"Ronald I can't do this anymore! I just can't!" Hermione yelled exasperatingly at her husband. Ron had been home all week while she slaved her ass off at the Ministry of Magic. He had promised to do the house work and to look after Rose for the week as he had been out of a job. His department had no longer found a need for him as his sitting and doing nothing was well, not getting anything achieved.

"'Mione! Stop yelling. Rosie's asleep" Ron held a finger towards his lips and pointed at the sofa in the living room. There indeed slept a little girl, no younger than five years old. Her hair shone a brilliant red in the shaft of light that fell upon her, though her hair was of a browner colour. It just depended on what light she was in. the girl stirred, but didn't waken and Hermione lowered her voice.

They had found out after Rose had turned three that there was no more than a sibling type love between Ron and Hermione. They had tried more than once to light the fire that had been there for years, but alas it never returned. At first Ron had blamed Hermione herself for not being home enough, though he was gone just as often as she.

They had bickered and fought and in the end had come up with the idea of staying together and putting on a show for Rosie until she was of an age to understand that her mummy and daddy didn't love each other anymore. Then they decided they would go their separate ways.

Hermione being the prepared witch tat she was had told Ronald that he could keep the house as it had been most of his money that had bought it, and that she would have primary custody over their daughter. Ron had debated over this for weeks but after having been told by his mother that Hermione was right let it go.

"What can't you do anymore 'Mione?" Ron placed his hands on her shoulders in order to keep her upright in case she collapsed. Hermione let a stray tear fall down her face and gestured around her. "This! The acting! I can't keep doing it!" She took several breaths to calm herself down. Ron, to her surprise let go of her shoulders and took a seat at the kitchen table. "I knew this was going to happen sooner rather than later." He placed his red head into his hands and took a breath to steady himself before he continued. "'Mione, we both know that you want to leave. And I am ready to accept it. I'll even help you pack if you like." Hermione's jaw nearly hit the floor. Ron was admitting defeat and was bowing out gracefully. "What will I say to Rose?" Ron rubbed his along his jaw and sighed. "You're a clever girl. You'll find something… For now you could say that you and her are going on a…. holiday or something?" It would have to suffice.

Hermione nodded her head and wiped away her tears. Striding over to the red head sitting at the table, she placed a chaste kiss on his forehead. "Thank you Ron" She chanced a glance towards the sleeping form on the sofa. "We'll go get ready and be gone by morning." Ron nodded glumly as Hermione left his side and approached her daughter.

Gently shaking her awake, Hermione embraced her child tightly and then whispered into her hair. "C'mon Rosie dear. Go pack your bags and toys. You and Mummy are going on a holiday." Being a tired six year old, Rose just nodded and trudged off to her room to do her mother's bidding.

Only then did Hermione look back at her husband and find him sobbing silently into his hands. She however, would not be wasting her time crying when there were seven thousand things she needed to do before she could leave. And writing to Harry and Ginny was one of them.

Sitting down and beginning her short detailed explanation letter to the two of them, she could only hope that things would turn out for the best.