Well, here are some fanmakes that I'd like to see but just not interested in writing up. If anyone likes to do one of these crossovers, please send me a private message to confirm.

Daffy Holmes: Based on the 2009/2010 movie.

Sherlock Holmes: Daffy Duck (Loony Toons)

Dr Watson: Bugs Bunny (Loony Toons)

Mary: Lola Bunny (Loony Toons/Space Jam)

Lord Blackwood: Ozai (Avatar The Last Airbender)

Other characters: Author choices.

Bug's Eleven: Based on the 2001 film. After being released from jail, Bugs Bunny gathers up some old friends and some new partners to take on biggest casino robbery in history. Most people would say it's impossible, but here are eleven guys who don't care.

Danny Ocean: Bugs Bunny

Rusty Ryan: Daffy Duck

Tess: Lola Bunny

Linus Caldwell: Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom)

Frank Catton: Bender (Futurama)

Saul Bloom: Iroh (Avatar TLA)

Ruben Tishkoff: Bigweld (DreamWorks's Robots)

Other characters: Author choices.

Bug's Twelve: When an old enemy tracks down Bugs and the gang, he gives them two simple choices: pay him back or die. So now they have to go to Europe to pull off an even tougher job then before.

New Characters: Author choices.

Bug's Thirteen: When Bigweld is conned by his business partner Ratchet (Robots), Bugs and Daffy gather up the old crew again. But this job isn't about money: it's personal.

Willy Bank: Ratchet (Robots)

New Characters: Author choices.