I was murdered: brutally stabbed, beheaded and dismembered. I still remember that day when Mew appeared to me. She wanted me to have a second chance… A second chance at life…. I was only eight when I died, but if I was still a human I would probably be twenty-five now. I remember overhearing people talking while I was hiding in the park saying that my murder was considered 'a cold case'. Why they haven't found my killer yet, who knows?

I happened to be different from most Jolteons – I have black legs instead of yellow legs. However, I'm also larger from most too. Despite this, I've eluded capture but when I was an Eevee, I was able to find a fallen Thunderstone.

I was lonely most of my life until I met the most beautiful Luxio in the world. She was a pipsqueak, only about half the height of a regular Luxio. I thought I was the only unusual Pokémon in all of Veilstone… being a reborn and all. As I found out, she too, was a reborn. She had died from complications because of AIDS. I loved her for about four years…. She nicknamed me 'Mac' for reasons unknown. We had sex many times because it was so pleasurable.

I thought we were the only reborns in the park but as we found out, Maylene's male Lucario, Esme, too was a reborn. He, too, was stabbed to death (dunno why, but this seems to be the most common way for us to die). It was obvious that he's a reborn – his eyes are green instead of red and he has huge scars all over his body.

My heart broke when Cecilia had found her murdered husband, Niles (he is half Absol and Mightyena). A man with the name of Tony LaGue murdered him (– Mitternacht and Émile fired their guns at the same time, causing an instant death, eventually killing off Tony. Also, his body is at the morgue currently, where everyone is making fun of the length of his penis, which is hilarious – I too saw it and laughed my little Jolteon ass off).

I'm currently back with my own father, Jake, the person that named me after him. He also has a Growlithe named Florine. She doesn't trust me yet but I hope to warm up to her.

She is fucking gorgeous.

A/N: So there you go. Sorry, I just had to mention Tony, so you can make fun of his genitals. XD