Here are some more Cartoon Crossovers for Sale. Please read and review!

Phantom Racer: Fanmake of 2008's Speed Racer.

Speed Racer: Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom)

Trixie: Sam (Danny Phantom)

Sparky: Tucker (Danny Phantom)

Pops Racer: Jack Fenton (Danny Phantom)

Mom Racer: Maddie Fenton (Danny Phantom)

Racer X: Nightwing (Batman/DC comics)

Tetsuo Togokahn: Sokka (Avatar TLA)

Haruko Togokahn: Katara (Avatar TLA)

E.P. Arnold Royalton: Wilson Fisk (Spider-Man comics)

Jack 'Cannonball' Taylor: Dark Ace (Storm Hawks)

Casa Cristo Commentators: Fry and Bender (Futurama)

Grand Prix Commentators: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (Looney Toons)

Other Characters: Author's choice.

A Sky Knight's Tale: Fanmake of the 2001 Heath Ledger film A Knight's Tale.

William Thatcher: Aerrow (Storm Hawks)

Jocelyn: Piper (Storm Hawks)

Roland: Stork (Strom Hawks)

Wat: Junko and Finn (Storm Hawks)

Kate: Eva 'Molly' Wei (Oban Star Racers)

Geoffrey Chaucer: Author's choice.

Count Adhemar: Author's choice, but not the Dark Ace; too obvious.

Clash of the Titans: Fanmake of the recent 2010 remake.

Peruses: Aerrow (Storm Hawks)

Io: Piper (Storm Hawks)

Zeus: Author's choice

Hades: Ozai (Avatar the Last Airbender)

Other characters: Author's choice.