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Teen Titans: Secret


It was a cold January night in Jump City. The grass out was surrounded with frost. It hadn't been this cold since three years ago when many lives were lost in a massive blizzard. It was too cold, even for our mighty heroes.

Cyborg removed the steaming pot of hot liquid from the stove top.

Gleefully, he asked "Who wants hot chocolate?"

Waving his hands in the air, Beastboy exclaimed "Oh! Me first"

Politely as ever, Starfire said "I too would enjoy a cup of this hot chocolate"

"You know what? I'll have one, too." decided Robin.

Cyborg looked at Raven.

Feeling the stare of someone's eyes on her, she looked up.

Annoyed, she asked "What?"

"Would you like hot chocolate?" he asked.

Grabbing her tea cup, she said "No thanks."

Shrugging, Cyborg handed the others their hot chocolates.

He started to warn them, "Be careful… It is hot…Drink it slowly…"

"More please!" exclaimed Starfire, whom had drunk it all up in one single slurp.

Raven stood from her chair. Pushing it in, she said "I'll be in my room."

Waving her off, Starfire said "Good bye, friend Raven."

Cyborg mumbled a bye in between bites of the warm bread he had made.

"Bye" Robin said.

Beastboy stood, "Are you sure you can't stay here with us?" he asked her, more like begged her.

"Beastboy!" reprimanded Cyborg, "If the girl wants to go, let her go."

Beastboy huffed, but let it go. "Fine…" he whispered. Piping up, he asked "Can I at least know what you are going to do?"

Shaking her head, she only supplied, "I have…stuff that I need to do…alone." And with that she vanished into the halls that led to her room.

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