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"Naruto, you took a short cut through old man Sarutobi's yard to get to school on time, didn't you "? A seven year old Uchiha Sasuke asked his six year old friend. The blonde looked at his best friend in awe. "Sasuke, how'd you know"? Uzumaki Naruto always wondered how Sasuke figured out what he's been doing. Sasuke pointed to Naruto's dirtied knees and hands. " To get through his yard, you have to crawl under his fence. Your clothes explain everything". Sasuke said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Naruto suddenly thought of an idea. He swung his arms around Sasuke's neck. "Sasuke! When we grow up I'll be a police man like my daddy, and you'll be a insp-inspe…a detective like Itachi-oniichan, and we can work together, and fight bad guys!!" Sasuke smiled at his friend, and hugged him back. " If it makes Naruto-chan happy, I'll do it".

"Naruto, I want you to have this". Sasuke at the age of nine, held out a necklace/pendent of the moon. Naruto looked at the charm with shining eyes. It was so beautiful. "Sasuke what's this for"? He asked curiously. Sasuke pulled down the collar of his shirt to reveal a sun pendent that looked like a match to the moon pendent. " With this, even if we are lonely, we'll always be by each other's, so we'll never truly be alone, because the sun will represent you and the moon will represent me". Naruto smiled softly, eyes filled with happiness. "Thank you".

Sasuke is now twelve and Naruto is eleven…and their families were recently, murdered by an unknown person. Naruto always had to be near Sasuke or Sasuke would throw violent fits. They were both at Sasuke's house, in Sasuke's room, on his bed. Naruto held him to his chest, worried because Sasuke hasn't said a word to him since the funeral. " Naruto…why?....why did they have to die…and leave us here…alone"? Sasuke asked looking straight into Naruto's eyes. "…I don't know. We were told that there are horrible people in the world. But you are wrong about us being alone…because we never will be alone-" Naruto pointed to his moon pendent, and smiled. "Right"? Sasuke smiled hesitantly, and nuzzled against Naruto's chest. "Right".

When Naruto and Sasuke entered high school, Sasuke started to act differently. He would start fights, argue with teachers, insult girls who obviously liked him. he even acted differently around Naruto, like touch him, say weird things to him, hug him tightly at random times, and tell him that he's too young to date or that the girl Naruto would like hated him. But, Naruto ignored the way he acted because it was probably teenage hormones and Sasuke was his best friend.

"FREEZE! THIS IS THE POLICE!!" Naruto was eighteen when he became an official police officer. Now him and other officers were surrounding a man who had murdered at least three people at once. The murderer's face was covered by shadows. "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!!" Naruto shouted, with his gun facing the criminal. The man came out of the shadows. Naruto dropped his gun, wide eyed and trembling. " Uzumaki, what's wrong"? another officer asked. The murderer smirked sinisterly at Naruto.

" Hello….Naruto"


Naruto suddenly woke up. "Damn, why did I remember that."

Sasuke was sentenced to jail for ten years. Three years has past. Naruto looked at his moon pendent, that he still never took off, and held it tightly, holding back tears. "Sasuke…why?....Why?"

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