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(Sum)Mary-kun: He would love to say it's her that has changed him. But he knows that isn't true. It's her. And so much more.

1) This can probably be placed anywhere in the series. For effectiveness, it could follow just shortly after the first arc where their relationship is fresh? Makes really no big difference though. I had nothing in mind while writing.



She wants to open the large window, to let the cool wind in. She mentions that she loves where she's standing - right there, in front of the window - because it smells like winter. He chuckles, thinking it just-so-her how she inhales the air and then exhales almost dreamily. He can't tell whether or not there is a lingering winter scent because he's recovering from his cold. But he makes a note that later, definitely later, when he can smell again, he'll stand right where she is and try to smell what she smells. He might never be able to, but it's worth a try.

It's always worth a try, she says. She always says. Anything. Everything. So of course he'll follow her words, because then he won't have to feel regret for not trying. With her, with anything - he knows it's better to not regret things. It's one of the many things that he's been enlightened to because of her. One of the many things that make his life more wholesome.

It's not like his life was terrible. It's just that trying is one of the biggest things that brought them together (and his life together), he thinks. Because had he not tried going after his dream of the Princess, tried reclaiming his memories, tried obtaining and searching for the Ginzuishou, there is that conceivable sequel that he would have never seen her. Never would have followed Senshi, Endymion, the now. And he doesn't want to think that way. It's too frightening.

(A story re-started there - in front of that jewelry store. Her with her red numbers on crumpled paper. Him with his black sunglasses and tuxedo. All on a cool evening. Could it be any simpler? Any more problematic, at the same time?)

He's sure he could live well without her and the rest of the girls. But he's quite certain that right now, this very moment, he lives so much more than "well" with the people in his present life. He likes to think of her and the girls as his family - the family he hasn't had for the majority of his life.

It's because of everything that has happened that has made him realize that the worth of trying equals the worth of his life.

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