Hello all, so what's this, you might be asking? XD

Well, I was browsing the Hey Arnold! Community on LiveJournal, and one of the members posted up a little fanfic proposal. I read it over, and needless to say, I fell in love with it, and decided to take it upon myself to write it. It's just so...oh my gosh.

XD There needs to be more sexyness between these two...

Anyway, so here's the proposal (edited to fix errors):

Helga and Arnold- age 16ish

Either they are a brand new couple and haven't really gotten super physical yet or, to stick more to cannon, they dated when they were younger (more meaningful and loving than most early pubescent relationships, sort of like Kevin and Winnie from the Wonder years, in that they both needed each other emotionally) but they broke up because of San Lorenzo long distance but remained close through letters. Anyways, Arnold is back for an extended visit. Being close friends, they were anxious to hang out with each other. However, Arnold was shocked (right to his groin) when he saw his post pubescent Helga (still quirky but has grown into her looks and figure) for the first time. Now he is battling an overwhelming sexual attraction to her (because Arnold, being a good guy, doesn't want to start something when he doesn't know for sure how long he'll be around even though his body is begging for it). Helga is Helga and we know she would eat him alive if she could (however, being an insecure teenager and being Helga, she's keeping it bottled up). Anyways these tensions will come to head the the dark muggy atmosphere of the drive in.

LOTS of deliciously awkward sexual tension build-up culminating in a passionate makeout/ fooling around. Feel free to make it smutty.

They have always had a loving relationship but this is their mature sexual awakening to each other. I think this story has to potential to be funny, sweet and sexy all at once.

You don't have to follow all of these specifics i would just really love to see this story get written.

So you can say it's a bit of a challenge kind of thing, right? Well, this is what I'm going to do! :D Bring the idea to life. Let's hope it works out.

Enjoy, everyone!

Warning: Will contain lots of sexual content.

Characters belong to Craig Bartlett


Life begins after school

That's when we bend all the rules

Time to hang with all my friends

We like to be together

In a place where we belong

I'm sixteen

Starting to find my way

Got a new job

Gonna start at the mall today

Thank God I'm on my own for the first time

I'm sixteen

Life is sweet

When you're growin' up so fast

You gotta make the good times last

I'm sixteen (sixteen)

Gotta make the good times last

-6Teen theme song

Football head,

Well, it's been a while since I last wrote, huh? Sorry about that. Stupid school has been weighing me down with ENDLESS amounts of stupid homework! Doi... Well anyway, I won't bore you with my gripes. For now. ;)

How are you down there? The jungle life still doing well for you? I sure hope so because you barely even have to worry about cold weather! You lucky bastard. How are your parents doing? Did they get the cookies that I sent them? I'm still surprised they even LIKE those cookies I make. Oh well, no reason I can't gift them with those basic cookies, can I? Guess not. Well, tell them I said hi and wish them luck on their expedition to the Amazon Rain Forest next month.

Everything is going good here in ol' Hillwood. Geraldo and Phoebe are still going strong as ever, of course. Sid and Stinky got three weeks detention for placing Sid's pet frog, Jumpy, into the cafeteria soup! Ewww! Harold's still working at Mr. Green's shop, of course. I swear, pink boy is going to buy that shop someday. Patty actually started working there about...two weeks ago, I think. She loves it, too. So that's cool for 'em.

Can you believe Curly and Rhonda are STILL together? I sure can't! But hey, good for them, I guess. Sheena and Nadine...eh, not much to say about them. They started an environmental/insect club at the beginning of the year, like I said, and it's going pretty well. Eugene is still as clumsy as ever, doi. But he's real sweet, like always. Ah, he may be clumsy but he's a good boy. Don't you think? XD Lila and Stinky are going out now...pretty funny, eh? But good for them, they seem to be a good couple.

Me? Not much to say here. Miriam still goes to AA meetings, so she's doing better and that's good, I guess. Bob is now selling cell phones and other various electric devices at his store, business has been picking up there. Unfortunately for me, I now have to work there sometimes. I'm not an employee persay, I just help out with little jobs and they pay me for it. Olga is still up in Alaska, of course. Still a teacher. Whoop-dee-fucking-do. I'm doing okay in school, I still write poetry (duh), and I generally go hang with the girls at the mall, or go play basketball with the guys. In all, not much to report. I'm still doing the same.

I'll come out with it. I really miss you, football head. It's been a few years since we saw each other last. But I guess that's to be expected, what with you in San Lorenzo like you are. (Sigh) But still, I'm trying to save up money to try to come visit you after I graduate high school. Yeah that's right, you can't hide from me forever! Hahaha!!

Well...I guess I'll just have to keep trying until then.

You better write back soon! Or you'll see me sooner than you think! ...And it won't be pleasant.


Gah, I can't stay mad at you. I'm just kidding, football head. I'd probably be too busy hugging you to death.

Miss you tons.

Helga G. Pataki


Arnold smiled and chuckled to himself as he read Helga's latest letter. Even in writing, she never failed to keep him on his toes. Not one moment was boring with that girl.

Reading it over once more, he then carefully folded it, placed it back in its envelope and placed it in a box where he kept all the letters that she sent him. Over the past 5 years of living in San Lorenzo with his parents, they kept in touch through letters to each other, and were still very close. Prior to moving there, he and Helga had dated after their adventure in the jungle when trying to find his parents. Arnold had come to realize at the time that he felt the same way about Helga, that they were meant for each other. So when they returned to Hillwood after that adventure, they began dating.

And then came the decision he'd made, that he would go with his parents to San Lorenzo. The Green-Eyed people, though they were no longer in grave danger of the sleeping illness, Miles and Stella had decided that they just couldn't afford being away from them anymore, and decided to move down there to be close by in case of anything. Arnold decided to go too, he felt he owed it to them and wanted to be with them. It was hard leaving Hillwood behind, he especially wasn't crazy about that. Most especially not leaving Helga behind. He loved her so much, and he still did to this very day.

They had broken up before he moved, so that they wouldn't have to face any hardships and if someone came along, they could be with that person. Despite that, they still loved each other, and remained close friends. But so as not to stir any emotions or discomfort, they didn't speak of their feelings for each other. Though he wanted to tell her that he loved her and wanted to be with her again one day. But he feared she may have moved on, and didn't feel that way.

Little did he know, she was feeling the same way.

Still, he and his friends kept in touch through letters, and everything was just fine. Nothing wrong here, right?

Pretty much.

"Hey, son!" Miles greeted, knocking on the door and coming into the room of their hut. "You all right?"

"I'm fine, Dad. I was just reading a letter from Helga." Arnold said, and he looked down at the box filled with her letters, an emotional look coming to his face.

Miles noticed this, and gave a small smile as an idea came to him. "Hey Arnold, listen, I've been thinking. Your mother and I have talked about this, and we can see that you might need some time to reconnect. Summer is finally here, so...what would you say to an extended visit to Hillwood?"

"Really?" Arnold's head snapped to meet his father's gaze.

"You bet, kiddo." Miles grinned. "I know how hard it was for you to leave Hillwood like that. We all appreciate you coming out down here with us, and your Mom and I are so glad we can finally be parents to you after all this time, but I think it's time for you to go back."

Arnold considered this, and was of course jumping at the idea of going back to visit everyone in Hillwood. That last time he'd visited was when he was eleven, about six months after having moved to San Lorenzo. He was sixteen now, as were the rest of his friends and classmates from back home. It would be interesting to see everyone, he'd wanted to for a long time, but never had the chance to do so.

Why not? Maybe it was about time to reconnect with old friends and old ties to his old home. He missed Hillwood, anyway. San Lorenzo was a great place, and he liked being in a natural jungle atmosphere, but Hillwood was and always would be his home.

"You know Dad, I think you're right." Arnold smiled. "I'd love to go back to Hillwood. I miss everyone and I'd love to see them again."

"Great! I'll go let Eduardo know, you can go with him and he'll drop you off there, since he's flying to Canada around next week or so." Miles said, and patted his son on the back.

"I will. Thanks, Dad." Arnold said, getting up from his bed with a bounce in his step.

But first, he had one last thing to do...


"Oh great, Miriam forgot to get the mail again..." Helga groaned, picking up the envelopes sitting on the floor in front of the front door. "Ugh...bill, bill, postcard, bill, bill, letter from Arnold, bi-...letter from Arnold!? No WAY!"

"What's that, dear?" Came Miriam's voice from the living room.

"Nothing!" Helga quickly dispersed the mail onto the kitchen table, and fled upstairs to her room, shutting and locking the door. "Yes! Arnold wrote back to me! Let's see what he has to say..."

Helga then went into her closet, shut the door, pushed back her clothes and went to sit next to Arnold's shrine. Yes, she still made shrines to him. Though this time she kept a permanent one, still wrote poems about him, and this time, actually had nice pictures of him and the two of them from their dating days to hang around and look at. She also now had a box filled with his letters and souvenirs he'd sent to her over the years.

Of course Helga still loved Arnold! Why would one think differently? She, too, wanted him back, though she was afraid to admit that to him, since she assumed he was over her or worse, in love with someone else. Sometimes she contemplated telling him how she felt in her letters, but decided against it.

She sat before his shrine, gave a soft sigh, and then opened his letter to see what her beloved had to say.

Dear Helga,

I'm glad things are going well for you, and that everyone else is doing good too. I never would have expected less. XD Did Gerald ever cut his hair like he said he would? I'd still love to know!

Everything is fine down here, the Green-Eyed people are all doing well and have a bit more of a stable life these days, which is good news since my parents don't have to worry so much. Plus, rescue teams from the Peace Corps and charities have been helping to build hospitals and schools to be closer to the village, which has been great.

My parents are both great, as usual. Oh yes, and they got the cookies you sent to them last time, and they enjoyed them thoroughly. I even had a few myself. They're well done, Helga. ;) I love them, too. Don't ever stop making them! Mom and Dad constantly tell me for you to send more cookies. Eduardo, and some of the Green Eyes also love your cookies. XD

As for me, I'm doing pretty good. Been helping out the builders with the hospitals and even some new housing developments. Heck, we've even gotten into putting together some indoor plumbing. I'm no builder or craftsman, but I try. XD

I really miss you too, Helga, I miss hearing you calling me football head. It's still hard even today not to see you everyday like I used to. I'm glad you're holding up and have been doing well since I left. That's really good to know, because I care about you very much and I want nothing more than for you to be happy. :)

Anyway, I have some interesting news for you, actually.

I'm going to be coming back to Hillwood on the 7th, and I'll be visiting for a while. Not sure how long, but definitely long enough to see the gang, see Hillwood again and just enjoy being back home. Yeah, I love San Lorenzo and all, but Hillwood is my home and it always will be. I can't wait to see you again, hammerhead!

Hang in there, and I'll see you very soon. :)

Love always,



Helga gawked at the letter with surprise, unable to believe it. Had he really just casually written that he was coming home to Hillwood for a while? Did he? Did he really just say he was coming to visit? Had she read it wrong?

Reading the entire letter four times, it confirmed that she wasn't crazy. He really was coming home!

"YES!!!" Helga squealed happily, jumping up from her spot in her closet, dancing around a little. "YES YES YES YES!!!! Oh Arnold my love, how I've longed for so long to see you again! At last, two lovers who have been separated for so long can now come back together! ...Okay, so we're not lovers right now, but one day, maybe if I play my cards right..."

She sighed then, sitting back on the floor, leaning her back against the wall. It had been hard to break up with him when they'd been younger. Arnold had said he felt it wasn't fair to tie her down like that when he wasn't here. Helga had been willing to keep it going, but then realized it wouldn't be the same. It was hard, but they'd remained friends and Helga wanted to prove she could do that. It helped a lot, and she was doing just fine. Sure, she missed him terribly, loved him so much and sometimes had sad moments when she'd look back on their good times as a couple and everything, but she took his advice to not let it get to her and focus on the good times they had, and keep each other close.

And they did.

Plus, Helga had done some growing up and maturing, so things were easier for her now.

Still, she longed to be in his arms again, to be loved by him, and to love him too. She longed to kiss him...

Helga sighed, and placed his letter in the box with her other ones.

"Well, at least I'll get to see him, right? ...Maybe I can kiss him just this once while he's here...if I play my cards right, maybe he'll let me."

She was so lost in her fantasies that she barely heard Miriam knocking on her bedroom door.

"Helga! Helga, are you in there, honey?"

"Damn it...always interrupting me!" Helga groaned, and came out of her closet, shutting the door behind her. "What is it, Mom?"

"Your friend Arnold is here to see you!"

"Arnold?!" Helga gasped, and unlocked the door, opening it with a flash. "Really? Arnold's here?!"

"Yes, he's waiting for you on the front step." Miriam smiled. "I guess he came back to Hillwood for a visit, huh?"

"He...he did...." Helga uttered, and then grinned with excitement as she rushed down the stairs to greet him.