your undoing, and bring suffering to anyone you get close to.

Those had been the Emperor's words and for the most part Naruto believed them if only to a point where such redemption was foreseen to be fruitless when it came to saving. The blonde believed that if the person was put on the path to redemption and kept on it then it was not as fruitless as was originally believed.

Only if the person refused the redemption after it was offered should they be destroyed.

'Whatever happens from now on, I have to be cautious of what I do, and what side of the Force I command while back here on this world,' thought Naruto, as he landed in a large forest region, and kept his Sith robes on though he felt they were more for him then the ways of the Sith.

Not to mention he could always get them the altered in the future.

Now it was time to see if he could get in his foot in Leaf's door.

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