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Chapter 6 – Flexibility


I knew I had to talk to Alice about this. I was so angry with her for yet again meddling. But I couldn't exactly yell at her in the restaurant. She'd done this so many times. And every time I went along with it, but it pissed me off no less… She had to stop. It had been going on for years now.

But at this moment I didn't really care all that much as Edward kept driving to his apartment at the speed of snail… Yeah, I mean snail. . . . For someone who couldn't keep his hands to himself the whole night, boy did he drive slow knowing that the sooner we got to his place the sooner I'd be able to attack him.

Maybe he was letting himself heal…

He held my hand the whole time the rest of the drive. The silence in the car wasn't uncomfortable, we didn't need to fill it with conversation, and I was happy to be able to stare out the window and think.

I'd thought about him all day. And when he hadn't called I'd felt so used, even though I knew that it was supposed to be a one night stand. I didn't show it of course but I had some how without really knowing, gotten my hopes up and thinking that we could have a relationship, but then his call never came, and now I knew it was because of Alice. I saved his number into my phone again and if things worked out, it was going to stay there.

But I was still shocked that I had gotten my hopes up. I only went home with him because I thought it would be a one time thing. Like he'd take my virginity, let me leave and then I'd never see him again. That's what I wanted. I wanted my virginity gone. It was cute when I was eighteen and saying I was waiting for the right guy, but then even though I did want it to mean something, I'd also wanted it out of the way. The right guy just wasn't showing up, so I went looking for him.

When I went to Dixie's I'd hoped to find a good looking guy, my age - that looked like he knew what he was doing. And then Edward was there. He was good looking alright… But he was so much more than what I'd been hoping for as well. Smart, funny, charming, easy to talk to, and we shared so many things in common. And I felt safe with him, like I'd known him for years, I felt safe.

But I didn't want that. I wanted a one night stand. I wanted it to be just that. I didn't want a relationship - but when Edward asked for my number and for a date, I couldn't say no. I felt the connection we had and even though I didn't want to admit it, I wanted so bad to let go of my control, and not resist, I wanted to trust this man, and I wanted to go on that date.

It was like I was two people, one side wanted a one night stand and to never see him again, to not trust that this guy was one of the good ones, and then there was the other side that couldn't stop thinking about him, and that wanted a relationship, and that wanted to trust him, wanted to know him, wanted to find out what other things we had in common. It was a long list of wants.

. . .But then there was that voice, the voice that yelled and screamed and that kept reminding me of what men where capable of, that he'd hurt me, that I'd just start to trust him, fall for him, and then he'd crush me.

I'd only met him last night and barely really actually know him, and yet, he controlled all thought that crossed my brain. I was already in too deep…

Before I knew it we had parked and Edward was coming around to my side of the car. He took my hand, helped me out and then kissed me when my door was closed.

It was like no other kissed we'd shared, I could tell he wanted me in that moment, but not only that he wanted me but I could tell, that he was in way deeper than me. I could feel his want, but the kiss wasn't needful, wasn't rushed. It was slow. . . sensual. It felt amazing, and it scared me to death. His hands cradled my face gently but firmly tilting my face up to his as he bent down to me, and his body pressed up against mine, with not even a breath of space between us, but not in a way to grind, it was like he just had to be closer to me.

While his lips molded to mine, fitting perfectly, my hands rested on his chest. I kissed him sucking on his top lip while he did the same with my bottom one. Just as his tongue entered my mouth his arms moved to wrap around my waist tightly, and my hands moved to the back of his neck, resting my elbows on his shoulders and standing on my tip toes barely touching the ground, holding him closer as he backed us up slowly against his car. My back hit the car, and he pressed closer to me, still not in a rush. He held me in a way that made me feel safe, made me feel trapped with how strong his hold was, with how close he was, but I felt safe. The kissed lasted long enough for me to forget how long we'd been standing there. Our lips against each others slowly, firmly, gently. And in that moment I knew what I had to do.

By the time he pulled away, I couldn't even try and hide the effect he had on me. He still held me close - there was no real space between us. I still had my eyes closed but knew his face was close enough that if I tilted my head towards him just a centimeter I'd be kissing him again. I breathed his breath in, tasting him.

"I can hear your heart." He murmured softly, huskily.

I smiled. I could hear it to, but not only that, - I could feel my heart, not exactly because it was beating so hard, - but because I could feel it, actually feel it, like it had suddenly got heavier, like it was making itself known. And it was because of Edward.

"You make it like that." I whispered.

The voice screamed at me again, but I ignored it for now.

I shivered from the cold night air and his hold on me tightened.

"Come on. Lets get you inside."

I nodded and he led me by the hand towards the lift.

Edward held me close to him in a hug, kissing me softly when he felt like it. Each kiss got more wanting - more needful. I welcomed it, needing the lust like a drug.

I doors dinged and we walked down the hallway quickly to his door. But he didn't open it he just pressed me against it, and started licking my neck, and I mean licking. I thought it would have been gross, but his wet tongue sliding against my neck and heavy breath had me gushing between my legs.

"You have no idea how much I want you. How bad I need you." He growled, while licking my neck, and grinding into me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on the door, while Edward's hands glided over my whole body. I felt him everywhere, and was just as needful as him. I kissed him, already trying to get his clothes off, my hands searched for any opening of clothing to tear at. He suddenly gripped my ass and lifted my body up and held me against his door.

For a split second I worried that someone would catch us out in the hall. But then he used his teeth and any last bit of rational thought left me. The pain shot threw my skin but it was pleasurable when I thought of the mark he would leave. I moaned when he licked around where he'd just bitten.

"Edward." His name sounded like a pained whisper. My whimpering his name caused him to grind harder. I panted along with him with every grind against my clit.

I whimpered again and gasped when he hitched my dress around my waist and then went for the buckle of his pants. I watched, breathless as he undid it. I licked his neck when he took to long.

"I'm so wet for you Edward." I whispered, opening my mouth and licking a wet trail to his ear all the while breathing out warm air against him. His left hand tightened on my ass.

He kissed me again with a growl, forgetting his belt and I wrapped my arms around him. When his lips trailed down my neck and across my collarbone and to the swell of my breasts, my legs tightened around him. I started trying to rip the very clothes that kept his naked body from me.


I had no idea how I managed to not just fuck her in the lift. But I still felt that deep connection. Even though a part of me lusted for her body like I'd never lusted for any other women before in my life. I kept wanting to feel the amazing connection we had. It just felt right, me and her. It was natural. Right, - and I felt – as cheesy as it sounded – I felt whole. Like I couldn't rest, couldn't breathe, couldn't function without her.

But the lust. The want. The need to feel even more connected, it was so strong.

I gave into the need. We could have the other connection later. I needed the physical connection now though. We made it to my door and I couldn't help it.

The word that came to mind to describe it was, attacked, I attacked her. Her hands were exploring every part of my body and vice versa while I licked her delicious neck.

"You have no idea how much I want you. How bad I need you." I growled and ground myself against her, making my point while my eyes rolled to the back of my head at the friction I was making.

She kissed me, and her hands gripped at me clothes trying to get them off. I knew that there was no one other than me living on this floor. We parted slightly as I gripped her body tightly and lifted her.

When I bit her, and she'd whimpered, moaned and gasped my name, all I could think about was being inside of her. Her tight, wet and warm body.

I hitched her dress up and then started feverishly trying to undo my belt buckle. And then those words, the fucking words that came from her mouth – so wet, for you and my fucking name whispered while she licked my neck…

I couldn't take it. Growling again. I kissed her and start searching for my key. This was not going to be some quickie. We needed a bed.

I found it in my pants pocket all the while kissing her. My right arm wrapped around her waist tightly as I moved her body away from the door, her legs tightened and I pulled my lips from her as I tried to get the damn door open.

She distracted me from my task by again licking me - grinding against me.

I could of got on my knees and praised God when I heard the lock click open. In no time I had her pressed against the other side of my door. Keys thrown to the floor, our heavy, loud pants filled the silence of my condo.

I pulled the ties of the dress open from the back of her neck and ripped it down. I heard the fabric tearing as she gasped against the place on my neck she was licking and biting. She then gripped the collar of my shirt and ripped. The buttons flew every where, and I quickly shoved the shirt off with Bella's help. I pulled my head back to look down at her body and her head thumped back against the door as she panted, awaiting my next move.

Her strapless bra was lace, no padding. Her nipples strained against it, pointing at me, beckoning me to them. My right hand slid up her body, and pulled the cups of lace down, releasing her perfect breasts. I moaned at the exact time she did when my lips enclosed her pert pink nipple. I made sure my mouth was wet, while I swirled my tongue around her flesh. Her hands gripped chunks of my hair. I moaned again when her hips moved against mine. I lifted her higher up the door and her heels dug into my ass.

While my lower body pressed harder against her to hold her up, my left hand slid up her body to massage and pinch her other breast, I kept my hips grinding against hers while my tongue flicked her nipple.

I didn't want to take her against my front door though. I pulled my mouth from her, swallowing her whimper of protest as I carried her to my bedroom. I run my hands up her back and pulled the top half of the dress to where the bottom half was bunched around her waist.

I quickly walked us over to the bed and put her on the edge. I laid her down, staring into her hooded lust filled eyes as I pulled the dress down her body, slowly over her hips, soft thighs, over her knees and then off her high-heel covered feet.

I then reached for the lace of her bra, hovering over her. Her neck stretched up to kiss me and my hands tightened on the lace.

I tugged hard and it ripped. I threw the lace behind me and stepped back again watching her chest heave and her breasts bounce.

I toed off my shoes and then took my socks off, when I looked up again she was at the top of the bed, head on my pillow, hair framing her face and hanging over her shoulders, strands covering her breasts… But what made me groan was the fact that her hand was in her lace panties. I watched her rub her clit and bite her lip. Licking my lips I stared intently.

"Edward… Please. Take your pants off." My eyes shot up to her face. She didn't have to ask twice.

I crawled up the bed toward her when I was left in my boxers. I stopped when my head was in line with her hand that still worked her clit. My eyes fluttered when I smelt her. I spread her legs wide, and rested on my elbows between them. I then pulled her hand away and replaced it with my own, but not before licking and sucking the sweet wetness on her finger.

I moved the seam of the lace to the side with my left hand. With my right hand I brought my fingers to her clit, - her hips pushed into the bed harder, while her back arched and she gripped the corners of my pillow with her hands. Her eyes closed and lips parted with a sigh as I slowly lick up her slit with the tip of my tongue.

My two fingers slid into her easily, her walls pulsed around them. I sucked her clit and pumped my fingers slowly.

She was so wet. Fuck.

"Oh…" She sighed.

I love her sounds…

She didn't say anything, I just listened to her moans and pants of breath. The whimpers were my favorite though. She sounded like she was in the highest place of pleasure, but I knew better, I could give her so much more pleasure.

"Edward. Please. I need to… Oh… Oh, God. Yes…" I knew exactly what she meant, I had her right on the very edge of climax, I new that I just had to press harder on her clit and curl my fingers and she'd come. Her body shivered and pulsed and she tried moving her hips to get the orgasm. I knew she was feeling it in her legs, her stomach, her toes, everywhere. But I wasn't going to give her what she wanted just yet.

I pulled back from her, still pumping my fingers slowly and met her eyes. "What do you want Bella? Tell me."

"I want you-" She sucked in a breath when I pressed into her harder. "I want you to fuck me."

"The feeling is mutual…" I smirked, crawling up her body, before she could come..

I kissed her and knew she could taste herself on my tongue.

She quickly had my boxes off and ankles hook around my calves trying to bring me closer to here. The heels of her heels pressed into my ass, but I resisted the urge to plunge. I moved my hands to either side of her hips and found the lace panties. I slowly moved down her body taking them with me, all the while keeping my lips on her flesh.

"Edward, please…" She paused but then said. "I'm ready."

Without pulling away from her lips I reached towards my bedside table, but her hand gripped my wrist. My eyes popped open and I stared at her. She shook her head at my confused expression.

"I'm on the pill." Oh dear lord… The thought of feeling her, with no barriers, skin on skin… I nearly shot off right then.

As appealing as the thought was, it was only her second time.

"Bella… Bella, you might bleed again." I murmured softly.

Her eyes shone with understanding. She nodded, and I reached into the bedside table for the condom.

I slid it on quickly, settling between her thighs. The tip of my cock brushed against her and we both sucked in a breath.


His breathing matched mine. Breathless pants and moans. With his whole naked body pressed against mine, he kissed me like never before, slow, soft and sensual to, hard, fast and needful. It was amazing.

I felt him rub the tip of his cock over my entranced and moaned again. I wrapped my legs around him. I felt him hesitate. I dug my heels into his ass and the tip of him entered me, my body tensed with the pleasurable sensation running threw me. He breathed against my neck as I couldn't concentrate on kissing him anymore. He slid deeper. It was still uncomfortable, but I looked past that, to the pure pleasure that was Edward Cullen.

I gripped onto his shoulders feeling him full me.

His thrusts were slow, and long. He kissed me the whole time.

"Edward… Please…"


I suddenly found myself on top of him and gasped when I felt myself slide down his length. It was uncomfortable, new, he'd never been this deep.

"Oh God."

"Bella, put your hands on my chest." I did as he said lifting myself slightly.

I leaned down to him and kissed him again. His hands trailed up and down my back slowly, soothing while I kissed him, adjusting to the new position. I rocked against him and as I moaned he gripped my hips.

I sat up and my hands rested just above his V as I worked my body over him, his hips thrust up into mine with every downward thrust.

I slid my hands up my body and into my hair, pulled. Working my hips harder over him, my head fell back and I shut my eyes as I teased my nipples, moving over him in a slow, but hard pace. I exhaled a shuddering breath every time he filled me again.

"…Oh. . . " At my whimper he groaned and his thrust was harder.

My fingers pinched my nipples and I heard Edward curse. I opened my eyes and watched him as I moved faster and he thrusted harder.

"Sh- it… Bella."

"Oh… ….God" The words were breathless moans. "Edward…"

"Bella, touch yourself….. Rub your clit for me." I obeyed his strained words willingly.

Rubbing over my clit with my right hand. My eyes fluttered closed, and I felt my orgasm coming again. I knew what it was straight away.

I moved faster, and harder over him, as his hands gripped my hips tighter.

"Yes… Yes..." I felt my orgasm take over my body and Edward's thrusts got faster and harder when I couldn't move over him anymore. It was like a relief washed over my body, it was just waiting and waiting for the incredible pleasure to take over.

I felt him pulse and twitch into me as he grunted and then I clasped on him, both our bodies were slick with sweat. I breathed deeply, trying to catch my breath. He held me to him and kissed me, even though I really couldn't kiss him back. The after shocks of my orgasm where too distracting.

I moved off of him and laid beside his sweaty body trying to catch my breath. I stared up at the ceiling for a while before my eyes closed.

"You're amazing…" He exhaled.

I smiled and nodded weakly. "Same goes for you."


"Yeah… Wow."

With my eyes still closed I said "So what other positions did you have in mind?"

When I didn't hear a response, I turned my head to him, and smirked.

He had the most shocked and sexy expression on his face. "How flexible are you?"

. . . . .


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