Ch 42: It's Been Awhile

1915, the night of the Hollowfication Incident.

A year had come and gone while Kyle spent his time in the human world. But he hadn't been wasting his time. Kyle quickly realized he lacked a large quantity of his reiatsu. More importantly though, the loss of his left arm made it imperative that Kyle learn to fight with solely his right hand.

The funny thing, to Kyle at least, was that his arm was only gone when he was in his gigai. He'd taken to attending the local high school, supposedly in his last year, as a way to get caught up on the times. War had broken out. German forces had invaded Belgium, Luxemborg, and France, along with attempting to take Russia. Kyle had to be careful in acquiring this information, as he was supposed to be from a high ranking family from America. By asking roundabout questions, Kyle got his information and stored it away, keeping a running log of affairs in the material world.

However, this particular war mattered little to the newly appointed captain, since Shinigami weren't able to be involved. Kyle did however, spend the year finding useful human contacts and forging a small number of connections with what some would call less reputable sources.

It was one of his sources in Rukongai that informed him that several odd disappearances were being reported. Seeing it as a sign to step in, Kyle opened a gate to Seireitei and walked through, leaving his gigai in his house.

As he exited the gate in the near barren wastes of East District 90, Kyle stopped to adjust his useless arm and then made for Seireitei, using Shunpo to quickly avoid the less hospitable citizens of Rukongai. Night had fallen by the time Kyle had made it to Seireitei, and he noticed Several captains leaving. Kyle blazed through Seireitei until he was standing outside the Captain Generals office. Sasakibe was visibly startled by the blond captain's sudden appearance.

"Er…Captain, do you need to speak to the Captain General?" Sasakibe asked, unsure about the sudden appearance.

"Yes I do. If you don't mind, I shall enter myself. I don't want to be seen." Kyle said with a slight grin as he slid the door open and walked into the Head Captains office.

"Captain Tobias?" Yamamoto said as he looked up from his work, "I didn't expect you so soon."

"You were expecting me sir?" Kyle asked, confused. Had he called that much attention?

"I sent a Hell Moth thirty minutes ago to you." Yamamoto said. When Kyle said nothing outside of nodding, Yamamoto continued. "I am not sure if you've heard, but there have been a string of disappearances in a section the Rukongai. Normally, Seireitei would not be concerned, but with the loss of several Shinigami, they have decided this is a viable threat."

"Of course. Random civilians are lost, no big deal. But a shinigami gets taken, things get shaky." Kyle offered his opinion.

"Indeed. Captain Mugurame was sent with his lieutenant and four others to investigate. Captain Mugurame requested a research specialist and Lieutenant Sarugaki was sent to assist. However, contact was lost, and Captains Otoribashi, Hirako, and Aikawa, along with Lieutenant Yadomaru and Kido Corps Lieutenant Ushoda were sent as reinforcements. You are to go and conduct your own reconnaissance. Report back what you find." Yamamoto finished, returning to his work.

"Understood sir." Kyle said, but hesitated a moment.

Noticing, Yamamoto said without looking, "Your daughter is fine."

"Thank you sir." Kyle said with a small pain in his chest before leaving.

Kyle moved fast as he ran through the facts. People disappearing. All disappearances are in a local area. Experiment? Doubtful. Too erratic. Shinigami replace victims. Crime indicates high threat since target is uncaring about attracting attention of Shinigami.

"But who would do it? And why?" Kyle kept coming back to the same questions. It didn't make sense.

Kyle was so lost in thought he almost missed the huge explosion that rocked his senses.

"Well…that seems like a good place to start." Kyle thought aloud with a grim smile.

As he crested a hill overlooking the site of the explosion, a flash of light blinded him, but he was sure he had seen Kisuke Urahara.

"Kisuke?" Kyle thought to himself before setting to work.

Kyle glanced around and took in what his eyes could tell him. A few patches of fresh blood. A small trail of smoke leading north. Kyle closed his eyes and felt around with his other senses. The reishi traces matched up as captain level…but there was a difference, almost like another reishi had been overlapped on them. And the thing that bothered Kyle the most was that the feeling was familiar and not all together pleasant. He just couldn't place it.

Taking one more glance around, Kyle left back for Seireitei, taking his time to mull over what he had discovered, and how little there was. As Kyle entered Seireitei, he was delighted to find that the late hours had put everyone but the guards asleep. On a sudden impulse, Kyle veered for Sokyoku hill to clear his head.


Mikey lay awake in his room in the 5th division. After the 14th collapsed and Kyle had died, Mikey was transferred to the 5th squadron. He'd lost his rank, but was on file as an exceptional individual. The same had happened to the rest of the 14th survivors. Ryan and Jake had been transferred to the 11th division. The three still saw plenty of each other, often being partnered together for missions. Jake had managed to put Kyle and Shino out of his mind, but Ryan and Mikey wouldn't let themselves forget. That incident was a definite marker of how weak they were. Especially Ryan. He tripled his training and attained a level of reiatsu comparable to a high level lieutenant within a month. Mikey and Jake had only recently achieved the same level.

It wasn't just Kyle that bothered Mikey though. Kyle had discovered something that unsettled Mikey. Mikey was a known flirt. He was in good standing with nearly every woman in Seireitei. But he had never entertained thoughts of settling down. He'd even teased Kyle about how Shino must get boring sometimes. Now though, Mikey wanted to crack open that door and find out if Kyle's concept of Love was worth it.

"Well I know it's worth it." Mikey said to himself as he rolled over and the thought crashed through his head. "But what does it FEEL like?"


Ryan's thoughts however were much different.

"Strong now. But not strong enough. Must get stronger." Ryan thought to himself as he went though his kendo routine in his room.

Ryan had changed significantly since Kyle "died". His slacker tendencies had disappeared and he grew more focused. His zanjutsu was astounding for his age. He had even approached Captain Shihouin and asked to spar with her. He never managed to score a hit, but his attacks got closer and closer the more they sparred. He still laughed and joked with Jake and Mikey, but it seemed more forced, unnatural. Jake didn't care too much, but Mikey understood. Kyle and Ryan had been brothers. Closer than brothers. They often knew what the other was thinking before the other thought it.

To Ryan, it felt like a part of himself was missing, and he didn't like it. So he buried himself in his training, forcing himself to be so tired he forgot his fallen friend.


Jake, for his part, missed Kyle like the other two, but it was more a total feeling than a single. Kyle had been his friend, there was no lying, but the pain of losing Kyle was just a small portion of the pain from losing practically his entire squad. Men and women he had fought alongside, gone in an instant. He recovered faster than the others, but that was only because he was older and more weathered to loss. Instead of severe pain, his loss was more a dull numbness.

But he had moved on. He continued his duties. He lived for each day and steadily he improved his powers. Though he was just catching up to Ryan, he had made significantly more progress on attaining Bankai than either of the two youths.

Still, Jake was content with his pace. He didn't care too much about being a captain outside of the pay raise…


Morning came as Kyle snapped out of his thoughts. He shot to his feet as he felt a large reiatsu under him. Completely concealing his reiatsu, Kyle began to look around. After a moment of searching, he found a seam in the side of the hill. It slowly opened and Kyle walked in to hear a voice.

"So you know everything. What an unpleasant person." Came a sad sounding voice.

"You're one to talk." answered a woman's voice sounding bitter.

"Tessai, please cast temporal suspension on Hirako and the others. And then…" the man started to say, but he stopped when Kyle made himself known.

"Kisuke. Yoruichi." Kyle said as he stepped out, his right hand falling to his zanpakuto. He glanced around the small cave and saw Captain Hirako and the others laying on the ground, unconscious, with ugly white masks on their faces. Hollow masks.

"Kyle." Kisuke said, not seeming surprised. "I figured you'd show up eventually."

"Yoruichi. You're here for a reason I'm assuming. Are you stopping Kisuke or helping him with this?" Kyle said, gesturing to the fallen captains and lieutenants

"I'm helping him." Yoruichi said without a pause.

"And you Tessai?" Kyle asked the older man.

"I as well." Tessai said after a seconds pause.

"…be in contact. I doubt you're responsible for this." Kisuke began to speak, but Kyle held up and hand and said, "I don't want to hear it. If I used any information you gave me, I'd have to say where I got it. Then I'd have to say where you are and we'd all be in trouble. I'm just gonna walk away. I'll be in Karakura town. Contact me."

Before any of the three could say anything, Kyle had disappeared.

"What do you think he has planned?" Yoruichi asked, curious about the youths abrupt leave.

"I don't know yet." Kisuke said before setting back to his work.


two weeks later

"Michael Masurao, you are to form a small team and investigate an incident in area AE643 in the human world." Lieutenant Aizen said with a detached tone.

"Sir? What is the incident?" Mikey asked with genuine interest. Aizen rarely gave him assignments in person. Plus, Captain Hirako had disappeared two weeks ago along with Lisa, Hiyori, and Mashiro, and captain's Aikawa, Otoribashi, Urahara, Shihouin, Mugurame, and the Kido captain.

"You are considered more trustworthy than most shinigami, and I remember that you were ranked 4th seat while the 14th was still around so I will tell you the truth of the matter. There have been sightings of demons." Aizen said in a grave tone.

"Demons? What are they doing there?" Mikey asked, remembering his dealings with demons.

"We are unsure. It might just be a rouge party, although that has rarely happened. Regardless, you are to eliminate all demonic presences in the area. I would recommend taking a group you trust. This is going to be quite dangerous." Aizen dismissed Mikey with one final word. "Good luck. Demons don't release reiatsu like we shinigami, but a sufficiently powerful demon can crush you with his presence alone."

"I'll be careful." Mikey said, even as he was figuring out who he would bring.

Mikey made his way to the closest barracks; that of the 4th squad. As he walked in he looked around and spotted captain Unohana approaching the door.

"Captain Unohana!" Mikey raised his voice slightly so she would hear him before he moved to her.

"Yes? What is it Michael?" Unohana asked. Only with her it didn't bug Mikey to hear his full name.

"Do you know where Maria and Emma are?" Mikey asked.

"Maria and Emma are in ward C." Unohana answered, excusing herself.

"Thank you." Mikey said, bowing before running off to find the lovers.

He found them lounging on one of the hospital beds, Emma with an arm around Maria's shoulders, Maria snuggled against Emma's chest.

"Yo." he greeted with a wave.

"Hey Mikey." Maria said, sitting up.

"What is it Masurao?" Emma asked, getting straight to the point.

"Well, I'm supposed to make a team. I want you two to come." Mikey said with a smile.

"What are we doing?" Maria asked, looking interestedly between Emma and Mikey.

"I'll tell you if you come." Mikey said.

"Sure. I'll come." Emma said after awhile.

"Me too." Maria said, getting up and looking around for her zanpakuto.

"Alright. Meet me at the 5th division barracks Senkaimon. Go get Aurora for me will you? I'm gonna go get Jake, Ryan, and Ray. Make sure you guys pack for at least a week." Mikey said before leaving to get the next two.

Mikey left the 4th's barracks with a smile and nod at Unohana.

After grabbing Mikey went to the 11th squadron barracks to grab a trio of familiar shinigami. He found Ryan and Jake slacking off in an isolated area. Well, Ryan was training like always. Jake on the other hand…

"Oi!" Mikey yelled as he kicked Jake awake, the latter sleeping against a tree.

"Hmm? Ow. What was that for?" Jake asked in indignation as he got to his feet and Ryan laughed.

"To get you up. We got a mission. …where the hell is Ray?" Mikey asked, looking around. Ray was usually with Jake.

"No clue. Want me to find him?" Jake asked.

"Sure. Pack for a week. Ryan, lets go." Mikey said, watching Ryan sheathe his zanpakuto.

"So what's going on bro?" Ryan asked as the two walked towards the 5th squadron Senkaimon.

"Just be patient. I'll fill everyone in when we're there. But…well, just think about this. Demons." Mikey said, trailing off.

"Aw sunnava…" Ryan cursed. He hated dealing with demons.

"Cha." Was Mikey's response.

The two stopped at Ryan's room so he could get his stuff ready before going to the Senkaimon. As it was, it was still ten minutes before Emma, Maria, and Aurora showed up.

"Where's Jake and Ray? I thought you said you gonna get them too." Emma asked with an arced eyebrow.

"No clue." Mikey answered.

"Uh…hey Mikey." Ryan said slowly.

"What's up?' Mikey asked.

"Um…where's your bag?" Ryan asked with a slowly forming grin.

"…GOD DAMN SHIT!" Mikey shouted before tearing off for his own quarters.

Emma rolled her eyes while Ryan and the other two women laughed. Five minutes later Mikey was back, breathing heavy and blushing furiously. Ray and Jake had already arrived and Jake wasted no time.

"What kept you? It's not good for the leader of an Op to be late." Jake said with a small tug at the corners of his mouth.

"Shaddup." Mikey said in-between gasps. After a moment, he caught his breathe enough to speak coherently. "Alright. Here's what's going on. In area AE643 there have been sightings of demons. The odd thing is, they rarely, if ever, breach into Shinigami territory. So, we're to see what exactly they're here for."

"What do you mean? Aren't they just animals?" Aurora asked.

"That's right huh? You've never really done demonic combat have you?" Mikey said, looking at Aurora in surprise. "Ok, demons come in two flavors. Lessers, and Greaters. Lessers are your run of the mill demon. Pretty much animals, but they can follow simple orders and there are literally thousands of species. Greaters on the other hand, are a whole different story. Greater demons are perfectly sentient, cunning, and are generally on the level of a Captain. Greaters themselves come in two different flavors, normal Greaters, and Noble Greaters. A Noble Greater you could say is capable of fighting an elite captain to a standstill." Mikey explained. Emma Jake and the others, having already dealt with demons before, remained quiet during the explanation.

"How come they've never invaded is they're so strong?" Aurora asked, mesmerized by the staggering amounts of power and ability.

"Well, funnily enough, the DEMONS were the first to seek a ceasefire with Seireitei. Something about not wanting another enemy to worry about. Central agreed on the grounds that Demons stay out of Shinigami affairs." Ryan said, adding his own input.

"Regardless, we're gonna be careful. We don't want to put anymore stress on the Demon/Seireitei situation." Mikey cautioned. "Let's move out."


1 week later

"Tenrai! Are you ready yet?" came a mans voice from outside her room.

Sara looked up from putting her academy uniform on and said shakily, "I'm…I'm coming Uguchi-san…"

Sara Tenrai was of medium height and build, with her dark hair bobbed short, covering her eyes. If she would look up form the floor, people would see that her eyes were a clear green. But she was so shy, she hardly ever stopped examining the ground.

"Well hurry up! We'll be late again!" Lain Uguchi yelled impatiently.

"Lain, will you shut up so you don't give the poor girl a heart attack?" came a kinder, if equally impatient voice.

"I'm r…ready." Sara said, coming out and strapping her Asauchi to her belt.

"'bout time." Lain said before turning and walking away.

"Come on Sara." his sister said kindly, even if her smile was a little strained.

Lain and Ilia were brother and sister, though many people would guess at first sight. Lain was loud and had a slight arrogant streak. He also had spiky blond with blue eyes. Ilia on the other hand, was quiet and humble, even if she had a massive temper when angry. She wore her brown hair in a pony tail, and only her own blue eyes showed she was related to Lain.

The three of them were a new tactic the Shinigami Academy was trying: Three man cells to promote rivalry and growth. So far the tactic has had…interesting results. Sara had actually grown MORE introverted than before, Lain had become more arrogant, and Ilia hadn't changed at all.

"So what do you think this test is about?" Lain asked, breaking the silence.

"No clue. Pretty strange though. Far as I've been able to tell, we're the only three who've been given this test." Ilia said.

"I'd say it's for the elites, but then how would you explain Sara?" Lain said with a mean grin as he glanced at the quiet girl.

Sara gulped at his look and glanced at the wall.

"Lain, shut up. None of us are even CLOSE to being elites. Especially you." Ilia said coolly.

"Ah shaddap. Where was it again? Main entrance right?" Lain generally was forgetful about things that didn't interest him.

"It…w…was the f-f-ront entrance…" Sara said quietly.

Lain didn't respond but Ilia flashed her a smile. Behind her bangs, Sara smiled a little bit.

The trio arrived at the front entrance to find a single student waiting. He was tall and lean with black hair and slightly tanned skin. At his waist was a small hilt and a short sheath.

"Hey!" Lain yelled. The man turned to look at the newcomers. "You waiting for us?!"

"What?" the man said.

"Are you here for the test?" Ilia asked.

"Yeah…something about a shinigami wanting to speak with us." he said.

"Interesting. Maybe a hollow assignment?" Lain questioned, looking eager.

"Then why not a full class?" Ilia questioned.

The man looked on, feeling ignored and slightly irritated by it.

"My name's-" he began, but was cut off by Lain.

"Maybe we're getting some special training?" Lain suggested, looking hopeful.

"Hey what's-" the man tried again, this time to be interrupted by Ilia.

"If it's special training, I doubt it's a good thing." Ilia said, unaware of the poor man trying to speak.

Sara, watching in silence, smiled slightly at the sight of the poor man trying to speak.

Finally, a lone, blond, shinigami appeared in front of the four youths.

"Lain Uguchi? Ilia Uguchi? Sara Tenrai? And…hmm. Seems the name is smudged out. Oh well. Anyway." The shinigami seemingly missed the pained look on the fourth youths face as he went on.

"You four are at least capable of performing a rudimentary Shunpo correct?" the shinigami asked.

"Yeah." the Uguchi twins said in unison.

"I can do it. And my name is-" the man tried to say his name again but was cut off by Sara.

"I…um…I can't…I haven't been able to do it…yet." she stuttered, looking ashamed of herself and expecting the shinigami to be mad.

"Don't worry about it. You'll get the hang of it. Here, just hold onto my arm and you'll come with me." the shinigami said with a smile.

Sara blushed a bit, but was saved the awkwardness by Lain muttering, "Can't even do Shunpo…" causing Sara to look at the ground in shame.

"Anyway." the shinigami said, casting a stern glance at Lain. "Let's get out of here. Sara, please grab my right arm. My lefts a little uh…pathetic at the moment."

He gestured at his left arm tucked in his shihakusho and then held his hand out for Sara. She reached out and grabbed his hand, noting how calloused it was, and held on tight.

"Alright. Follow me." he said, before using Shunpo.


"Ok seriously Mikey. Where the hell are the demons?" Jake said for the third time.

"I don't fucking know ok!? I was just given the orders!" Mikey shouted, finally growing frustrated.

They had been at the site for a week and tempers were flaring for the singles. Maria and Emma had each other so they were content. Aurora stopped talking in general. Ryan was…himself.

The others were just irritable because they were given instructions not to leave until the site was cleared. So they were stuck there until something happened, for good or bad.

"Well, you start complaining to the higher ups that this 'demon sighting' was a bunk and we want out." Ray said, looking annoyed by the whole venture.

"It doesn't work that way and you know it. We're stuck here until we find SOMETHING." Mikey explained.

"Yeah well…do you feel that?" Jake asked. A decent size pressure had just popped up to the south.

"Yeah. Ray, go get Ryan and Aurora. Jake, get Emma and Maria. I'll go check it out." Mikey said, drawing his zanpakuto.

Mikey ran as fast as he could to the reiatsu cloud, thinking about what it could be. Shinigami? Duh, but wouldn't they have told me? Could it be that rouge shinigami again? No…not strong enough, though he could be holding it down.

When Mikey arrived at the area, he looked around, his zanpakuto at the ready. Then he felt something behind him and brought his sword up out of reflex. It was a shinigami!

"No…way." Mikey muttered.


Ryan was trailing behind Ray and in front of Aurora. Jake and the women had already made it apparently. Ryan was worried though. There were no bursts of reiatsu which meant either the fight was over before it could begin, or there was no fight. Either worried him. The first was obvious. The second scenario though…just carried a sense of forbidding.

"Why are they all just standing there?" Aurora asked.

"I don't know, but it looks like they're all shinigami. Maybe we got relieved?" Ray suggested, sounding hopeful.

Ryan however, was very mad.

"YOU SUNNAVA BITCH!" he shouted as he shunpoed as fast as he could and slammed his fist into the new shinigami face.

Before the shinigami hit the ground, Ryan had slammed on top of him and proceeded to beat the ever loving tar out of him.


"Oh god get him off me!" the shinigami shouted as he tried to defend himself with one arm.

"I don't know." Mikey said with a cool look. "You kind of deserve it."

"I'm sorry!" he yelled as Ryan got off of him.

"What happened? Why did you disappear Kyle?" Ryan asked, his fists clenched.

"Well, I had to get a lot of things set up. A base. A cash account. Get some information. Did you know there's a huge war going on in the Material world right now?" Ryan raised his fist again and Kyle hastily went on. "Anyway, I'm here for a reason. I'm rebuilding the 14th and you guys were my first picks."

"But wait, how'd you know we'd be here?" Jake asked, not as fazed by Kyle showing up alive.

"Isn't it obvious? The bastard set it up himself so we'd be here." Ryan explained before Kyle could open his mouth.

"Wait wait wait!" Lain said, bringing everyone's attention to him. "14th squadron? Rebuilding it? You idiot, there is no 14th squad!"

"Lain." Ilia said, putting a hand on the her brothers shoulder. "What he means is, you shouldn't joke around like that. The extermination of the 14th division was a big incident."

Sara silently nodded her agreement behind the siblings while the fourth shinigami stayed silent, watching everyone.

"Heh. Well, I speak the truth." Kyle said, reaching into his shihakusho and pulling out his bloodstained captains haori. With a little bit of an effort, Kyle slipped it on. "My name is Kyle Tobias. Husband of the 14th squadrons captain, Shino Nakazume Tobias, and current captain of the newly reformed 14th squadron."

"That haori! Where did you get it." Ilia demanded in shock.

"He's not lying." Ryan said firmly, planting a hand on his zanpakuto.

"Its true. We are all survivors form the 14th. He's telling the truth." Mikey added.

"Yup." Jake added while the rest nodded.

"But…" Lain tried to say, though he was finding himself more and more convinced.

"Alright. So what did you want form us?" Ilia said, cutting off her brother.

"Well, you four are coming with me. So far we have twelve members, but we'll get more. We're supposed to be a small unit. But, everyone here will be captain level by the time I'm done with you." Kyle said seriously.

"Captain level?" Lain said, looking and sounding eager. He glanced at his sister with a fierce grin that she returned. Ricardo was impassive and Sara was in turmoil

'Captain level? But I…I can't even handle the basics…will he just leave me like my brother and father?' Sara thought as she bit her lip and kept her eyes off anyone.

"So, lets get the heck out of here." Kyle said, drawing his zanpakuto.

"Wait. What are we gonna tell everyone?" Ilia and Mikey said at the same time.

"That you died." Kyle answered gravely as he opened a Senkaimon. "Come on. Pile in."

The old and new 14th squad walked through the portal before Kyle walked in last. He smiled bit at the looks on his squads face. Apparently they weren't expecting a three story house.

"Ok. Let's head on in." Kyle motioned for the others to follow before walking in.

The majority of the 14th marveled at the size of the house, but Ryan and Mikey could tell that something was wrong. It must have been lonely. Living alone in this big house for a year.

Decked with furniture, the house was well furnished, if a little empty. The walls were bare, with no pictures or anything.

"Alright. Rookies. Why don't you introduce yourselves?" Kyle said as he plopped down on the couch and motioned people to sit.

"Alright, I'll start! My name is Lain Uguchi and I'm gonna be the strongest shinigami!" Lain said, striking a pose.

"…moron." Jake muttered, staring off to the side.

"What'd you say?!" Lain asked angrily.

"Oh I'm sorry, did I say something? Just forget about it, I'm sure it wasn't important." Jake said, picking his nose slightly.

"You!" Lain started, before being elbowed in the back of the head by Ilia.

"My name is Ilia Uguchi. Regrettably I'm related to this idiot, but, I hope you won't judge me by him." Ilia said, bowing slightly.

"She's kinda cute." Mikey whispered to Emma and Maria. The two ladies glanced back at Ilia.

"Too thin." "Not enough chest." muttered Emma and Maria respectively.

Ilia glanced at the two of them and shuddered a bit before sitting down. She turned to Kyle and asked, "Are they…you know?"

Without a second glance Kyle said, "Yup. And happily I might add."

The next one to stand up was Sara.

"My name…is…S-Sara Tenrai. I…I'm sorry if I'm…a…a burden." She apologized before bowing low, never looking anyone in the eye.

"Sara?" Ryan said, getting the girls attention as she sat down next to him, her arms tucked on her lap

"Y…yes sir?" she asked timidly, fearing a reproach.

"Relax. You're with friends." Ryan said with a smile as he pulled one of her bangs out of her eyes. "See? You're kind of cute with your hair out of the way."

Sara turned a bright shade of red and stared at her hands, wide-eyed.

"Oo. Making the moves early eh?" Mikey said. "I guess since you called dibs first…"

He was cut off by Ryan's zanpakuto hilt smashing into his face.

"Alright and you?" Kyle said, motioning to the last of the rookies.

The man stood up and looked around, staring everyone in the face with a determined look.

Finally, he opened his mouth and said, "My name is Ricardo Jimenez. I was originally going to be on the stealth force." Then he broke into a smile.

"Alright. Guys, I'll leave it to you to introduce yourselves later. Make the rookies feel welcomed and safe. The room on the third floor is mine. Now you may begin killing each other for rooms." Kyle said with a grin as he sat back to watch the carnage.