Cleopatra 2525: The Truth About Mysteries

Ch. 1: Message to Voice

By: NelleFang-Slayer

Okay so I do not own any of the Characters except my own, you'll meet them later. I just had to write a FanFic about this show cause it's the coolest, and it has two of my favorite actresses in it: Victoria Pratt and Gina Torres. Please review and enjoy. I hope it's good.

"Are you sure we should be going back there?" Cleo asked.

"Voice wants us to go and find the cyrogenic chambers." Hel replied.

"Why is that exactly?" Sarge asked.

"All she said was she got a message telling her tha someone important fom te past is there." Hel said.

"But what if this person isn't there? What if they aren't frozen anymore?" Cleo asked.

"Voice says that the cyrogenic chamber this person is in won't open up until it is told to open." Hel replied.

"Oh. Okay. So lets go welcom him or her to the future." Cleo stated.

Sarge and Hel smiled at their friend as they headed into the level where they first met Cleopatra for the first time. It had been left alon since the Betrayers had come through there looking for Hel and Sarge months earlier. A few scavengers and gutsy mutants who have ravenged some equipment out but it looked deserted today.

Cleo was looking a little uneasy to say the least about this mission, and her friends noticed. "Cleo, you okay?" Sarge asked.

"Just flashing back to the last time we were here." Cleo said.

"That's right we first met you here four months ago." Hel stated.

"Yeah, you guys and my first Betrayer friend. That was fun." There was a hint of fear in her voice.

Sarge laughed, "Yeah well it was an interesting day for all of us kid."

Hel smiled and placed her hand on Cleo's shoulder. "I don't think we'll get any trouble today, alright? So nothing to be afraid of."

Cleo smiled and nodded; and the Voice Team entered the storage where all of the cyrogenics were held.

"This is really creepy. All of these people, all frozen and they don't even know what the world is like." Cleo said.

"Maybe it's better that they don't. I think it's better that when they wake up, all of this will be a distant memory." Hel replied.

"Yeah, but first we have to find our frozen popsicle." Sarge added.

"Agreed. Voice?" Hel said.

"I'm here Hel."

"Are we close?" Hel asked.

"My information says it should be logged as 20HK2320."

The team searched all of the labels. Finally after serveral minutes, "I got it!" Sarge called out.

Hel and Cleo help Sarge life the container onto the ground.

"Okay, now what?" Sarge asked.

"The cell should open any minute now." Voice said.

"Wait do you have a timer on this thing?" Hel asked.

"It was in the link sent to me."

"And how do we know it was a legit link?" Hel questioned.

"Just trust me Helen."

"You know you're making it harder and harder." Suddenly a blast of air shot out around all of the pod's sides.

"Well I guess we'er about to find out if this was a trap or not." Sarge said aiming her weapon at the pod.

After the fog cleared they could see a young blond woman wrapped in white cloth, like Cleo was found, slowly waking up. Cleo started walking towards her when Sarge and Kel stopped her.

"We don't know what we're dealing with." Hel said.

The the girl shot up and looked directly at them, "What year is it?"

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