Title: Hello Kitty

Rating: PG

Genre: het

Pairing: Don/Robin

Characters: Don, Charlie, Robin

Spoilers: 5.20 The Fifth Man, 5.21 Disturbed

Challenge: lj comm numb3rs100 38 Discovery

Disclaimer: Own nothing, not being paid.

Word count: 300 (100 first part, 200 second part)

A/N: Inspired by munchkinofdoom screencap posts from 5.20 over at lj comm r_morrow_daily. Thank you to Cha Oseye Tempest Thrain and zubeneschamali for the look through.

Summary: What happened to the contents of the Hello Kitty baskets?

Don couldn't help the laugh that escaped him.

"What?" Charlie asked from behind him. "Wow. It's like Hello Kitty vomited in here."

Don's bed was covered in the soft toys from the three baskets of Hello Kitty that he'd been gifted with at the hospital. They were spaced out at even intervals across the top pillows, a repeating pattern of pastel-coloured nauseating cuteness. They weren't there when Don had last visited his apartment, before he'd set himself up at Charlie's for his recovery.

"You think Robin?" Charlie asked.

"Oh, yeah."

Don's lips curled into a smile. There was no doubt.

"Where's my clock?"

"Your clock?" Robin almost sounded genuinely confused.

"My clock that you replaced with a Hello Kitty clock."

Robin chuckled. "What makes you think I did it?"

"You have a key to my place."

"As does Alan, and by extension Charlie and the rest of your team."

He gave the idea of Charlie or Colby being responsible a moment of thought then dismissed it. Colby was too smart to mess with him that way and Chuck could never put on that good an act—he'd been genuinely surprised by the paraphernalia covering Don's bed.

"Don't play innocent, Counsellor. You were the last person to handle the gift baskets. I know it was you."

"Circumstantial evidence at best, it would never make it to court."

"Don't make me fingerprint this-this—" Words failed to describe the hideousness that was the clock. His voice turned plaintive. "Robin, just tell me where my damn clock is."

There was another chuckle and then she hung up.

The toy dog did not make a satisfying thump as it hit the wall. Neither did the rabbit that followed it. The worst thing? There hadn't even been a clock in any of the gift baskets.