Title: iChat with you?

Summary: For nations to be up with the times, America introduces a new IM chat room to all the nations…only to have them fight in a new way. These are the stories of what nations do after they come off of a very interesting IM chat.

Pairings: US/UK, /Spain, Austria/Hungary/ and a little Prussia in there too, China/Russia, Lithuania/Poland, . (I was thinking about some lonely! France/Canada too, but I don't know. Tell me what you guys think.)

Rating: T for teen . Sexy times shall ensue.

Disclaimer: Yeah, so Hetalia does not belong to me…Blah blah…. If it did I would certainly be more awesome than Prussia, yes? (laaame)

A/N : So, I was bored. Shoot me, okay? Yeah, so I know this idea has been used before, but I just wanted to take a shot at it myself. :] Sorry if you dislike it, or just generally hate boyxboy in general. (Your loss…) D

Anyways, here's the first chapter, which will be the IM chat. The other chapters after this one will be little one shots of what the nations did after they came off of the IM chat.

Oh, yeah, don't yell at me or anything, because I know I should be working on my other Hetalia story (how many months has it been?). Anyways, I've already written the second chapter to A Night of Sin, so that'll be up shortly as well for all of my fans (if I have any left T.T).

Chapter One: The IM Chat

Chat opened and created.

TheFiftyStars has signed on

SexyMe has signed on

FairiesAreReal has signed on

PureAwesome has signed on

MapleSyrup has signed on

TheFiftyStars: Isn't this awesome, you guys! I was defiantly the one to come up with this, and see, you're all already on it! Haha! *eats hamburger*

FairiesAreReal: This is the stupidest idea I have ever seen you come up with, you yank.

TheFiftyStars: Then why are you on here? Hmmm? Because you know it's awesome!

FairiesAreReal: No, you and your ridiculous idea basically forced me to sign on.

TheFiftyStars: No one forced you to do anything, Arthur~ :] :]

FairiesAreReal: Oh, don't you even make me begin to bring up all of the whining you put me through just to get me to create an account!

TheFiftyStars: You know you wanted to join. So stop being such a killjoy and relax.

FairiesAreReal: Relax? Relax?! I don't know if I'll ever be able to relax around you!

TheFiftyStars: Kiss my star spangled ass! Oh, wait, you suck at kissing anyways, you old man! *sticks out tongue*

SexyMe: I disagree with you, America. Mon amore can be quite skillful in kissing, oui?

FairiesAreReal: Y-you bloody idiots! You don't even konw what the hell you're talking about!

TheFiftyStars: Flustered? 'Cause I'm sure you just spelled some words wrong there, Iggy. :]

FairiesAreReal has signed off

TheFiftyStars: Awwwww, man. Iggy got too pissed off again.

SexyMe: Well, it's probably that unresolved tension, you know? It's of the sexual sorts, if you get my drift~ Perhaps I should give ze little perv a visit. ;]

TheFiftyStars: How about you don't, France. And how about you don't fake like you've kissed England before.

SexyMe: Haha, such a violent response, little America! What? He's never told you how we meet in secret every Saturday evening?

TheFiftyStars: He couldn't of, because that's when we meet! HA! So you're wrong, France!

TheFiftyStars: …

TheFiftyStars: Shit.

TheFiftyStars has signed off.

SexyMe: Ohhhh, ho~ Something new to watch.

PureAwesome: Such scandal! Niyoniyo~

SexyMe: I know, oui?

PureAwesome: Agreed.

MapleSyrup: Poor Alfred…

ThePianist has signed on


ThePianist: Using the caps button was quite unnecessary, you moron.

FryingPans has signed on

FryingPans: …Gilbert.

PureAwesome: Ha, you can't hit me with your stupid frying pan over the computer, can you!? HAHAHAH!

FryingPans: No, but I can later. :] How have you been, Roderich?

PureAwesome: …

ThePianist: It's been all right, Elizaveta. Thank you for asking.

PureAwesome: Don't you ignore me!!!!!!!!!!!

FryingPans: Would you like me to make you something? Are you eating well?

PureAwesome: DON'T IGNORE ME.

ThePianist: Yes, I'm fine. You can still come over though, if you would like to.

FryingPans: Sure, Roderich. I'll be there in a little while.

FryingPans has signed off

ThePianist has signed off

SexyMe: ….oh, that was harsh, mon ami.

Kolkolkol has signed on

Like, totally! has signed on

RyeFarmer has signed on

PureAwesome: Eww, the bastard Russia signed on!

Kolkolkol: That was quite rude. :]

Kolkolkol: :D So, who wants to become one with Russia, da? How about Toris?

Like, totally!: Don't you even touch him, Russia!

Kolkolkol: Ahh, quite feisty – a thing Russia likes.

Pandas, aru! has signed on

Kolkolkol: Yao! Would you like to become one with Russia? :D

Pandas, aru! has signed off

Kolkolkol: At least Yao won't know it's me in the panda suit! Would anyone else like to become one with Russia?

StalkerSister has signed on

Kolkolkol has signed off

StalkerSister has signed off

Like, totally!: Thank God he signed off, right Liet?

RyeFarmer: Belarus signed off…

Like, totally!: Liet, you, like, know she doesn't like you! ] Why do you keep trying?

RyeFarmer: I like her, Feliks.

Like, totally!: Liet, you know you need to get over it! How about we play dress up, huh? We totally haven't hung out in forever anyways! I'll be there in a sec!

RyeFarmer: No, it's alright-

Like, totally! Had signed off

RyeFarmer: Oh no. (I don't want Feliks over right now…)

RyeFarmer has signed off

BuonoTomato has signed on

LoviLover has signed on

Pasta~ has signed on

LoviLover: Hola everyone! How's this new chatroom going? Is Lovi on?

BuonoTomato: What the hell kind of username is that, bastard!

LoviLover: Awwww, what do you mean, Lovi? It's true~

BuonoTomato: C-change it right now before I make you change it!

LoviLover: I'm not changing it~ I'm only telling others about our love! We've only been going out for almost half a year!

Pasta~: Veeeeee? I didn't know about this Romano! Why didn't you tell me!

SexyMe: It's a mystery how you've kept it from the other nations for so long. I've seen you shoot Spain those looks in the meetings, Romano. Quite sexy, right Antonio?

BuonoTomato: I….I fucking warned you, jerk! My foot is going in your face the moment I see you! W..which is soon!

BuonoTomato has signed off

LoviLover: Yeaaaah! Lovi's coming over!

LoviLover had signed off

Pasta~: Where's the pasta?

Ludwig has signed on

Pasta~: Germany!! :]

Ludwig: Italia, your username isn't very professional. None of yours are! What if we
need to actually use this for work purposes?

PureAwesome: ….

Pasta~: Veee~ Ludwig is so boring. You still knew it was me, right?

Ludwig: Well…I suppose so.

Pasta~: So how about I help Germany change his username later to something better?

PureAwesome: (That's not the only thing he's changing…Fufufufu~ )

SexyMe: (How about we watch on the sidelines?)

PureAwesome: (Sounds like a plan)


Pasta~: Ludwig's angry. ]; *cries*

Ludwig: I…guess you can help me change my username. I don't know how to do it.

Pasta~: Yaaaay! I'll be over in a second!

Pasta~ has signed off

Ludwig had signed off

SexyMe: Ready to watch that action, mon ami?

PureAwesome: Already there. Niyo~

SexyMe has signed off and joined PureAwesome in his stalking.

MapleSyrup: No one noticed I was on…

A/N : The chapter is finished! :] I hope you liked it. If not, then that's cool too, I guess (not really T.T). But, anyways, you know what the procedure is. The more reviews, the more chapters. That is, if I don't screw up like last time and say that I have enough time to write it. Don't worry though, because I have my time back! I'll write, EVEN if I die. :D *dies*