Title: iChat with you?

Summary: For nations to be up with the times, America introduces a new IM chat room to all the nations…only to have them fight in a new way. These are the stories of what nations do after they come off of a very interesting IM chat.

Pairings: US/UK, /Spain, Austria/Hungary/ and a little Prussia in there too, China/Russia, Lithuania/Poland, . (I was thinking about some lonely! France/Canada too, but I don't know. Tell me what you guys think.)

Rating: T for teen . SEXY TIME.

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Chapter Two: AmericaXEngland

Alfred had signed off of the computer a long time ago. He didn't really care to see what would happen in the chatroom, nor did he care that his idea was totally the most amazing idea he had ever had. He just needed to get to Arthur and see if he wasn't too pissed off by the little IM chat they had. Or rather, tell him that he had recklessly blurted out their secret. And it was to France no less, so he knew it would spread like wildfire; that guy was always good with his gossip.

He reached Arthur's house in the fastest time he thought possible, and burst through the door like it was a normal thing to do.

Arthur, whom was sitting in a chair in the living room right next to the front door, flinched hard and dropped his tea that he had been sipping on. He could already see the stained mess it had made on the carpet. "What the hell? Who's there?" Cursing, he stood up to beat up whoever just rudely entered his house without permission. It better not be France or anyone of the sort. He really didn't need that right now.

But what he didn't expect was for Alfred to pop up from the door way and stand at the entrance of the living room with a flushed face as if he had just been running. Arthur walked up to him by the doorway and tired to ask what was the matter, but the American just shook his head and slowed his breathing so he may get the air he needed. "Bloody hell, Alfred! Why didn't you just knock?" The American didn't answer, but simply walked to Arthur and dragged him back into the living room with him. "W-what do you think you're doing?!" he yelled, moving his elbow from Alfred's grasp harshly, though a deep red color of embarrassment could already be seen on his cheeks. Alfred, surprised, was already scared of what Arthur's reaction would be after he would tell him the news.

"Umm, well, ya see…" his voice trailing off, he laughed nervously. How was he going to tell Arthur the secret was out? Scratching the back of his neck, he stood there uncomfortably, avoiding any eye contact with Arthur.

Arthur, becoming impatient, snapped at the dawdling blonde. "I'm a little busy, if you don't mind." He really didn't see what would save Alfred's butt now, since he already made England just about ruin his carpet with the tea he had dropped. Also, that little chat fight they had over the computer didn't really make him in a better mood. Raising his eyebrows at Alfred, he crossed his arms – such an act that reminded America of a woman – and tapped his foot lightly. If the situation were different, Alfred may even laugh a little. Or tell England how damn sexy he was being.

Swallowing hard, he didn't know how he was going to break the news. Perhaps a direct approach would be best? Pulling up the nearest chair, he met eyes with Arthur for a moment before he sat down quietly like a little child caught doing something wrong. "Well…ummm…What if I were to say…everyone knows what we do every Saturday?" He cringed, waiting for the onslaught of profanities and words of irresponsibility to flow from England's mouth. Instead, silence only ensued. He didn't know if that was a bad thing.

Silence was always worse.

Until he looked up and found Arthur was holding in some laughter. Confused, his eyebrows knitted together as he tried to figure out the Englishman's behavior, which was most unusual for him.

"You're…not mad?" Alfred asked in disbelief.

Arthur shook his head, the amused expression leaving his face. "No, I've been a tad bit sick of sneaking around anyways." Glancing at America, his cheeks were a little dusted with red at the confession before he changed the subject. "Maybe it'll get that stupid frog bastard off of my back," he contemplated, seriously wondering whether it would.

Alfred smiled at Arthur's acceptance that their relationship would now be public. He was so happy. No, he was so elated. Alfred smiled wider, just about ready to get up and squeeze Arthur in a big hug. "Can I kick his ass, Iggy!? Huh, huh?" England gave him a strange stare at America's sudden suggestion to beat up Francis, but shook his head.

"No, you can do that later." Changing the subject once more, and the look he had on his face, Arthur gave a subtle smirk in Alfred's direction before slowly walking over to the chair he was sitting in. Alfred glanced up with a questioning look, but Arthur said something first. "So, besides the point, who says I 'suck' at kissing?" he asked suddenly, raising an eyebrow.

Alfred, taken surprise at the question, suddenly remembered what Arthur was referring to. Of course it was his thoughtless comment on the IM chat. That one little retort to Arthur's stupid comment. "Wha-? Huh? Who said that?" Throwing a genuinely surprised look on his face, Alfred glanced around the room as if that question was intentionally directed for someone else.

"Don't act dumb, Alfred. I bloody well know that you think I'm good. Don't try to pull any of that." Still, despite that, there was a fleeting feeling in his heart that maybe the American simply took pity on him all of those times they made out and faked enthusiasm over his kissing. Just like how he faked that he liked his cooking when he was little. He tried to seem strong about it, but he really didn't want a lie just to make him feel better. It still was hard to trust sometimes, though he didn't want to admit that.

Alfred looked at the ground as if he hadn't heard Arthur's question, whistling like no one was here.

Fine, then, Arthur would simply get the answer from him by force. Leaning forward, he hastily grabbed Alfred's collar, brought him forward with force, and crashed his lips to the unsuspecting blonde's. It was a surprise, to say the least. Alfred had barely any time to react to the initial kiss before he already felt himself being pushed back against the chair again as Arthur leaned forward. That was when he almost lost it, because Arthur promptly plopped himself on Alfred, straddling his waist in the comfy chair.

He really was making this difficult, wasn't he?

Alfred didn't even get a warning! How unfair! He wasn't even able to hold back the sudden want for the Englishman in front of him, let alone understand it. He tried. He failed. Had his hands already move to the Brit's waist? England almost felt himself smirk when he noticed the muffled noises emitting from Alfred's throat, just as if he were holding something back.

"Oi, don't try to hold back those sounds. I know you're making them," England breathed in his ear.

America forced the noises down, finally able to speak after…Oh good God. Had Arthur been holding back before this? Or had this past week just seemed like a long time? It was kind of hard to speak. "H-haa. I don't know what you're talking about," he lied. His arms tightened around the Brit's waist as he shot him a faltered smirk, but neither would give in just yet, though Alfred didn't know how much longer he would be able to hold back.

"Well, then, I suppose we're not done yet."

Alfred's eyes widened a bit. What? How could it get better than this?
The Brit nipped at his bottom lip, and Alfred contradicted his last internal question.

It could get better.

And sexier.

Arthur only continued to play with his bottom lip until he went on to surprise Alfred with other things the American thought should be illegal. Without Alfred prepared for it, the skillful Brit forced Alfred's mouth open without warning, causing a low moan escaped Alfred's mouth. Arthur felt almost all too accomplished by this. Alfred was a damn idiot. He already knew Arthur was winning this war already, so he should just give up. Still, Alfred fought for dominance of the Brit, causing a sound to be drawn from Arthur's own chest. Color was even brought up to his cheeks, and the American noticed this little factor. So, unrelenting, he ever so casually licked Arthur's bottom lip, allowing a shiver to admit from the smaller blonde. Arthur was not going down like that! This time, he was in charge here. He needed to get back the dominance before Alfred took over like usual, which was pretty hard to stop once the American started.

Resting a hand on Alfred's chest, he broke the lengthy kiss and leaned up to the American's ear. Of course, there were other ways to win this war. "That IM idea of yours…it wasn't actually half bad," he mumbled in is ear, before biting down on it. "It was pretty inventive," he praised, "and down right fucking sexy, if I may say so."

Oh shi-

Did Arthur just talk dirty to him? Was he moving his hips on him now? And his hand…was it getting dangerously close to his upper inner thing? "You're amazing at kissing, okay!" Alfred blurted out without thinking, and England only found himself smiling. He had won. It was hard to get Alfred to admit he was wrong, but he was just as much as a stubborn ass as he.

That was it. Alfred wasn't holding back anymore. He couldn't take it. Leaping up, he took blushing England in his arms bridal style and headed to the bedroom.

"You asked for it, Arthur. You may be better at kissing, but like hell you're better than me in the bedroom."

"We'll see about that, you young prat. France doesn't lie when he says I'm a pervert."

Alfred shivered.

What did he just get himself into?

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