Two and a half men Alan slash Charlie

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Alan is used to being a lot of things. Pissed off when Judith comes over every weekend, dropping off Jake and some how rubbing it in Alan's face that he's obviously not winning the best Dad of all time award anytime soon, or while sneering how alimony wasn't enough for what she had to go through. Disappointed when it was obvious Jake with his horrible grades sliding casually downhill that he'd be lucky to find a minimum wage paying job at age 18 and probably damn miraculous if he passed 10 grade after the 3rd try. Angry when he couldn't find a goodnight's rest with the nonstop moaning, rustling, wrestling, screaming and fucking coming from upstairs. Sad when he catches himself sitting alone in Charlie's house on a lively Friday night with nothing but a sitcom to keep him company. Happy when he sees Judith's crushed expression on the day it comes for her to pick up her good for nothing son. All that is nothing because compare to right now words were as useless as sounds were to a deaf man's ears.

Right now standing outside of Charlie's room, laundry basket in right hand, left fist hovered against the wooden craved door glimpsing into the small crack and witnessing as his own older brother selfishly pump himself dry was a bit stunning with a tad bit of over shock. It wasn't one of Alan's best moments , but something in his mind was burning the fragment of the current situation onto his brain. If anything at all Alan is pretty sure he won't be pushing this memory back towards the darkest corners of his subconscious anytime soon.

Then the weight of reality hit him when he caught the sound of his older brother moaning sinfully upon release. It disgusted him greatly. It was hypocritical because with all his morality bound by ties of modern day law and taboo Alan in no way held any will power to drag his eyes away from his half naked, panting on his mattress older brother.

Finally the emotion that pooled within a raging passion all across his abdomen was enough to scare him off running towards the stair shoving the long forgotten basket into Berta's half assed concern face, out the front door, shaking hands on the steering wheel and inside the waiting room connected to his therapist's office.

His heart throbbed erratically against his small ribcage sending off more vibrations across his body. The memory reopening and refreshing itself again and again like a newly made wound. It just wouldn't go away all at once, disappear along with the images and fantasies of several situations with several alternative endings of what could have happen back at the house. Alan raked his nails diagonally tracing more and more burning marks against the patch of visible skin on his left arm repeatedly hoping with enough pain his mind would soon shut down and then restart.

A small frail looking blue eyed woman called out his name. Shortly after Alan's mind was thrust out of his imagination out to the cold white room that reeked of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.

"Yes?" He replied his voice laced in a peppy façade ignoring the painful strain on his crooked smile.

The decent woman with the over used sincerity ignored the awkward situation and gasped out, " The doctor will see you now."

He took no time in thank you's and marched up beside the woman but not without giving a final glimpse before turning over to his therapist who held the smallest glint of utter mischief in her multi-colored eyes.

"What a pleasure to see you Alan and not your brother Charlie for once." Her voice purred with yet another sarcastic tone, but she seemed innocently surprised at the visit.

Alan shuffled sub consciously across from her and threw himself at the plastic coach directly in front of her, "Please d-don't men-mention Charlie right now." He gulped avoiding her intense gaze on him.

Secretly she was already calculating the money she'd be receiving from this poor traumatized soul and the entertainment she receive at his expense.

Alan twisted his hand nervously at his lap. He was staring off at anything that wasn't the Doctor. His insides were oozing and churning. This was obviously a very, very bad idea. He wasn't going to come out this office unscarred and defiantly not without his genitals ripped and served on a silver platter in front of him.

The thing was…

"And…why not mention your older brother?"

It was hard to accept, but…

"The thing is Doc, I think I'm gay..." He pushed out feeling –no- the urge to throw up deep inside of him.

He has nowhere else to go…

"Well isn't this a surprise!! I think we better get down to business. Hmmm, how about we start at this? At how this all started? Who started it? What brought it up? Especially why—" He cut off her annoyingly sarcastic questions with an actual startling comment.

"I think I'm gay, but I think I'm just gay… for Charlie"

No one else to turn to…