Chapter One

It was cold.

And not just for me.

I could see my foster sister, Molly shivering and her Goosebumps on her bare arms. Molly and her family adopted me from Daybreak. My parents had been killed when I was a child. No one knew I even existed until...I arrived 18 months.

I was a wolf.

But not a werewolf.

I am a shape shifting Tundra Wolf.

And it was cold in this forest. I was in my half form. So I could hear better. I was fluffy so it kept me mostly warm in the snow. We preferred the cold.

I needed to listen for them. And I needed to talk to Molly.

They had come in Winter. Which was the worst time for witches. And

I pulled Molly over and tried to make a shelter of myself to keep her warm.

Her lips were blue. I wished I could help her more.

Our family-who were now dead-were my adopted family. In the last 18 months they had worked hard to include me and treat me like their own.

Molly was only 15.

Her brother had been 6 and her other baby brother was only 18 months old...

They were cold. Colder than this forest.

But I already knew that.

I'd hunted with them before.

But they'd never hunted me before.

The hunter has become the hunted...

Hi everyone. Its been a LONG time since I even looked at this story but I decided to re-vamp it a bit. So heres the first chapter. Ill put the next one up soon. I hope you like it:) Constructive critisicm is welcomed. -Charlotte