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First night of the rest of my life


Bella's tired of being the only 26 year old virgin she knows. So Bella decides to go home with a green eyed beauty from a bar... It isn't how she thought it would be, but Bella still thinks she wont ever have to see him again. But of course, he's soon popping up every where and apparently her friends know him. Will Bella give him a chance to show her how it could be, or will she keep telling him it was just a one-night stand... One-shot may turn into a longer story, we'll see where it takes us. - All human, lemons and language. Usual couples.

Chapter One - Safe


I couldn't believe my luck. I had found the definition of a Greek God in a green eyed stranger from a bar! Oh, but that green eyed God was absolutely amazing, and so worth it. It wasn't just his looks. Sure, he was gorgeous but what did it for me, was the fact that I felt so safe with him. So safe, and so beautiful.

We'd talked and laughed, and drinked, and danced. Then I'd asked to go back to his place. He agreed and I'd attacked him the second the apartment door was closed.

But now, there wasn't much talking going on. Because right now, I was on my back, no shirt, and that very delicious green eyed God...yeah, he was on top of me.

He pulled away from my lips then, letting me breathe. His lips, his amazing lips, then traveled down my jaw and throat, were he nipped and sucked. I moaned in complete and utter pleasure. I no longer was getting embarrassed about the sounds I was making, I couldn't stop if I wanted to. My breathing was ragged, and every time he'd do something new, or kiss me, I'd moaned, or my breathing would hitch.

"Edward..." I sucked in a breath when he bit down on the part where my neck met my shoulder, it hurt but in a good way and I weaved my fingers into his hair at the back of his neck holding him to me. He grunted in response to my moan. Still moving his hips against mine.

His right hand slid down my side, and I was so wound up from his teasing, I was so ready for him, I could feel the heat between my legs. But he kept up his teasing, even though I could feel just how ready he was as well.

His hand reached my knee, and suddenly my leg was hitched around his back. I moaned at the new friction, and nearly lost it, when he ground his erection into me. I run my hands down his bare chest, feeling his muscles contract under my fingers. When my hands reached the waist band of his jeans, I gripped his hips, and moved my pelvis against him, creating more friction, while he paid attention to my breasts through my lacy bra. I ground against him again, and he groaned..

Oh, God, and he sounded so damn hot...

I was lost in the sensations. Edward was making me lose all the control i ever had and i was okay with it.

"Bella... I need to be inside you.."

That's when I froze. I froze, because I didn't know how to tell him. Because I didn't know what he'd do, and because i was afraid, that once I did tell him, he'd run away, or kick me out...

"Hey. . .- Bella? What's wrong, beautiful?" He looked concerned, and confused while his free hand cupped me face.

"Edward I-" I stopped myself finishing the sentence and kissed his lips again, just one more time... He was hesitant but responded soon enough, deepening the kiss.

We were both breathless when he pulled away. And with my lips still just a breathe away from his I said it. Because he deserved to know.

"I'm a virgin, Edward…" I don't think he really heard me, because he didn't pull away at first.

I hurried to explain. "I've never done this before. But it's okay. I want this..."

That's when he pulled away. When my words had finally sunk in. He pulled away from me just enough to see my face, his eyes, his beautiful yes searched mine.

"Your... You're a- A virgin?" He stammered.

All I could do was nod my head and wait for him to kick me out.

He sighed and got off me, and walked away through a door on the other side of the apartment. I watched the whole time, then I sat up on the couch we were on, and started looking for my clothes. I put on my shoes and shirt and got up, having one more glance at the door he disappeared behind. Then I walked to the front door of his apartment.

What I really wanted to do was curl up into a little ball and cry myself to death. But I could do that at home. I reached for the door knob and started turning it.

"You're leaving?" His voiced stopped me and I turned slowly to look at him.

I was about to say 'I'm sorry' and run out the door, when I saw what he had in his hand.

I did run then, but not out the door, I ran to him and dived on him. He caught me easily and I hooked my ankles around his waste and my arms around his neck, smiled, then attacked his mouth...

Because in his hand was a condom, and on his still bare shoulder was a towel. Of course I didn't know what the towel was for but I didn't care. I kissed him, and I through all that I was feeling in that moment into that kiss.

When he started moving towards another door I knew that I'd chosen the right guy for this. He really was a great guy. I knew that he was the moment he walked into that bar.

We reached the bedroom and then I was suddenly on my feet. He moved around me to the bed and laid the towel down on the middle of it and placed the condom on the bedside table.

I was soon making those embarrassing noises again and we picked up where we'd left off on the couch.

When he started undoing my jeans and tugging then down my legs, I'd been really happy I'd prepared for tonight. Waxed and in sexy underwear, the sexiest I had at least. He groaned when he got my jeans off and kissed up my legs, right up to my inner thighs…

Did he have to torture me!

"Edward... Please..."

He moved up my body and kissed my lips again, his tongue sneaking into my mouth.

Edward unclasped my bra at the front and started paying attention to my hard peaks. He moaned against me "So soft, Bella..." His lips and tongue teased me and I moaned and threaded my fingers through his hair. Tugging him up my body again, I kissed his lips with fever.

"Please... Edward, no more teasing... I need you. I need you inside of me. All of you." I could barely get the words out I was so breathless.

He slid off me and pulled his jeans and boxes down at the same time. I couldn't help but look down at him when he sprung free. A shiver ran down my body, but it wasn't because I was cold.

Oh. My. God. He wasn't going to fit. There was no way that he was going to fit.

He was then sliding my panties off and settling between my legs again. He reached for the condom and reared back to slip it on.

"Wait. . . .Can I...?" I trailed off still looking down at him and sitting up.

Edward handed me the condom. I tore the packet open and slowly slid the condom on him. He was so hard, so big. And I was suddenly scared more that anything.

"Hey. . . . Bella, it's okay… We don't have t-"

"No, I want to. I want it to be you, Edward."

He nodded and lowered me to the bed, kissing me again.

"It's going to hurt a lot. But just for a while, okay?"

I nodded and felt him at my entrance. He slowly pushed into me and I arched my back slightly at the stretching sensation, gripping his shoulders tightly. It didn't hurt yet, but it was uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

He pushed in some more and I gasped. My breathing was getting faster and it was starting to hurt, it was starting to hurt a lot. He was too big, I couldn't do this.

"Bella? Look at me." I had my eyes shut until I heard his voice. I stared up at him, and I felt safe again.

"Bella... You need to relax..."

I nodded and tried my hardest to relax, to forget that there was an eight inch penis from a God pushing into me.

I concentrated on Edwards face. Memorizing him.

I was never going to see him again.

He was suddenly kissing me, and I welcomed his tongue, I knew that if I concentrated on his breathe, his scent and him kissing me, it would be bearable.

I felt him move his hips forward slightly, and that's went he reached my bearer. He stilled and carried on kissing me.

I cried out when he thrust into me quickly, braking my bearer. He stopped moving then, letting me adjust.

"Are you okay?" His voice was strained and husky and I breathed him in, trying to forget the pain.

I nodded. "Just... Just let me.. Let me-"

He kissed me to silence me, knowing what I was going to say. His hand trailed up and down my body for a few moments, and soon the pain turned to a uncomfortable stretch.

I moved my hips against him, testing. And he groaned into my mouth. The movement felt good and I did it again. Making him slide deeper into me.

"..My God, Bella..." His voice was ragged and husky, it turned me on knowing that I had made him feel like this, that I had made him breathless.

Wrapping my legs around his waist I moved again, and this time he moved with me. His right hand held on to my hip, and his left supported most of his wait on his elbow.

He pulled out and pushed back in slowly, I moved my hips to him faster than he was thrusting and moaned while he groaned into my shoulder. The friction felt amazing. I could feel all of him, every time he moved in me I felt him. He felt absolutely amazing and oh so right.

"God, Bella... You're so tight... Fuck." I guessed people swore during sex because they couldn't word what they were feeling, or thinking. I liked the idea of me having that affect on him.

Right now all I felt was the amazing sensations Edward was causing in me and all I could think was I needed more. His slow and gentle thrusting were driving me insane. I was so hot, so wet and so turned on and slow thrusts just weren't enough...

I mean, no pleasure like this my whole life… And now with the option of it… I was going to take advantage of that.

With my eyes still closed and head thrown back into his pillow, I moved more forcefully against him.

He groaned but didn't pick up his pace.

"Edward. Please... More..." My words were stained and desperate. It was all new, everything I was feeling. I gripped his shoulders, smelled his scent, tasted him, touched him, felt him, and I wanted to do all of it forever.

I think something snapped in him at my words. I didn't know but soon he was giving me exactly what I wanted. There was still a discomfort but at the same time it felt good.

He thrust into me deeper and harder and every time he did, the moan I let out got stuck in my throat. He was hitting places I didn't know existed.

"Fuck, Bella. I love your sounds..."

I moved my hips harder against him and this time I didn't have to tell him what I wanted.

He moved faster. And I couldn't breath. I felt like every breathe I took wasn't going in. Like I was stuck under water and couldn't come up for air. He kept thrusting and I was feeling so good, so different, I didn't know how much longer I could take this.

He kept up his thrusting and I moaned every time. Moving with him. He swore and groaned into my shoulder as he moved his hips, thrusting into me. It felt so right with Edward, so good and safe, like we'd known each other for years rather than hours.

"Edward..." I moaned when he changed the angle. Thrusting more forcefully.

I felt the heat, I felt the sensations and now I was feeling all types of new things, it felt good but at the same time it scared me, I didn't know what was happening. Not until Edward spoke.

"That's it. Cum for me Bella, cum with me..." He breathed while still keeping up the pace and his forceful thrusts, but I could hear the strain in the voice, he was obviously close.

"Edward, I-" I stopped talking when I felt his hand slide down in between us, to where we were joined, and he rubbed me.

I moaned loudly and gripped his shoulders harder. Digging my nails into him and then dragging my nails down the length of his back. He swore and arched his back pressing his body closer to me.

I felt like I was burning, the heat spread through my body, and landed in my stomach, it went lower and I couldn't breathe again. Then I realized what was happening.

Edward was giving me an orgasm. Edward, my green eyed God was giving me my first orgasm.

"Oh, God… Edward... So... " He kept rubbing me and thrusting.

He thrust one last time harder and deeper into me than the others, and I cried out.

"Edward!" My body tensed and clenched around his. My back arched and toes curled, while my legs tightened around him.

I felt a change inside me and then Edward stilled and groaned my name into my shoulder again. He kissed me then and I didn't know if I could leave after this.

I'd touched my self before, but I'd never been able to… get my self off. Edward giving me an orgasm was, I think the best moment of my life.

When we'd caught our breath he pulled out of me and I hated the lose of him. He then rolled on to his back breathing some more then disappeared in what I guessed was the bathroom. And came back cleaned up, with a wash cloth. He cleaned me and picked me up, moving me to the other side of the bed, he took the towel, which I saw had a blood stain on it. I blushed slightly when he went to put the towel and cloth away.

When he came back, he pulled the covers over us, and lay on his back next to me.

"Come here..." He said, opening his arms to me.

I went willingly and snuggled into his side. I traced absent circles on his chest and kissed over his heart. Suddenly sad, that I was going to leave soon, and never see him again. His fingers trailed up and down my back and I sighed feeling content. But I knew I couldn't stay.

I started to sit up and search for my closes. His arms slid from me, and I avoided his eyes.

"Bella? What's wrong?"

"I should go..." I trailed off moving to the edge of the bed.

Edward grabbed my wrist and stopped me. "No. Stay... Stay the night. I don't want you to leave Bella. Stay... Please?"

I couldn't say no to him. I nodded. "Okay. I just need to text my friend and tell her."

"I'll be waiting."

I smiled and without getting anything to cover me up went to my jeans and found my phone not to far from them. When I bent over to get it, I heard Edward moan and smiled, wiggling my hips. I then heard him growl and giggled lightly going back to the bed, and snuggling into Edward again.

He sighed and closed his eyes, while I texted Alice.

Alice, I'm okay.

I won't be coming home to the apartment tonight.

I met a great guy. I'll see you tomorrow at the fitting.

Love Bella.

I usually texted in full words, it was a habit I picked up when I learnt how to use predictive text.

I didn't know what was going to happen in the morning. It was probably going to be awkward. But right now I didn't care. Right now, I was happy. With Edward. That reminded me. I didn't know his surname. I knew he was asleep so didn't ask him now. I'd ask him in the morning.

I sighed and smiled to myself, snuggling closer to him. His arms tightened around me. Sleep came quickly for me, listening to Edwards slow heart beat and his even breathes...


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