Chapter 148

Voldemort ground his teeth together in frustration as his forces fell one by one under the relentless assault of oni and silently cursed Koenma for meddling in his affairs. It just didn't make any sense to the Dark Lord why the newly crowned King of the Reikai cared so much about the other worlds. His father, Enma, was much more practical. What would he care if humankind tore itself apart? All that meant to the man was that there would be more souls flowing towards the Gate of Judgement. But he was gone, leaving his idyllic son free to foul everything up. This was supposed to be a swift takeover of Hogwarts. Now it was a full out battle, no thanks to Koenma.

"It's over, Voldemort." The snake-like man whirled around to find Kurama casually standing there, though there was nothing casual about the predatory gaze in his golden eyes. It was the only kind of look that an animal got when it cornered prey. "You've lost."

"No! It's not over!" he hissed vehemently. "I haven't lost this war yet!" They both pulled out their wands and proceeded to circle each other like wolves.

"Look around you!" the yoko snapped back. "Your forces won't stand for much longer! Even Yomi's dead!"

"I've come too far just to give up!" Voldemort exclaimed, firing off a dark red missile at him. Kurama easily dodged it.

"Idiot!" he curse, blocking the next incoming spell. Things just disintegrated from there. Hostile magic flew back and forth, though never hitting their intended targets. The duel lit up the battlefield around them like fireworks. And the fighters around them did well to steer clear lest they be turned to ash. It was the sort of thing that one might see in history book: two wizards, powerful in their own right, duking it out over the fate of the magical community at large in a winner-take-all gamble that most certainly had the potential to go on for hours. However, that wasn't quite the case. While the Dark Lord's energy was fading fast with every spell he cast, the silver yokai wasn't even breaking the sweat. He had faced far more dire circumstances with impossible odd and still somehow managed to come out on top. Voldemort...not so much. It was clear exactly who had the advantage. As the reality of the situation hit home, the Dark Lord's attacks became increasingly erratic. Rage gave way to desperation. He can't dire here! Not like this! Then Yusuke came barreling over to them in his typical fashion, drawing just enough of Kurama's attention that he didn't even see a deadly green jet of light arc towards him. It hit him square in the chest and the yoko crumpled to the ground in a heap.

"Kurama!" the detective exclaimed in horror. Kuwabara rushed over to see what his friend was hollering about and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the silvery form lying still in the mud. "Bastard..." the raven-haired teen growled, clenching his fists. Voldemort whirled on him with his wand at the ready and a rabid look in his eyes. The redhead made to slowly move behind the unhinged wizard but only wound up getting the stick pointed at him as well.

"Stay back!" he commanded, keeping his wand trained on both teens. "All of you! I mean it!"

"You fucking-!" Yusuke snarled, starting towards the maniac with every intention of beating his ass into the ground. However, Kuwabara threw himself in front of the surly teen.

"Urameshi! Don't!" the psychic pleaded. If that nut job could take out someone like Kurama, after all, then Yusuke wouldn't stand a chance.

"No! That asshole killed Kurama!" the detective argued.

"He deserved it!" Voldemort spat, casting the yoko's unmoving body a disdainful glare. "No one gets in my way and lives!" Then the Dark Lord took a decisive step forward, clearly intending to desecrate Kurama's body.

"Why you-!" Yusuke growled, preparing to launch himself at the twisted wizard. But he didn't have to. The moment Voldemort came close to the still body, it suddenly moved in a silver blur. Before anymore could blink, a thorny vine pierced the snake-like man's chest.

"Wh-what?!" Kuwabara sputtered. "H-he's-?!"

"Alive?!" Yusuke squawked in outrage. He was a moment away from avenging his death even if it meant his own! And that bastard was playing possum?! What the hell?! First it was Kuwabara at the Dark Tournament, now the King of Thieves was at it! When did scarring the crap out of Yusuke become everyone's hobby?!

"H-ow?!" Voldemort gasped, coughing up blood.

"I don't have a heart, remember?" the yoko responded dispassionately. The Dark Lord gave one more gasp then fell to the earth, never to rise again. Everyone was deathly silent for a minute, staring at Voldemort's wide glassy eyes. Then Yusuke turned on his heel and punched Kurama right in the side of the head. Kurama staggered for a moment, his ears ringing something fierce. Did the detective's fist become harder since turning into a yokai or was it always as tough as steel?

"Kurama! You asshole!" the surly teen shouted at him. "Don't do that! You damn near scared me half to death!"

"Dude! Don't! Or you'll kill him for real!" Kuwabara protested. The darker teen merely huffed in response and looked at the reeling yoko expectantly. However, all the silver yokai could really do was blink at him until the world stopped spinning enough that he could talk without fear of losing his dinner.

"Ah...were you worried about little old me?" he chuckled. Typical Yusuke. When in doubt, turn to anger to express fear. Heaven forbid anyone saw his softer side...if he had one.

"Damn straight I was!" Yusuke snapped. " I mean, what was I supposed to think when you just collapsed like that after that spell hit you?! You weren't breathing or anything! I thought you really were dead!" With one last huff, the detective stormed off.

"...and Urameshi calls me a chick at times?" the psychic teen muttered.


Once the Death Eaters realized that their leader was truly dead, they surrendered. Only a few of the more fanatical wizards refused to accept defeat, such as Bellatrix Lestrange, choosing instead to fight to their deaths. After the fighting had finally subsided, the grim task of properly disposing of the dead began. Everyone was silent as the bodies were systematically checked for any signs of life and studiously burned in a massive funeral pyre that lit up the early morning sky. Only the dead wizards remained whole and intact for any surviving family members to claim. Though it was doubtful if anyone would admit to having ties with them.

It was close to five in the morning when Kurama finally walked into the Entrance Hall. But that didn't stop the celebrations from taking place. Music blared in the corridors as revelers danced with abandon. House-elves scurried happily about with trays of food and drink, careful to keep out from underfoot. Couples openly made-out in full view of everyone. But what really struck the yoko was the fact that none of the teachers even bothered to try and bring the raucous party under control. In fact, they seemed to be encouraging it. Maybe it was because they knew doing so would be a hopeless cause. Or perhaps they themselves just wanted to let loose for once.

However, the moment they spotted the silver yokai, all celebrations immediately flocked to him with triumphant cheers. Kurama suddenly found himself swamped in a sea of people. Everyone wanted to hug him, or at least shake his hand. A few asked excited questions that quickly drowned in the maelstrom of sheer noise. Instead of helping his friend, Yusuke grinned maliciously at him. Payback, no doubt, from the earlier scare. Eventually, the small mob dispersed to resume celebrating Voldemort's defeat, leaving Kurama free to check in on Hiei who was sleeping off the after effects of exerting his full power in the Hospital wing. Yukina smiled at him but let him be in favor of attending to the wounded that littered the room. He simply sat there quietly next to his dozing partner for several minutes, letting all the stress and responsibility fall right off his shoulders. It was finished. It was finally finished.

"So what now?" an all too familiar voice questioned.

"What do you mean?" he countered, not even bothering to turn and face Koenma.

"What are you going to do with your life now?" the King of the Reikai elaborated.

"What I always do, wait until my services are needed again." Kurama shrugged casually.

"You don't think that peace is going to last?" the king prompted with a raised eyebrow. Kurama sighed, finally turning around in his seat to face him.

"It never does." the yoko stated simply. "And with the Makai Barrier down for good, the others and myself are going to be needed now more than ever." They both fell silent, looking out at all the injured laying around the Hospital Wing and knowing that it wouldn't be the last time either of them witnessed such a battle.

"So who's going to tell Yusuke?" Koenma wondered aloud. Kurama merely laughed.



Remus sighed as he held back Sirius' hair while the Animagus violently threw up in to the toilet. He probably should've seen this coming. But really, how was he supposed to know the ex-convict would react like this. Surely he'd seen and suffered worse within the walls of Azkaban.

"Don't you think this is all a little too much?" he finally asked his friend once he had tossed up all the contents of his stomach. "I mean, it's a wondrous occasion and-"

"There is nothing wondrous about Snivllius marrying Lily!" Sirius interrupted foully. Remus sighed again. And to think Sirius was considered an adult...


Makai- demon world

Yokai- demon

Yoko- fox demon

Reikai- spirit world/land of the dead.

Oni- ogre

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