Chapter 1

Powers…and Nightmares…

There are powers all around us. Flowing through us and our surroundings. Bending and flowing with the natural world. Powers…

All creatures, humans to animals, can access these powers. But some are obvious to theses powers, or chose not to acknowledge them. These powers come and go like the tides of the oceans. But, only the few who have seen enough time in their lives, can fully gasp these mysterious powers. But, these powers are really never mysterious at all. If you truly look into them, they are but daily ties to this world. World of Living. This world of Life, around us, holds these powers. But what truly are these powers? These powers which are all around us could be considered our very emotions, thoughts, free will, dreams,…and even our nightmares.

For nightmares are just as real and as powerful as our own will of life and our hopes for better future. Nightmares can be helpful, making us see the real truth in lies. But they can be our very downfall. They can thrust us into a world of lies and deceit. A world where no one ever leaves without losing something so dear to them. A world of chaos and of our very death. Only the shadows of nightmares are allow to leave, for nightmares are parasites to the Living. Nightmares feed off the living, off of their Dreams and Hopes. There is only one thing, one power, in the world of the Living that can repulse and keep the nightmares away.


For Love is the most powerful emotion, the most powerful power, in this world. Love of family, of dreams, of friends, of lovers. The ones who fill themselves up with this power, can never be corrupted by Nightmares.

But, what if Love isn't accepted by the ones who needs it the most?

What if they just can't accept it? Or remember it?

And what if it was too late?

Well…here is the first chapter prologue and the beginning to the sequel to TMNG!
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