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Chapter 4 Shattered Pieces

Charlie felt the satisfying sting of tequila burn a fiery trail from his mouth down towards his stomach. The bitter taste seemed to match the even bitter feeling of guilt he was currently trying to drown out. With Berta gone, Jake at Judith's, and Alan missing the house seemed a whole lot bigger and expansive with none of the luxuries it promised.

"Fuuuuck!" He shouted.

Glaring at his TV, Charlie threw the remote, drowned another shot, threw the shot glass as well behind his spot on his couch and ignored the sound of shattered glass that came with it. There was porn on the screen with the volume muted to drown out the god awful music playing over the moaning. It was girl on girl, Charlie's favourite kind, but it wasn't doing his penis any help. There was no escape tonight.

His head was feeling light headed and he could swear he could hear the blood pumping in his veins. It was quiet inside his house. It was quiet inside his head. For once in the longest of time it was actually quiet enough for him to think, but there wasn't anything or anyone to think about. Well, anybody besides…Alan whom had scurried out of his room with his tail caught between his legs. Alan with his reddened face, parted lips, and a shocked look in his eyes had left. Just like that. The house was quiet, and that's exactly what Charlie wanted.

Suddenly an intense throbbing in his head brought him out of his musings and off of his couch. With his left hand covering his face, Charlie forces himself towards the kitchen knocking another shot glass right off the table and onto the floor. With the grace of a blind chimpanzee he quickly rips open his kitchen cabinet and shoves his hand inside feeling first for the trusted edges of a rectangular box.

He pops it open and snatches a blue pill, careful not to grab a green one like last time, stuffs it into his mouth swallowing it down dry because somehow mixing alcohol with prescription painkillers isn't on the agenda today. With the pill working its way down his throat Charlie heads off for his room, switching off the TV in the process. As he turns for the stairs his front door randomly bursts open revealing a very shaggy looking Alan behind it and for the slightest moment the oxygen is sucked out from Charlie's very lungs at the sight of him.

Did he honestly think Alan wasn't going to come back? What an idiot he was.

"Alan?" He croaks out. There's something fragile in his voice and it makes him involuntarily flinch. Alan makes no move to come inside, but he doesn't acknowledge Charlie right away either. Instead he takes hold of the wall with a maddening grip that turns his knuckles white.

"I—I didn't think…I thought…I…" Alan stammers out. There's a frightened look in his eyes and it causes Charlie to snap out of whatever spell he's under.

"I'm going to bed."

The words rush out of Charlie's mouth before he has much of a chance to stop it, but to be honest he's pretty sure it's his instincts kicking in to save him from further emotional turmoil. Some things are rather best said intoxicated and he's pretty sure his blood alcohol isn't much over tipsy yet.

He quickly makes a bee line for his room successfully avoiding Alan and the questions that are sure to come. When he finally approaches his room he hears the front door shut tightly and foot steps coming up the stairs. He rushes inside his room making sure to lock the door behind him. he barely makes it to the bed before he hears a knock at his door.

"Bed, Alan!" He shouts.

He throws himself on the mattress, rips off his shorts and stuffs his legs underneath the bed covers to make his point. Realization hits him when he spots Alan's shadow from under the door; Alan isn't going to let it go. Before dread can fully sink in Alan's voice pipes up last minute.

"I was just going to say…actually I don't even how to say it Charlie…I—I"

"Spit it out Alan!"

He doesn't want a conversation. He doesn't want a confrontation. All Charlie wants right at this instant is peace and more quiet because it's obvious that Alan was going to come back. It was only obvious that Alan wasn't going to leave forever but come back home and follow him upstairs because Alan obviously didn't get the memo that Charlie wanted him to -

"I'm moving out."

Just like that Charlie's world is spun upside down and shattered into pieces.

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