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Pairing: Eventual Alex/Yassen, Jack/ Unintroduced OC.

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Alex as Alder, under the guise of Aleksandr 'Shura' Ivanevich Volkov, lounged on the large expensive couch, arms wrapped around the waist of Sabriel 'Biri' Bilky, the seventeen-year-old daughter of an Italian businessman The Godless World had been hired to investigate by a private party. There were suspicions that her father was dealing with SCORPIA.

They were watching a random kiddie movie about a unicorn and a monkey and a dark-skinned girl called Dora while Biri's two-year-old twin brothers, Mike and Gabe, watched avidly from the floor, little mouths gaping as they stared.

Despite the nature of his mission, Alex was really quite fond of the twins, and Biri was more a best friend than an actual girlfriend, as they were both coming to see, but she was really quite soft and huggable...

So when Mr Bilky's indistinct voice started yelling in Italian from in the entry-way on the other end of the house, he sat up to hear better.

When the voice became afraid, Alex got up, gently shushing Biri, who was frowning and only now hearing her father, picked up Gabe, handed him to Biri and picked up Mike...

When the gunshot he half-expected came, Alex was quick to muffle Biri's surprised shriek and turn off the TV.

By the time the SCORPIA agents searched the lounge-room the four had occupied less than two minutes earlier, they were long gone out the patio door and the back gate.

When the police arrived, Mr Bilky was found in the entry-way, his brain pretty much on the floor, two maids were sprawled on the back lawn metres away from the open back gate, Mrs Bilky was dead in her bed, having been napping, and the third maid was found in the pantry where she'd tried to hide. The three younger Bilkys were only alive thanks to boyfriend 'Shura Volkov's' quick thinking.

The four of them, plus Jack (under the alias Tara Brown, Shura's guardian) were put into protective custody.

The bus they were on went missing en route.

The other passengers and the bus were found on a side road three hours later, the agents dead in their seats and the other passengers gassed. The driver was missing and the source of the gas was found in the air conditioning system.

That was the start of Alex's second identity as an assassin. Shura, dark haired and blue-eyed Shura, started hunting SCORPIA agents as revenge for his beloved Biri after being contacted by The Godless World, having learnt the ways of the world from the Moscow streets before his now missing parents could send him to the relative safety of America for schooling.

In reality, Alex was able to get through life pretty well with the added protection of his assumed identity, while Biri and the boys moved in with Jack and opened an underground weapons cache for the Godless agents.

A part of him still wonders if the boys, Michael and Gabriel, will one day become Godless agents, and if he would be around to be their mentor like Liam had been for him.


The first time Alex as Alder as Shura met Yassen Gregorovich was on a night train in Seattle.

They had both been sent to kill a CIA agent; Shura because he was dirty and knew the real identity of a Godless hacker, and Yassen because the agent had become a liability.

It had taken nearly twenty minutes of being huddled on the train bench, fiddling with his phone and listening to his music, before Alex had realised that he vaguely recognised the red-haired man in civvies as a SCORPIA assassin. He just wasn't sure which one.

Yassen, on the other, quite possibly bleeding, hand, didn't pay much attention to the likely foster-kid teenager, having passed him off as collateral with the intention to kill him on the way past to the target.

He certainly didn't expect the kid to jump up at the same black-out spot he'd chosen for the hit, sprint the short distance down the isle and spit the CIA agent on a fifteen inch knife he'd had holstered diagonally across his back, hilt down.

Shura didn't stop moving and was through the door into the next carriage in less than two seconds after he'd stood.

The place wasn't just chosen for the blackout, but also because the train was slowing for a station. Once in the next carriage, Shura pried the doors open and jumped, his right shoulder blade being clipped by the bullet from Yassen's gun.


The second time Alex and Yassen met was three months later in Amsterdam.

Alex was Alex this time, golden-brown curls and brown eyes.

He was hunting slavers.

Yassen was in his down time after completing a mission in Berlin.

Alex, by that point, was a well-built, athletic, very attractive young man bearing a face and build almost identical to that of his late father, John Rider.

The nightclub was dark and Alex had given up on finding any slavers that night and had wandered up to the bar for some of his unhealthy addiction, the green fairy named Absinthe, to sit on a stool next to a man with short blond hair.

Yassen, having long since learnt how to identify and react to threats while drunk, automatically catalogued the man's face, build and movement patterns as belonging to someone he unconditionally trusted and shifted over slightly to given John Rider more room to sit.

Alex relaxed next to the rather mellow, and dangerously attractive, older man and ordered his absinthe.

Neither was quite sure how it happened, but in under an hour later, the two were struggling out of their clothing in Yassen's hotel room across from the nightclub.

After several sessions, the two fell asleep.

Alex was the first to wake and found himself looking into a face he found strongly familiar in the dawn light peeking through the half-closed blinds.

His first thought was; 'SCORPIA assassin', followed by; 'SCORPIA assassin who nearly killed me in Seattle' and finally; 'Yassen Gregorovich, top SCORPIA assassin trained by John 'Hunter' Rider, aka my father'.

Being called 'John' mid-coitus suddenly made more sense, in a disturbing kind of way.

Alex really didn't want to know that much about his father's sex life. Especially since his father had been married to his mother prior to joining SCORPIA as a triple agent for both MI6 and Godless World.

Alex crawled out of bed and, after a moment's contemplation, decided he could just clean up in his own room.

He scrawled a note and left it on the pillow and dressed.

Yassen opened his blue eyes as the door closed, confused as to where John was going until reality hit hard, coldly informing him that John Rider had been dead for sixteen years.

After shuddering in suppressed grief for a few moments, Yassen reached over and read the note.

Moments later, the Russian assassin was on his feet and dragging his clothes on to rush out the door.

The note that fluttered gentle to the floor read:

I am not my father, Yassen Gregorovich.

A. Rider.

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