Chapter 1

It was a frigid blustery day in Godric's Hollow. Those out and about trudged through ankle deep snow bundled up in many layers of coats and sweaters that made them look twice their size with heads bowed against the ice laced wind hurrying to finish their errands. Shop windows were decorated with paper hearts of varying shades of red and purple. Cozy restaurants were full of couples young and old cuddling and flirting at tables covered in lace and candles and flowers. It was a day filled with love and romance despite the less than idyllic conditions.

Lily Potter sighed from her place on the threadbare living room sofa. Despite the myriad of charms concealing and protection the house she could still see out perfectly at the rather romantic scene just down the street beyond the garden fence. Oh how she longed to be out among them with her own sweetheart. Yet here she sat alone while her husband was out with his friends doing something undoubtedly dangerous and risky for Dumbledore. It was unfair. If they were supposed to be in hiding why was James out and about? They could've at least have a romantic day indoors. With a frustrated growl she tossed her romance novel unceremoniously onto the coffee table and stalked off into the kitchen.

Just as she pulled out a carton of her favorite ice cream when the intruder alarm sounded off. Her heart leapt into her throat as she hastily extracted her wand from her pocket. Slowly she made her way to the kitchen window and with a unsteady breath dared to take a look. Nothing. That's when she noticed one of the dormant rose bushes shaking. A large canine creature limped forth with a gaping wound in its side. Lily felt her heart stop. The creature was sleek and elegant yet muscles could clearly be seen undulating beneath the thick silvery fur that made the snow look dull in comparison. It only walked a few feet before collapsing in the snowy backyard. Without thinking she rushed out the back door and knelt by its side ignoring the cold biting at her porcelain skin and the snow that fell into her long dark red hair. A golden eye peered listlessly at her. She felt tears come to her own bright green eyes. Cautiously she reached out and stroked the beast. The fur was even softer than it looked. Her hands wandered over the prone form then suddenly stop. Lily looked away from the mesmerizing eyes to her hand and froze. Four silky tails branched out from the base of its spine.

It was a demon.

No one truly knows what demons are or how they came to be. All that is known is that they are considerably more powerful and lived much longer than humans and live in an obscure alternate dimension. There are many theories as to how such creatures came to be ranging from logically scientific to radically spiritual. They are often portrayed as twisted blood-thirsty monsters and as a result many are killed when sighted. Other less fortunate souls are either enslaved or experimented on. As a result demons loathed humans just as much as they themselves are loathed beginning a never-ending cycle of fear and hate.

She should've been scared, she should've ran back into the house and left it there. But she couldn't. It was such a tragic sight and it tugged at her heartstrings. Instead she got closer and embraced the beautiful creature, whispering sweet nothings into its vulpine ear. Without warning its body glowed brightly, blinding her. A warmth surrounded her and settled into her belly. When the light faded the demon was gone. All that was left was a pool of blood that was already being buried by fresh snow. Lily stood up, bushed the snow off her slim form, and trudged back inside the house with a depressing air about her.


1year and 8 months later…

Lily raced up the stairs with her one year-old son Harry clutched to her chest and into the small nursery, locking the door behind her. She stood there shaking as she hear a high cold voice shout out followed by a loud thud. Footsteps walked calmly up the creaking staircase after her. Suddenly the door exploded sending splinters flying everywhere. Lily shielded Harry with her own body and hastily dropped him into the old crib to confront the attacker. All that she could see was a hooded black robed figure with the face cloaked in shadows save for a pair of blood red snake-like eyes that sent her stomach rolling. There was no doubt in her mind to who this was.

"No! Please! Have mercy!" she pleaded while blocking Harry from view.

"Stand aside girl, stand aside." the man hissed icily.

"Please! He's just a baby!"

The man ignored her as a skull white spidery hand raised a wand at her and with a word sent Lily flying hard into the wall next to her. She found herself stuck there like a fly in a flytrap unable to move or speak. To her horror he pointed the wand at her young son who was standing in the crib watching it all with wide green eyes that almost seemed to jump into silky red hair.

"Die! Avada Kedavra!"

There was an eerie green light and an abrupt explosion. Lily was blinded by the light but could feel the house shake and hear part of it crash down around her. When she could see again she sound herself on the floor one more faced with a large hole in the wall and part of the roof that opened the room to the cold night air looking like a giant mouth waiting to eat her. Shakily she stood, making her way though ruble to the crib. A pair of shocked eyes blinked back at her. With a relived sob she scooped Harry up and hugged him tightly murmuring brokenly in his ear. Harry clung just as tightly to her as if he was scared that he'd fall if he let go. They just stood like that for the longest time.


She jumped and whirled around. In the doorway was an ancient looking man with long silvery beard and hair dressed in bright blue robes staring worriedly at her with blue eyes that usually twinkled behind half-moon spectacles perched precariously on a long crooked nose that looked as if was broken twice.


He nodded his head and slowly made his way to her. Lily let him hold her as she continued to cry harder. Albus gently rocked her as he looked Harry over. Other than a small jagged cut on his forehead it seemed as if he was only rattled by the evening's events. After a few minutes she calmed down.

"I should go." she finally said. Albus jerked his head up and stared at her.


"He's not dead. He can't be. No one's been able to kill him yet and I highly doubt this will. He'll come back for Harry…if his followers don't kill him first."

"But where will you go?"

"Far away, to the other side of the world. Maybe Japan. I've heard the Japanese are nice and there are so many people there it would be impossible to find a single person. I'll even change mine and Harry's names."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. Harry's all I have left now."

"Very well. Let's go to-"

"No. I have to leave now."

Albus stumbled over his words for a minute, completely taken aback at the abrupt interruption.

"But Lily, we need to plan this out."

"The sooner I leave the better. The Death Eaters will probably go on a rampage. Besides, they may think I'm dead that way and won't look for me and Harry for very long."

Albus sighed in defeat.

"Very well. Just be careful and send me a letter once you've settled. After all, we want him to attend Hogwarts when the time comes and it'll be hard to do that if we can't event get his acceptance letter to him." he added with a wink, the twinkle returning slightly to his eyes. With a tearful smile and quick hug she turned and fled into the night. Albus stood there for a few moments before apparating away with a loud crack that echoed in the nighttime air.



James Potter sat there on the worn sofa in tattered and singed robes with a almost comically stunned look on his face. After a moment he ran a calloused hand though his short messy black hair looking at his wife sitting next to him with a shy yet excited smile plastered onto her face with disbelieving hazel eyes over his wire framed glasses.

"You're…" he began in a strained tone that made his deep voice sound an octave higher than usual.

"Pregnant." she finished for him with a happy note in her melodious voice.



"You're not joking with me? You're not just getting back at me for leaving you alone on Valentine's Day to fight in the war?"

"James…" she sighed exasperatedly.

"But seriously-"

Lily huffed and waked with across the head with the tea tray and stalked off to the kitchen.

"You jerk! Why would I lie to you about this?!" she shouted over her shoulder with a slight growl.

"Lily w-wait!"

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