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Good Things Come To Those who Wait

Severus was relieved that those infernal Christmas parties were over. Finally he could spend those long winter nights with his Hermione cuddling by the fire. Yes Severus Snape cuddles, only with Hermione. He cuddles because cuddling led to many other enjoyable activities.

There was just one more party to get through and he could put away the dress robes and Muggle suits for a while. New Years Eve was tomorrow and Hermione's parents decided they wanted to celebrate the New Year and their daughter's engagement all in one. So they sent invitations to Hermione and Severus's friends as well as their small family. Severus did not mind this party because he really did like Hermione's family.

When Hermione had altered her parent's memories she had done so after discussing it with her grandparents and aunts and uncle. She explained everything to them and gave them the option of having their memories changed as well. They did not feel they were in danger because few people knew Hermione's extended family. Her grandparents were in the United States at the time with Carrie and her Uncle was her mother's brother and had a different last name. They did agree that her parents needed to be protected and her grandfather said he would take complete responsibility. Hermione had made sure her grandfather knew where exactly her parents were located in Australia in case anything happened to her. They also had a way of getting in touch with the American Ministry for any help in retrieving their memories when the war ended.

Hermione's maternal grandparents had recently moved back to England from America where her grandfather was a Professor of Sociology for the past 25 years. Her mother also had a brother here and a sister still in the states. Hermione's Aunt Carrie from America was coming today with her seventeen year old son. Her Uncle Frank and his wife Sarah lived in London and their two children who were older than Hermione had flats in London as well. That was the extent of Hermione's family. Severus had distant relatives but there was no one he was close to enough to invite them to his engagement or wedding.

Severus and Hermione were at Heathrow waiting for her Aunt and cousin to arrive. Hermione explained to Severus how Carrie was married right out of high school because her boyfriend at the time was going into the marines and they wanted to make a commitment to each other. Her husband died in an accident when her son Alex was just a baby. Carrie raised Alex on her own with of course the help of her parents. Now since Professor and Mrs. Pearson returned to England Carrie and Alex were alone in America. Hermione also told Severus that Carrie worked for the FBI as a profiler.

"Mione!" Severus and Hermione turned their heads to see a tall brown haired teenage boy run towards them. He was nearly as tall as Severus and still growing.

"Alex! Goodness you must have grown another three inches since last I saw you." Hermione smiled at her cousin's handsome face.

"Hopefully he'll stop growing soon, I can't afford to buy new clothes every time he grows an inch taller." Severus looked over to see Hermione's Aunt Carrie. She was as tall as Hermione with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was beautiful and Severus knew what Hermione would look like in her thirties.

"You must be Severus, I'm pleased to meet you." She put out her hand and shook his. "My sister speaks very highly of you." Carrie then hugged Hermione and then introduced Alex to Severus.

"Come on we better go, mom has a feast waiting to welcome you home and everyone is there waiting to see you."

Carrie laughed and the two woman walked arm in arm to the car. Alex looked at Severus and shrugged his shoulders. "When those two get together they're more like sisters than aunt and niece."

Alex sat up front with Severus while the two women sat in back talking. "How was the flight?' Hermione asked.

"Too long for me, my knee was bothering me and sitting that long didn't help." Alex explained to Severus that he was on his high school's football team, American football that is and he had hurt his knee the last game which happened to be the game that secured them the National Championship for secondary schools.

"Hermione told me you are quite an athlete and have been offered several college scholarships. Do you have any idea where you may want to go?"

"We haven't decided yet, I'm still looking at the schools. I want to prepare for law school so I am looking for a school that can best prepare me for that."

"When we get back to the states we are going on tour of some of the schools and he'll have a better chance of making a decision. He graduates in June so he needs to make a decision soon." Carrie added to the conversation.

Severus couldn't help but be impressed by the young man. He was completely focused on his future. He knew what he wanted and Snape was sure he was as good a student as Hermione was. It wasn't long before they arrived at the Granger house where Carrie and Alex were attacked by their family members.

"Good lord Alex you're taller than anyone in the family, look at you." Mrs. Granger exclaimed.

"Helen let the poor boy breathe. Alex you have grown since the last time we saw you." David Granger shook the young man's hand.

It was a very enjoyable day as far as Severus was concerned. Hermione's grandparents were thrilled to have their family around them. Professor Pearson and his wife were only in their early seventies and very healthy. Hermione's Uncle Frank was the eldest at 52, her mother was 45 and her aunt who was obviously the youngest was just 36. Hermione told Severus that Carrie always joked she was the oops. Anthony and Emma, Hermione's other cousins were 30 and 28 respectively. So Carrie was more like an elder sister to her nieces and nephew than an aunt. Looking at the beautiful Pearson women Severus was curious what two certain marauders would think tomorrow when they met the ladies. He could see the scholarly Remus with Emma who was just as beautiful as Hermione and Carrie only she had dark blonde hair and blue eyes like her mother and brother. She worked in the entertainment industry as a writer. He could definitely see Sirius being attracted to Carrie, hell he could see Sirius attracted to Emma as well. Good lord what was wrong with him, he was becoming a match maker. He was Severus Snape for God's sake!

The evening was finally over and Severus and Hermione were back in their apartment relaxing in front of the fire. "What are you so thoughtful about?" She asked him.

"Nothing, I was just wondering about the reaction from two marauders when they meet your cousin and aunt."

"Remus and Sirius? Hmm, would they be interested in Muggle women?"

"Hermione, they are two heterosexual men, believe me it doesn't matter if they are Muggles or witches. Your aunt and cousin are beautiful interesting women. Remus of course will be a gentlemen, Black isn't going to be able to help himself, he'll flirt with them from the minute he meets them."

"So you think they are beautiful do you?" she asked with mock jealousy.

"Very, but you my dear are and will always be the most exquisite woman in any room." He said pulling her close.

"Nice save there Severus. Smoothly done. You may even get shagged tonight."

All thoughts of matchmaking were forgotten as Severus showed Hermione how beautiful he thought she was.