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After A Dream

By: White Melancholy


"Good morning, Hino-san!"

"Morning, Hino-san! Congratulations for being a candidate for the concert series!"

"Hino-san, good morning, how are you today?"

"Hino-san, I heard you play the other day! You're amazing!"

Hino Kahoko had just stepped on the campus grounds, and a number of greetings and compliments have been thrown to her face. Of course, it was something she had learned to deal with since she moved to this university, Tokyo University of the Arts, or more known as Geidai, around a year ago. She didn't expect her colleagues to be so stunned with her playing that she became popular around the campus in a day after performing in one of the concerts in Geidai's Annual Music and Arts Festival. She had been the only 2nd year to perform in the concert series that year, and people didn't really like the fact…until she stunned them with her music.

"Well, well, if it isn't Kahoko the great," a female voice greeted from behind. Kahoko turned around to see a navy blue haired beauty around her height.

"Ah, good morning Maya," Kahoko said, with a smile plastered on her face, "I should have known that it was you. I was quite surprised when you greeted me from behind like that. I thought I was going to get bullied with all the sarcasm I can hear in your voice."

Maya laughed heartily then. "I was just kidding, Kaho, don't be scared of me now…"

"Well, you did pick on me that one time," Kahoko said, as if trying to remember something. Maya frowned.

"Hey, that was just for fun," Maya said, "I was bored."

"Hey, Maya, it's still morning and you're picking on Hino already?" said a tall black-haired guy around Maya's age. Behind him was a good-looking young woman with brown hair whose height almost reached the guy's.

"Morning, Kaho," the tall young woman said, smiling, "And yeah, good morning to you too, Maya."

"You really should learn how to respect people who are older than you, Mizuki," Maya said to the tall brunette, "Especially when they are related to you."

"You're just older than me by a year, cousin," Mizuki said, "And if Kaho wasn't here I wouldn't have said good morning to you at all."

"Alright, alright, stop your bickering now," the black-haired guy said, "You're hurting my ears so early in the morning."

"You sounded like my mother just now," Maya said, "Only mothers – or old ladies, to be exact – use the word 'bickering'."

"Shut up, Maya," Shinichi said.

Kahoko chuckled. "Alright, alright. We should head to class now, shouldn't we?"

"Oh yeah, I was supposed to meet that guy before classes today! He's probably gone to class already by now!" Maya said, slapping her forehead mentally, before she shrugged it off a second later, "Well, damn. He's gonna come around again sometime later anyway."

"You know, you really shouldn't date so many guys," Mizuki said, "The other girls won't get a chance if you date so many at a time."

"Well, they just happen to like me better than those 'other girls'," Maya said, rolling her eyes, "It's not like I chase them around. They just come to me like metal attracted to magnet."

"Didn't you ever consider their feelings if they found out that you're two-timing them?"

"They know they're not the only one," Maya said again as if her habit of dating a lot of guys at once is normal, "And that's three-timing, not just two."

Just then, a dark-haired guy walked over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Behind the guy, there were two other guys waiting for him, jealousy evident in their eyes. "Hey there, Maya-chan, wanna walk to class with us?"

Maya looked up to see the guy's face. "Oh, hi, Issei," she said as she recognized him, before she winked at him, "Sure, I'd love to walk with you."

Then she turned to Kahoko, Mizuki, and Shinichi.

"Gotta go now, guys. See you later." She winked and left with the guy named Issei.

"Maya's like a devil with a face of an angel," Mizuki said, shaking her head, "After she gets what she wants from those guys, she leaves them. No wonder most of the girls hate her. She kept stealing their boyfriends right under their noses."

Kahoko chuckled, "Well, I guess that's her twisted idea of entertainment. She's strong enough to deal with girls, anyway."

"True enough," Mizuki said, smirking, "That's why she's awesome."

"Weren't we supposed to go to class? Why are we still here?" Shinichi pointed out.

"Ah, that's right," Mizuki said, "Well, I have to go to the other side of the building, so I'll go now. See you later!"

Mizuki left, leaving Shinichi and Kahoko. Awkward, is one word to describe the atmosphere between them.

"So…umm…where are you heading?" Shinichi asked hesitantly.

"I have practical class," Kahoko said, smiling, "So I'll be going to Building B."

"Well, I'm heading there too, so…would you like to walk together…?"


People just stared at the group as they walked away from each other, heading to their respective classes.


He is finally back.

After what seemed like forever, Yunoki Azuma is finally back to Japan. During the three years he lived in America, he had never paid a visit to his home. It's not that he didn't want to; he was just too busy working on his studies to go back and he was not allowed to do so anyway. He had to stay in America with his older sister Hanabi until he finishes college – except when there comes a time in which his presence is required in Japan…like now.

"Azuma-niisama!" a familiar voice called out. Azuma turned to see a young woman with wavy dark brown hair smile at him from a short distance. He smiled at the sight of his beautiful younger sister and approached her.

"Miyabi," Azuma said, once he reached her, "I haven't seen you in three years. You've grown a lot."

"Thank you, onii-sama," Miyabi said. She had grown out her hair, so that her wavy locks are almost reaching her waist at this point. They're silky as always though, so there's no need to worry. Then she took a look at the brother she had never seen in years. If she remembered correctly, his hair was shoulder-length when he left. He had cut it, because he thought it was getting bothersome to have such long hair.

"Didn't you say it was bothersome to have long hair?" Miyabi asked, with one eyebrow raised. He had said that to her when he was about to cut his hair years ago. But then, now, his hair was long again. She figured that he would have cut it no matter how busy he was, if he doesn't like it.

"I figured long hair suited me better," Azuma said. It was a lie. Hanabi told him to cut his hair, but he persisted in growing it out, for a reason only he knows.

"Wouldn't obaa-sama be mad if she sees you with this hair?" Miyabi said hesitantly. She knew how bad their grandmother could be when she's mad. In fact, the reason Azuma had to leave to America was because of her.

"It's alright," Azuma said, "She can't say anything to me if I say that my dear fiancée-to-be prefers it long."

"But it's not her that likes it long…it's actually Kahoko-san," Miyabi said, a hint of a smirk evident on her lips, "Am I right?"

Azuma frowned slightly, before his facial expression changed in a matter of seconds. "That matter is not to be talked about. Didn't we discuss about this before I left?"

"I just don't see why you have to hide it when it's obvious, onii-sama," Miyabi said, starting to walk over to the door that would lead them to where their car is waiting, "Well, anyway. Why are you back so early?"

"Well, my studies are practically finished. I just need to wait for the graduation ceremony," Azuma answered, "It's basically holiday for me if I stay there, so I can afford to go back earlier than planned. That's why obaa-sama agreed to my coming back."

"You're avoiding the question," Miyabi pointed out.

"How am I avoiding the question?" Azuma asked, almost innocently, "Are you not satisfied with my answer?"

Miyabi gave a slight pout. "Well, you're answering it but not answering it. It's typical of a Yunoki."

"Well, that is what we have been trained to do since we were born," Azuma said, chuckling lightly, "And if you did not already have an idea of why I'm back early, you would have been perfectly satisfied with my answer."

"True," Miyabi said, "I shouldn't have bothered asking. I should have known that you wouldn't answer it anyway, onii-sama."

There was silence between the two of them before Miyabi started speaking again.

"Are you going to stay in Yokohama or in Tokyo?"

"Probably in Tokyo," Azuma said, "I haven't lived in a traditional house for three years. It would take me some time to get used to it again, so the house in Yokohama is out of question."

"But aren't Kahoko-san and the others in Yokohama?"

"Why do you keep asking me questions relating to Hino-san?" Azuma asked, "Is there a hidden purpose behind your questions?"

"…No," Miyabi said, sighing, "It was only for curiosity's sake. That's all."

"Oh," Azuma smiled, "Being curious is a good thing, Miyabi, but being curious about other people's business is really inappropriate for a young lady like you."

"I'm sorry, Azuma-niisama," Miyabi apologized.


Kahoko sat under a big tree in a secluded part of the campus. After frequently coming to this particular spot, she had grown especially fond of it. Here she could let go of all the different masks she wears during most of her time in this place she calls a university. The fact that Kahoko is friends with the popular Nishikado siblings Shinichi and Mizuki and their cousin, the beautiful playgirl Nakamoto Maya really didn't help with her sudden popularity. If anything, she just got even more popular. The trio was known to keep to themselves, and by that it means that they don't add more people to their group. They don't make close friends with anyone, at least not until Kahoko came. They became friends in a few months, and from then on Kahoko was one of them. She's definitely not extremely beautiful like the rest of the group, but she certainly is not ugly. Quite a lot of guys are interested in her, but when they confess, she never accepted them, even though they are some of the hottest guys in the whole campus. Her excuse was always that she doesn't have enough time to deal with relationships, but then, nobody, not even her 'gang' knew that that was never the case. Besides that, she had grown fond of looking at the sky as well. Watching the clouds move and form shapes – and also feeling the wind on her skin when they happen to blow – is really calming.

She took out her violin and placed it on her lap. In the last few years, her formerly magical violin had been her only friend, the friend she pours her emotions into, and also what she uses to express them. She positioned herself and started playing. Chaconne by Vitali. She had admired the song ever since she saw and heard Len play it in high school. It was an amazing song, and it is definitely among her favorites. As she played, her violin's heart-wrenching sound echoed in the air. She closed her eyes and let herself drown into her music. She had promised herself not to cry a few years back, and so her violin does her crying for her. This eventually changed her sound into what it is now; heart-wrenchingly sad, but beautiful. She wasn't nicknamed "The Crying Angel" for nothing.

After she finished her song, she opened her eyes slowly, taking in the brightness of the sun. She placed her violin back in its case and prepared to go home, unaware that someone was watching her from an opened window above her.


It's been halfway into Miyabi's first year in university, but she has never crossed paths with anyone from another faculty. There are only two faculties in Geidai, the university she goes to, which are Music and Fine Arts. She is in the Faculty of Fine Arts, taking Aesthetics and Art History under her grandmother's order. She has some people she calls friends – since she hangs out with them most of the time – but they are all from the same faculty and department. As she walked to the main gate with the people she calls friends, they suddenly started talking about a group of four – three girls and a guy – that just happened to pass in front of them.

"Oh my god, isn't Nishikado Shinichi-san just totally hot?"

"Yes he is! I really can't imagine why he doesn't have a girlfriend!"

"Rumors say that he's crushing on Hino Kahoko-san."

That caught Miyabi's attention.

"Sorry, did you just mention 'Hino Kahoko'?"

"Oh, yeah," her friend said, "She's like the best violinist in the whole faculty! Why, do you know her or something, Yunoki-san?"

"Ah, no…" Miyabi lied, "I was just interested. So Nishikado Shinichi-san is rumored to be…crushing on her, is he?"

"He is… I heard it from one of my friends in Music Faculty. She sat behind Nakamoto-san and Nishikado-san in the Music History class and she heard Nakamoto-san tease Nishikado-san about Hino-san."

"What if they're actually going out in secret?"

"Well, who knows? It would be good if he's with her. Nobody around is good enough for him."


Miyabi just ignored her friend's statement about this Nishikado Shinichi person and Kahoko going out. She eyed the group as they walked off the campus grounds.

This should be interesting.


Author's Notes:

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