A/N… Ran out of ideas for "the gift of poison" so I'm working on a bbxrae fic to fill my time till inspiration strikes.

Garfield "Gar" Mark Logan= Beastboy/Changeling
Koriand'r "Kori": Starfire
Richard "Dick" Grayson/Nightwing: Robin
Victor Stone: Cyborg
Deathstroke: Slade. Why they call him by his REAL first name in the T.V. Series, I shall never know.

Beastboy snuck out of Raven's room, wearing nothing but his boxers, making sure to avoid the cameras around the tower by slipping into the form of a mouse and going through the blind spots. He knew no one but himself and Raven, whom he'd left meditating above the messy, unmade bed, were up and about. It was three o'clock in the morning. He had been at this long enough to know that he had just enough time to get into his room, flop onto his top bunk, catch some shut-eye, and marvel at his lover's influence over him before Richard(or Dick, as everyone preferred to call Nightwing), would wake everyone to train.

After he had met Tara, the shadow of his ex-girlfriend, he had moped for months. None of the Titans seemed to know what to do for him, about him, or with him. Well, they didn't know what they could do without compromising themselves. Eventually, however, the resident empath and telepath had become overly frustrated with the negative products of constant contact with him, and, in her awkward, odd manner, decided to comfort him. She came into his room, even messier than it was before, and stood next to the bottom bunk of his bed, looking up at him.


"Beastboy?" she called, almost shy, though her face would never betray that.

The boy rolled over, looking at her with sad eyes.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"I'm fine." He rolled over, shifting into a dog as he did so.

"Beastboy, I shouldn't have even asked. You aren't alright. You've lost weight, which I thought was impossible, you never show up to training, you don't leave your room unless there's an alarm blaring in your ear, you're sluggish, you don't talk, don't play video games, and your room has gone from a garbage dump to a radioactive hazard."

The green hound growled.

"Beastboy, look around. You need to move on. We all have. She…needs her own life. Perhaps she realized that her powers were her ultimate downfall… either way, you need to get up. I'll even play video games with you."

Beastboy rolled over in shock, landing in moldy pizza as he fell off his bed, transforming back to human as he fell. "Ugh! Gross!"

Raven raised one eyebrow.

"I'll play video games with you after we clean your room," she said, her lip curling with disgust as she looked around.

Beastboy eyed her, scrutinizing her motive, wondering if she was telling the truth. "Where do I have to start?" he asked.

"You pick up all the food, food wrappers, and anything else related to food, alright?" Raven started, looking around some more, noticing that his closet had opened and everything had fallen out.

"Got it."

"I'll pick up all the clothes, then all torn, broken, or useless paper, books, or toys."


"Lastly, I'll cast a spell to organize everything."


Now, as he looked around his room, he was amazed he'd kept his room clean. Raven would come in here and manage his mess weekly, much as she had the first day, though now she simply sat on the now-clean bottom bunk, read a book, and told him what he needed to do, and after she'd play one video game with him. The first day had been hectic, with Beastboy salvaging many things from his past that Raven considered junk, and Raven trying to get Beastboy to realize that some of these things were unnecessary. Finally, his room had been cleaned, with four completely full trash bags outside his door. He had a picture of his parents and him when he was younger on the dresser, followed by a Doom Patrol "family photo". There was also a photo of the Teen Titans, including all honorary members.

Beastboy stared at his ceiling for a while. His relationship with the resident witch of the tower hadn't started instantly after that, but his old crush for her had gotten stronger. It had taken six months for him to get the courage to do anything about this crush, and then all he could do was kiss her, then blush profusely along with her as the window/monitor combination in the living room shattered, followed by a scream from Starfire and a "Aw, hell NO!" from Cyborg.

From then on, their little relationship had taken off secretly. Of course, in order to keep her powers in control, Raven had to meditate even more frequently, but soon, her robes began to lighten of their own accord. Knowing what that meant made BB very proud, and he could often be found watching her from the corner of his eye.

Years had passed since that first kiss. The "Teen" had been dropped from their group name. Cyborg's mechanical body parts had been replaced. Starfire now wore an even skimpier outfit consisting of a one piece that had seemed to have been sliced by a knife, which became necessary as it was realized that certain moves could cause her outfit to snag or catch fire, even if the new outfit made men look more than twice. Robin, or Dick, as Gar and most of the team had come to call him, had given up the stoplight outfit and began to move under the guise of Nightwing, complete with hair even longer than his girlfriend's. Beastboy now wore a larger version of his older uniform, though without gloves and with sleeves that only reached his forearms. Raven had just added a long skirt with slits on either side to her now white uniform, though now she filled out the leotard with much more curves. Fortunately for Beastboy, no one but him ever got to truly admire those curves, as the cloak always got in the way.

Beastboy settled back into his pillows, smiling as he remembered that a few nights ago, Raven and he had spent the night in his room. He could smell her all over his room, and the scent comforted him. Slowly, he dosed off, rolling over and spooning his pillow.

Somewhere across town, in a remote, secure warehouse, a black form melted up through the floor, revealing a tall, male form wearing a cloak. Nothing under the cloak could be seen except for two black eyes flickering over everything around him. He grabbed what he was there for, a computer chip, a data key, and a laptop from the desk of a large office, and turned. Muttered words could be faintly heard, and everything he had in his hands disappeared, a smirk appearing on his pale face as he looked around, pulling his hood down further before stalking past an infra red alarm.

"Time to greet my little sister," he hissed under his breath before flashing his hand in front of the sensor. A camera to his left activated as the silent alarm sounded throughout every police station in town, and through the alarm at Titans Tower. He threw back his hood and turned to the camera, waving twice with a smirk before flipping it off.

"Good morning, dear Raven!" he thought, before pulling his cloak over to cover himself once more and melting back into the floor

Beastboy woke with a start, jumping out of bed and pulling on his uniform. He ran out of his room to meet Raven, who acknowledged him. They both watched everyone else pass by them before he grabbed her hand and squeezed it for a moment before running out of the hallway and into the common room. Raven melted through the floor and appeared next to Robin before Beastboy reached the end of the hallway.

"Titans, GO!" Nightwing yelled, before running out into the garage and jumping onto his cycle.

"We need a new catchphrase," Cyborg mumbled.

The Titans arrived outside of the security office of the recently burglarized hi tech warehouse. Nightwing walked in with an air of authority and wanted to know what the security group had found. They showed the tape reluctantly.

"Why didn't any other alarm go off?" Nightwing asked. "Why didn't any other camera activate?"

"They're all controlled by motion sensors," the guard replied. "We assume he came the same way he went, like Raven transports herself, by turning herself into a non-solid form."

Nightwing flashed a look at Raven, who was glaring murderously at the screen.

"We'll try to catch this guy. Don't worry. For now, we're going to go home and review the footage. Keep us updated."

The team went back to the tower, where Nightwing called Raven into his room.

"You know him?" he asked her.

"He is none of your concern. He will be dealt with soon, and much more harshly than you can hope to," she hissed.

"Don't go four-eyed. We'll all get him. There has to be a way to contain him, just as there are ways to contain you," Nightwing reasoned.

Raven nodded before turning around and heading to Beastboy's room, her expression changing from one of anger to one of worry.

She came in to see her boyfriend lying across the bottom bunk, a Game Station Portable in his hand. He looked up as she came in. "Why the long face, Rae?" he asked.

Raven glared. "Ra-ven, Garfield, Raven. Get it right."

"Ouch," he laughed. "You called me Garfield. Alright, Raven, why the long face?"

Raven hovered in the middle of his room, sitting Indian style, her hands on her ankles. "It's nothing I can't handle," she said. She gave him a slight smile, then fell to stand on the floor, she climbed into the bottom bunk and laid next to him.

"Alright…" he muttered, not quite believing her. After years of being together, they no longer had awkwardness between them, and Raven had become comfortable around him, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Raven kissed him lightly on the cheek, and Beastboy reached over with one hand to plant one on her mouth. Soon, Raven was lying on top of him, her cloak lost somewhere on the other side of the bed, her legs on either side of him, and BB was enjoying every minute of it.

He rolled her over and began to run his hand up and down her left side, from hip to the spot right below her breast. Raven began to pull the shirt over his head, then pulled his pants down over his hips. He kicked them off while he unzipped the dress and pulled it off of her. He rolled on top of her and began to rub the area between her thighs.

Raven gasped, leaning back and bucking involuntarily. She moaned as Beastboy slid his fingers into her, still kissing her collarbone and neck. He pulled back, positioned himself, and slid in, moaning a bit as he did so.

About an hour later, the two were lying tangled up together under the covers on the bottom bunk of Gar's bed. Gar was playing with his GSP while Raven watched.

"Hey, do you think we'll ever tell the Titans we're dating?" he asked.

Raven sighed. "It might cause… conflicts. I suppose it's possible… but let's catch this guy before it comes out…"

She always said that. "Let's catch one more villain, just in case they don't want us around any longer," and Beastboy accepted that. Frankly, he was ready for them to know. He was ready to be kicked out of the tower. They'd all gotten degrees in something. He'd ask for a holo ring and ask Raven to marry him, and he'd accept whatever she decided. He had a ring and the deed to a house in the city hidden in his underwear drawer. He was twenty-three. He'd always thought they'd find a cure for the green-ness by now. He wouldn't give up his crime-stopping life, and he was sure neither would Raven, but he was ready to start something new.

He sighed and looked at her. "I'm giving us a week," he said. "I'm tired of waiting, Raven. We've been waiting for… how long now?"

Raven sighed. "We started dating at sixteen so…"

"Seven years. Raven… I'm done waiting."

Raven nodded, muttered something under her breath and was dressed again, and put her head on his chest. "Alright."