Cleopatra 2525: The Truth About Mysteries

Ch. 8: Not A Betrayer

By: NelleFang-Slayer

I only own Harley and her past and nothing else. Please R&R.

"What happened?" Hel asked as she saw Sarge carrying Harley.

Sarge carefully laid Harley against a tree. "She jumped in front of a Bailey blast."

They all looked down at the young woman. Her clothes were smoking. "Hel, what happened?" Voice asked.

"Harley's been hit. It looks bad Voice."

"I'll have Mauser start up the healing tube. You must bring her and the Intel back to the Lab immediately. More Bailey's are headed your way."

"Do you think we can make it Voice?" Hel asked.

"What? Didn't you remember the party gift we left?" Harley said trying to sit up.

"Hey you need to relax. You're hurt bad." Sarge said.

Harley looked down at her chest and stomach and smiled.

"What?" Sarge asked.

"I'm not a Betrayer."

"No you're not, now relax so we can get you back to the lab and healed."

"Betrayer? Why did you think you were a Betrayer?" Hel questioned.

"Just covering your asses. If I was a Betrayer, I wanted to make sure you were all safe and so was the Intel. Now you three need to get back. We don't want them getting their metallic hands on this information."

"You're coming with us." Cleo stated.

"No, I'll slow you down." Harley replied.

"Harley, we are not leaving you here. You'll die." Sarge said.

"Then I die. But I'm not going to let you jeopardize your chance to save your world. You've lost so many to this cause. You need to stop them." Harley said.

"We aren't going to lose you either." Sarge said. "No you're coming with us." She stepped forward about to pick up Harley but Harley had pointed a gun at her.

"No, I'm not." She said as she cocked the weapon.

"Where'd you get that?" Hel asked.

"I grabbed it out of the box before we left the bunker. I wanted to be able to protect you if it came down to it."

"Harley what are you doing?" Voice asked.

"What a good little solider always does. Put other's lives before their own life. I completed my mission. You should have everything you need. Now let me die in peace."

"Harley?" Cleo said.

"I don't belong here Cleo. I was just the delivery girl. That's it. Now go before they come this way and ruin everything." Harley said raising the gun in her hand.

"Hel you have to leave. Baileys are headed in your direction."

"But Voice?" she said looking down at the injured girl.

"Just go Hel. Save your world." Harley replied.

Hel started walking away. "Hel?" Sarge asked.

"Cone on the sooner we get this stuff home the sooner we can come back for her." Hel stated.

Cleo looked at Sarge, "We can't…"

"We have no other choice Cleo." Sarge looked at Harley then followed.

Harley threw her bag to Cleo. "Don't come back for me. I'm already dead." Cleo grabbed the bag and a tear fell down her cheek. Cleo caught up to the others and they all heard an explosion. Cleo jumped but kept running.