Title:The Sky of Our Yesterday and Tomorrow
Genre: Romance, Drama, Action, Supernatural...
Pairing: RoyxRiza
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist.

Chapter 1 : A Never Ending Rain in My Heart.

From the clear window, the beautiful sky could be seen. This day was the start of the new Amestris.. The new country that's going to be led by a man- a hero who did nothing but fight in order to protect his country. Colonel Roy Mustang who is now Fuhrer Roy Mustang is in his office, standing by the window, staring at the city and then at the blue peaceful sky. This is the day he is to speak in front of Amestris- the day he will vow to his people. While he was staring at the sky somebody knocks. It was Major Alex Louis Armstrong. The major spoke behind the door.

''Fuhrer. General Grumman has requested me to remind you that the ceremony shall start in an hour and he wants you to be there at least 30 minutes earlier so you'll have time to prepare yourself.''

''Thanks Major.. I'll b there shortly.'' replied Roy.

''Fuhrer..'' then the Major opened and peeked at the door.

There was a short silence before Roy spoke again.

''Major. Please go back. I'll be there shortly. I'm fine.'' he said, still looking up to the sky.

''You were always good at concealing your feelings sir. But only the dense would not see what is in your mind. '' then the Major saluted before he left and closed the door.

He's finally on the top. Roy Mustang now Fuhrer. He reached his goal. And she.... she accomplished her goal. But...

Roy was still by the window, staring.. The final battle for the country and themselves ended two weeks ago. Everything that happened in the battle between him and the first homonculus Pride was still playing back in his mind....


Night time. Roy and Riza were at the country boarder battling Selim or Pride. They were by the cliff while the Elric Brothers were in the Forest nearby.

''What can your flames do Colonel?'' boasted Selim..

Roy knew his flames won't directly defeat the shadows. Moreover Riza's bullets were no more useful in the battle. To make things worse, both of them were only humans-injured and getting tired by the minute.

''I should wrap this up. I'm already bored.'' the homonculus said while giving off a grin.

The colonel and lieutenant prepared for the attack. The shadows attacked again and they both charged. Surprisingly, after a while Roy charged.

''Colonel!'' shouted Riza.

'' Don't worry! I know what I'm doing!'' Roy answered getting his fingers for a snap.

''Looks like you'll be the first to go.'' Pride declared and launched a full shadow attack.

When the shadows were only a few inches away Roy snapped his fingers and created a big fire barrier. The shadows weren't able to reach him. Pride was shocked.

''Lieutenant!!!'' Roy shouted

''Got it.'' Riza answered and then fired a shot a Selim. The bullet hit Selim on the chest and he started bleeding but it stopped and he regenerated.

''You...!'' Selim shouted angrily.

''Flames create shadows. That's true. But Flames could dispel them too. Caught you off guard didn't we?'' Roy said while walking towards Riza and smilled.

Selim launched a direct attack on Riza this time but Roy easily blocked their front with another fire barrier. Then Riza shot him again though this time it looked liked Selim did nothing and accepted the bullet.

''Your going to fall soon..'' Roy declared.

'' I don't fall for the same trick again Colonel.'' Selim said playfully..

A shadow from the flames would now pierce through Roy.... but...

The next thing Roy saw in his eyes was Riza being pierced by the side of her belly... And then she slowly fell to the ground.. Blood keep coming out from the wound and mouth.

''Lieutenant! Riza!!!'' Roy shouted.

'' Colonel.. I'm fine... You need to *cough* finish him.'' Riza said slowly while being held in Roy's arms.

''Yeah. Colonel. You shouldn't turn your back on me!'' Selim said while laughing and launced another attack.

Roy carried Riza and ran in order to dodge the shadow tentacles. He placed Riza gently by the edge of the cliff then charged at the homonculus. He got grazed by the tentacles but he was able to launch a full flame attack on Selim himself. The homonculus continued to burn. The shadows slowly started to retreat.

'' Your finished... It's all over. We won.'' Roy said while looking down on the burned Selim..

'' I may be gone but.. with this pride.. I won't let you have a victory that you'll be happy with.'' Selim said weakly while still smiling.

Pride was slowly turning into ash but he heared cracking sounds- sound of the rocks slowly cracking and falling. Then he quickly looked at Riza.. The land was slowly cracking. He ran back to her quickly but the land completely fell. He jumped and tried to catch Riza's hand. He didn't care about the homonculus anymore. Thankfully, he was able to hold them. But Roy was having difficulty on pulling Riza up back. His body was so much battered.

''Riza! Hang on!'' Roy told her trying his best to hold her tightly. Down the cliff was a harsh river. He could hear the roar of the water.

''Colonel... '' Riza looked up to his superior. '' Let go of me and save yourself... My body won't last long either too.''

''No! It's all over! My dream-Our dream is in our grasps! We will start a new country all together!'' Roy said. Tightening his grip but having a hard time..

'' My promise and dream has been fulfilled. I have seen through the end of what've been fighting for. I'm truly thankful..''

''Don't say those things Riza! I can't lose you too!!!'' Roy shouted tears slowly coming out from his eyes.

'' Colonel.. Thank you.. I'm sorry.. Roy..'' Riza said with a smile and released her hand on Roy's arm. Riza's hand slipped through Roy's grasps, taking off his glove.. And then... Riza Hawkeye fell into the river....

''Colonel!'' called his 4 subordinates, Major and the Elric brothers with their normal bodies back.


Fate was just simply cruel... Roy was still staring into the never ending sky. Mulling over thoughts and memories.
''You said you'll follow me wherever I go.. You vowed to. You even promisde when the day comes I'll be making a speech, you'll be right behind me. But Riza.. Tell me.... Where are you now.?'''He said in his mind.

''Oi! Fuhrer!'' Ed called and barged in. '' Only a few minutes left.'' But Roy didn't respond.

'' Sulking again huh? I feel sorry for our country that it'll have a whining and sulking president.'' Ed teased.

''You're not going to be president.'' Roy replied.

''What did you say?!'' Ed shouted. ''Just come now!''

''Whatever.'' Roy replied. He grabbed his cap and closed the doors in his office.

When he was standing on the podium, staring at the people he looked at the sky once again. It wasn't the same sky anymore.. It was a different one. A sky without her. "A never ending sky with just me. The rain in this heart won't stop now... It was a never ending rain in my heart..."

On another palce someone just woke up.....

''Oh good! You are awake!'' A voice said..

Chapter 1 end....

Author's Notes: Hello. This is my first fic here at FF, cross-posted in LJ. I hope that people would read this. By the way, the story isn't finish yet. he lastest is Chapter 12 ( I think. :P). I'll post the first three or five, then I'll post the others depending on my sched, the readers, and more. I'm praying you'll like it. :)