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Teen Titans: Secret

Chapter 56

Still hidden. Quiet. Too quiet. Titans arrived. Different expressions on everyone's faces; anger, shock, sad, confusion. Barely realizing the trouble that waited inside.

Inside the broken tower. They all went their separate ways. Just as planned. Cyborg went inside his room, mumbling about fixing the window. As soon as Robin was inside, he wasted no time getting into his room. He had to figure out what had happened. Starfire was watching the stars on the roof. Away from everything. She couldn't believe that they had been tricked and that the tower had been trashed.

In the foreground, Iguana and Rockie were sharing mixed expressions; astonishment and disappointment. They were both conversing.

"I can't believe it." Rockie mumbled, shaking his head.

Iguana nodded. "I know!" he paused, "And I so wanted to fight some bad guy butt!"

Rockie looked at Iguana like he had last his marbles. "Someone broke into the tower, and all you can think about is fighting some scum's butt?"

Iguana shrugged. "Well, it's better not to think too much." Rockie nodded in agreement, "Come on, let's play on the game system." Together, they walked away from the scene.

Inside, Raven was with Beastboy. She seemed distressed. Like she knew something bad was about to happen. Sooner or later.

Beastboy seemed to noticed. "What's wrong?"

She shook her head, tears rimming her eyes.

"Raven?" Beastboy whispered, "Say something. You're scaring me."

"Something…something…" she struggled to say.

"What is it, Raven!" exclaimed Beastboy, alarmed.

"Something bad is going to happen…" whispered Raven, sadly.

In disbelief, Beastboy asked in a faint whisper "What?"

"I don't know…but…something bad will happen." she repeated.

"I'll protect you!" exclaimed Beastboy.

Raven smiled, sadly. "No."

"What?" he asked, confused.

"No one can save me now." whispered Raven.

"What do you mean?" questioned Beastboy.

Raven turned around, so her back faced him. It was either tell him one of her deep dark secrets, or go on lying to his face. Raven couldn't do it. She couldn't lie to him any further. She turned back around.

"The blizzard three years ago…" she whispered, her voice trailing off.

"What about it, Raven?"

"Was my fault…" she said.

Shocked, he exclaimed "No, it wasn't! It was not your fault!"

She looked down at her feet. "Yes, it was." she whispered.

"But, why?" he asked.

She looked up at him, more tears had filled her eyes. "Every three years, it gets hard for me to control my powers during snow days…and that day…my powers went…were out of my control!" she exclaimed. Sobbing, her legs gave out, and she slid to the floor. Beastboy went down with her, holding her in his arms as she sobbed.

"Raven…" he soothed, patting her hair. No reply. He glanced at her. She had fallen asleep. He sighed, and stood up with her in his arms. He slowly walked her to her room, where danger lurked.

Starfire sighed, standing up from the balcony where she had been for almost an hour. She shook her head, and entered the mess that she once declared home.

"Robin?" she called out, getting no reply. "Robin!" Still no reply. She gave up, figuring he must have fallen asleep, or so she hoped. "Cyborg?" she asked. Again, no response. She opened her mouth to say something but, she jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She turned around, hands alit with green fire. There stood Jason, looking innocent. He held his hands up to his face, in defense.

"Whoa." he exclaimed, "It's just me."

The green slowly faded, and Starfire looked up at Jason, apologetic. "Oh, forgive me, Friend Jason. I thought you were…" she trailed off, shaking her head.

Jason offered the alien a small smile. "It's okay. I get it. We're all a bit jumpy after what happened tonight."

Starfire nodded. "Yes." There was a pause, and then a question. "Where is Robin? And friend, Cyborg?"

"Well, Cyborg said something about fixing the window, and Robin…I think he went to his room or something."

Starfire nodded, "Thank you."

Jason shrugged, "No problem, Starfire."

She yawned, lack of sleep finally reaching her.

Jason smiled, "You're tired."

The girl shrugged, "I guess." She smiled, "Goodnight, Friend."

"Sleep well, Starfire." he waved as the girl walked to her room, unaware of the near doom that awaited them all.

In the darkness, where light didn't reach, the man stepped out, with a malicious grin on his face. Crude laughter erupted from him. He walked further out of the darkness. There it was, what he had came for. Her. Without further interruptions or delays, he grabbed her, waking her.

A scream from the room echoed outward throughout the rest of the tower. Her screams, he didn't try to faze or hide. He wanted them to know. To know that they had failed. That he had won. Most of all, he wished that the one to enter would be his next prize. The other girl. A sly grin appeared on his face at the sight of who had heard the now fragile girl's cries.

"Ah, just the Titan that I wanted to see." he whispered, his voice a harsh whisper. He smirked as the girl in front of him, prepare to throw a star bolt at him. "Ah, ah. You wouldn't want to hurt your friend, now would you?"

She looked to be thinking over this. Realizing that she couldn't risk it. Risk hitting her, and not him, she let the green bolts fade away.

"Perfect." he said.

Angriness showing in her features, she yelled "Let my friend go!"

"Okay." he said, quickly. Too quick. Something was up.

"You…what?" questioned Starfire, confused.

"I said okay." he repeated.

"Really! Wait, what is the catch?" she asked. She was naïve, not stupid. She knew that he always had a motive.

"I'm hurt, Starfire." the man huffed, "But now that I think of it…there just one little thing I need you to do…"

"Yes?" she asked, making sure not to let her guard down, just in case.

"Come closer, first."

"Wait, why?" she asked, questioning his motives.

"Just do it…or else." he warned, an evil glint shining in his eyes.

She didn't like the harshness of his words. And she feared what he meant by those last two words. With no other choice, she step forth.

Bad move. Before she knew it, he had hit her with something hard. Making her world fade to black, and her to lose consciousness.

"Starfire!" gasped Raven, whom was in the man's tight grip. Struggling in his fierce grip, she turned around, and punched him as brutally as she could while in his grip. "What did you do to her!"

The man smirked. "What I did to her, is nothing compared as to what I am going to do to you." he threatened.

Her eyes widened, tears rimmed them. She refused to cry now, she shut her eyes tight. "No." she whispered, refusing.

"What did you say?" ordered the man, knowing exactly what she had said but was in disbelief of her words..

"No!" yelled Raven louder, with more strength of mind.

Seeing what was happening, the man's eyes widened. The black, intense walls. They were closing in, getting closer. The creepy, mysterious objects on the shelves, were floating in the air. The objects were aimed and then went flying towards him. He gasped as he felt her sway out of his weakening grip. He lost his footing, and tumbled down.

Her eyes were shut. In the air, hovering over him and his dwindling composure. Her mouth moving, words coming out.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos" she chanted those words, over and over again. Each time, the words were stronger than the last. And said with more determination. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

The man looked slightly frightened. He attempted to move. To escape. Away from the flying objects, but that would not be allowed.

Starfire. The alien girl that had been out cold, her eyes flickered open. She sat up, gasping as everything came back to her. She rubbed the back of her head as the pain set in. She looked around the room, fearing that she had been too late. To her relief, Raven was fighting the evil being. And she was winning. She stood, regaining her sense of balance, and her eyes began to radiate a green inferno-like glow, and her hands held the bolts of green fire. No one. And she meant no one. Inflicted harm to her friends. No one. She joined in.

He was in the corner of the room. No where to run now. Star bolt after bolt. Object after object. He was defenseless now, his strength fading. This he had not expected. Not expected her intense powers to kick in until the next snowy day, which wasn't until tomorrow. He should have been more prepared. But he hadn't.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven exclaimed, again. Metal from her closet coming off, and wrapping around the man. Tightly. But not too tight. But tight enough.

The doors to her room opened, just as the power that had recently been in her left her. And she floated down to the ground, her eyes closing from exhaustion. In her worn out state, she could've sworn that she never landed on the rough, hard floor that she had expected, but warm, cushion-like arms.

Just as the sun was rising the next day, her eyes opened. White. All white. No sight of familiar black. She sat up, at a quick rate, gasping. No, she was still in the tower. Just not her room. She saw the door opening, and prepared for questions. Her memory from last night was all a blur. She could barely remember why she was in this room in the first place.

The door closed behind the person who entered. It was Beastboy, and he had a proud-like smile on his face.

"Why am I in here?" Raven asked, getting straight to the point.

His smile seemed to fade a little, "You fainted…" was all he said.

She nodded, accepting what he said as true. "What happened?"

Beastboy sighed, and sat down on the edge of the white bed. "Well, from what Starfire told me, she heard you screaming and…"

He was interrupted. "Why was I screaming?" she asked. Her memory of last night wasn't that good.

"You don't remember what happened?" he asked. She shook her head. "You don't remember any of it?" she nodded in defeat.

"I can't remember. It's all a blur to me." she admitted, "Those three years ago when the blizzard happened, it took me a while to remember what had happened and when I did…it hurt to know that I had caused so many deaths that day. So, I think this is my way of protecting myself of the knowledge of what harm I might have caused when the power overtook me again."

Beastboy smiled, "Oh, if only you knew."

"What?" she asked.

"Last night," he whispered, "When Slade tried to take you, Starfire had heard you scream and had came to help you, but he had knocked her out…and when your lives were threatened, you let the power come to you, willingly."

She shut her eyes, in regret of what she might have done. "Which innocent did I hurt this time?" she asked, as if she expected herself to harm the innocent when in that state.

"Well, I don't think who you harmed would be considered an innocent" he told her.

"I didn't harm any innocents?" she asked him.

"Nope. The only one you harmed was Slade. And that was in defense." he told her.

"Oh. What about Starfire? Is she okay?" she asked.

He nodded. "Yeah, she is." He paused, thinking. "She said, she woke up when you were fighting off Slade, and that you were winning. She told me that she had decided to help you but that you did most of it." As if expecting her next question, he answered "She's in her room, sleeping."

Raven nodded. "So, what does this mean?" she asked.

Beastboy smiled. "You did it." he replied.

"What?" She whispered.

He shook his head. "You said you couldn't and that no matter what you did, nothing could help you but you did it." he rephrased. "You did it."

Raven smiled, and whispered "I guess I did." She didn't even protest when Beastboy wrapped his arms around her, and brought her towards him for a hug. Or when he pressed his mouth to her cheek.

"Promise me something…" he whispered, holding her to him as if she would fade away.

Raven nodded in the hug, and responded "Anything…"

"Promise me that you'll tell me right away when you feel something bad will happen or anything…just please no more secrets…" he asked in a whisper.

Raven pulled back slightly from the hug to look him in the eyes. She nodded; as the first sign of snow fell, she whispered "No more secrets."

They stayed there, in the room, as the snow fell, covering the grass outside with a blanket of snow. Each snowflake that fell, covering their struggle, and pain that they had to endure to get where they were now. Each drop of snow, resembled the past year full of secrets and lies being erased and forgotten. The white, snow covered ground and trees with white frost, marking a fresh start, a new year, of no more secrets.

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