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After A Dream

By: White Melancholy


"Maya," Kahoko greeted, tapping her friend's shoulder as she spotted her near the campus gate that day. Maya turned around with a big smile on her face.

"Kaho!" she said, "I was waiting for you to finish your classes! They're done right?"

"Well, they are," Kahoko said, "Is there anything you need?"

"Alright!" Maya said, "Can you go shopping with me now?"

"Why, of course. I have nothing planned for later," Kahoko said, smiling, "This is quite a rare occasion, though."

"Well, it is, actually," Maya said, suddenly giggling like a typical high school girl. Very out of character.

"Did something happen to you, Maya?" Kahoko asked, "You are acting a little…strange. I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Maya said, laughing, "Well… I need to get this guy's attention."

"…You need to get someone's attention?"

"Yep," Maya said confidently, "A guy. Hot."

"Why, you seem to be quite into him," Kahoko said, chuckling, "Is he a student here?"

"Ah, no," Maya replied, shaking her head, "He goes to Keio University. The one rich kids go to."

"Wow," Kahoko said, "Then is it safe to assume that this 'hot guy' is also rich?"

"He is," Maya said, "He was in a business party with my dad."

"Very well, then. I'll be happy to help."

Maya grinned happily as the two strolled to where Maya parked her car. After they got in, they immediately headed to the shopping district, parked somewhere, and started hitting the stores. Maya is usually the 'edgy and sexy' type, so Kahoko was a little taken aback when she dragged her into a store that sells more…classic female clothes. Dresses, long skirts, laces, frills…

"Umm… Maya?"


"These clothes are nice…" Kahoko started, "But aren't they a little bit… Well, you don't use these types of clothes often."

"Yes, I never use them," Maya said, picking up some more random clothes from the racks, "That's why I asked you to help me. This guy seems to like girls like you."

"Can you explain that?"

"His words," Maya said, looking through the racks, "'I like girls who are classy and feminine. It would be much better if she is a good musician.'"

Kahoko was silent for a while, looking at the mannequins, before she spoke up, "Maya, do you happen to have plenty of money to spend?"

"Umm, yeah, do you want anything?"

"No, not exactly," Kahoko said, "Let's go to another store."

"Eh? What about all these clothes?"

"You can drop them all," Kahoko said, already heading out of the store, "I'll show you a better store."

With that, Maya threw all the clothes she had in her hands into the nearest rack and followed Kahoko out of the store.

"Where are we going?"

"It's close by, if my memory is correct. We can walk," Kahoko said, leading her friend through the streets until they arrived in front of a four-floored building. She immediately walked into the building, without even checking if it was the correct one.

"Kaho, what is this place?"

"A boutique, of course," Kahoko said, smiling, "This place is quite famous among celebrities and the…let's just say the higher class."

After passing an empty hall with mannequins placed behind the glass walls, they stopped in front of an automatic glass door. As the door opened, two ladies in black business suits were already behind the door, greeting them.

"Good afternoon, miss," one of them said, "May I have your name, please?"

"Hino Kahoko," Kahoko said. The other one immediately pulled out a device and typed into it. She nodded, and the two immediately ushered her in.

"Good afternoon, Hino-sama," one of the attendants said, "How would you like our assistance today?"

"Is Rei-san in?" Kahoko asked, looking around the first floor store.

"She is up in the fourth floor designing Hamasaki Ayumi-sama's new wardrobe, Hino-sama."

"Oh, alright then," Kahoko said, sighing, "I was hoping that I could meet her but she seems to be busy. Can you find some clothes for my friend over here, then? She needs some outfits that fit the words classy and feminine."

"Right away, Hino-sama," the two ladies said before they walked away and started finding clothes. Maya, who was behind Kahoko, watching her, looked somewhat surprised.

"What was that all about?"

"Well, you need to be registered in their database to shop here," Kahoko said, "They practically choose who comes into the store, because the clothes are all handmade, very rare, and very good in quality. I think Rei-san has mentioned it once… She only makes maximum five pieces per design."

"Then wouldn't it be pricey?" Maya asked.

"Yes, they get more expensive as you go up the floors," Kahoko said, sighing, "The first floor contains the most affordable clothes. The fourth floor is basically Rei-san's studio. She works there and only keeps her masterpieces in that floor. If you want custom orders, you go up there."

"And they give a very good service, huh," Maya said, "You can just tell the attendants to go and find clothes."

"Good service is needed considering who they serve."

"Do you buy your clothes here?" Maya asked as she looked around the place, "They seem to be your taste…"

"Well, as we wait for the ladies to come back, let's talk about that 'hot guy from Keio'. Why are you so interested in him?"

Maya's eyes suddenly twinkled uncharacteristically, "Oh god he's a fine piece of art! You haveto see him to understand what I'm saying!"

"Hm, is that so?"

"I'm serious, Hino Kahoko," Maya said rather enthusiastically, "He's probably seen a lot of pretty girls. He wasn't fazed by me. At all!"

Kahoko chuckled, "Are you saying that you want him because he is not interested in you?"

Maya's enthusiasm died down in a second.

"You can say that."

Kahoko smiled at her friend's reaction, and just on time, the two ladies came back with about five sets of clothes. She smiled and looked at Maya.

"Try them all on."


Yesterday Maya had come to the campus dressed in her new set of clothes – a simple white above-the-knee dress with a bow accent around her waist covered by a black satin bolero and plain white pumps. She only added white and gold bracelets for accessories and skin-colored stockings. As she walked across the gate, she can hear whispers coming from everyone. The girls, the guys she had dated, the guys she hasn't dated, the guys she would never date; they all talked about her. Her current boyfriends – yes, plural – visibly gaped at her change.

After a day of torture – not being able to wear leopard prints and tight leather pants and her usual strappy high heels – she decided not to wear the clothes to campus anymore. It also attracted too much unwanted attention, so she didn't wear the clothes for the next day's classes.

But once that day ended, she cursed her stupid mind.


Because the guy she wanted to show off the clothes to had appeared in the front gate of her campus on that day – the day when she isn't wearing any of the things she bought.

Maya sighed as she looked at the throng of girls almost surrounding the front gate just to admire the sight of the handsome guy. Then she decided to approach him, despite what she was wearing. She got through the crowd easily – no one would dare to go against the Nakamoto Maya – and reached him. She hoped he at least remembers her name, or it would be extremely humiliating and reputation-breaking.

She took a deep breath before smiling the best innocent smile she could pull off.

"Kaji-san?" Maya said, "Is that you?"

The blonde turned his head to look at her as if he was thinking. When he seemed to find what he was looking for, he smiled. He was sparkling. She almost went blind.

"Nakamoto-san, am I right?"

Maya smiled happily, knowing that he remembers her, and nodded, "Yep, that's me. What are you doing here, Kaji-san?"

"Oh I'm looking for someone," he said, "Not actually looking – I know she's here – but do you happen to know a girl by the name of-"


His head turned to the source of the voice. Maya followed him suit. When he saw the person who just called him, he smiled widely and practically ran to her.

"Kahoko!" he said, kneeling down, taking the violinist's hand, and kissing it lightly, "I haven't seen you in a very long time, my goddess."

There were gasps from all around them. Kahoko's eyes widened for a split second before she controlled herself again, sighing. After a few years of not seeing Aoi, she was quite taken aback by his…overly-chivalrous actions.

"Would you please stop doing that, Aoi-kun?" she said, "It gives people the wrong impression."

"Yes, you're right," Aoi said, chuckling as he stood up, "Well, I haven't done that in a long time."

"W-Wait a second here," Maya interrupted, feeling left out, "Y-You know each other?"

Aoi smiled, "Since high school. Kahoko is such a nice person. I moved to that school just to meet her."

"Are you serious?" Maya said, surprised, "Y-You two…"

"Aoi-kun, your words gives people a wrong impression as well," Kahoko said, "We are not dating, if that's what you are thinking, Maya."

"Well, that was the truth, why would I lie about it?" Aoi said, "So you two are friends too, I see. I never expected that."

Maya was offended.

"Of course," she said, laughing what sounded more like a fake laugh, "Why would you expect someone like me to hang out with Miss Model Student? Well. I have class now. Bye."

The two watched Maya stomp off angrily while wondering what got her pissed off.

"Maya's classes are over for the day," Kahoko said, "Where on earth is she going?"

"I have to say, I am surprised to know that you are friends with Nakamoto-san."

"Where did you know her from, Aoi-kun?" Kahoko asked.

"I just met her in a business party a few days ago," Aoi said, "She…seemed to be interested in me."

Everything suddenly clicked in Kahoko's mind.

"So it was you. You were the 'hot guy from Keio' she was talking about," she said, "My thoughts didn't even go that far. No wonder she was angry."

"You forgot about me, how sad," Aoi said in mock sadness.

"Well, I forgot that you're in Keio," Kahoko replied, "I remember you, of course."

"I understand though," Aoi said, "Keio is identical to him in your mind, right?"

Kahoko didn't reply, so Aoi just stayed silent as well. Before it turned awkward, though, he started speaking up again.

"Your classes are done, right?" he said, "We really need to get going."

"Going? Where?"

"Secret," Aoi said, giving a playful wink as he opened his car's passenger's seat door for her.

"You're not trying your chances with me again, are you?"

"No, nothing like that, I promise," Aoi said, chuckling, "Just a friendly outing…though a bit far."

Kahoko narrowed her eyes slightly, "What exactly are you talking about?"

Aoi smiled.

"You'll see."


Kahoko sighed. Again.

"Why are you sighing so much?" Aoi asked, "If I don't know better I would have thought that you have asthma."

"Aoi-kun," Kahoko started, sighing yet again, for the umpteenth time since they reached their destination, "We are in Yokohama."

"Yes, we are."

"May I know why you brought me here without my permission?" Kahoko said.

"Well, I know you don't have classes tomorrow," Aoi said, "And I called up your boss already – as your brother – and told him you were sick and needs to be off for a while. Oh, he said you should stop working too hard."

"You are not answering my question, Aoi-kun."

"I figured it would do you good to meet your parents once in a while and…" Aoi trailed off, and when Kahoko looked at him, unconvinced, he sighed, "Well, actually, Kanazawa-sensei called me."

"Kanazawa-sensei?" Kahoko asked, raising one eyebrow, "What does Kanazawa-sensei calling you have anything to do with me?"

"He knew that I am the only one with your new contact information," Aoi said, "So he asked me to tell you to come and give some sort of master class to the students participating in this year's concours."

"I don't want to be rude, but wouldn't Tsukimori-kun be a better choice than I am?"

"He's on tour. Kanazawa-sensei said he couldn't contact him. And before you ask, Shimizu-san and Fuyuumi-san are the same. They're busy and no available contacts."

Kahoko paused. "Ryou-kun and Hihara-senpai are closer."

"Hihara-senpai is busy preparing for his final recital. Tsuchiura…well I have no idea why Kanazawa-sensei didn't ask him."

"What about him?" Kahoko said, "He's in Japan."

"He's obviously out of question," Aoi replied, "He doesn't even pursue music anymore."

Kahoko sighed.

"Kanazawa-sensei wants you to do it," Aoi said, "You got a scholarship from that famous violinist Kazuyama Kayako and you're trained by one of the best teachers around. You can at least give them some advice."

"Well, I certainly hope I can," Kahoko said, "I wouldn't want to be a nuisance to them."

"Why would you be?" Aoi said, "And you're obviously more experienced. I heard this year's contestants aren't actually that good."

"How would you know?" Kahoko asked.

Aoi chuckled, "My ears. You seem to have forgotten."

"Oh, that's right," Kahoko said, "Well, since I'm already here, I guess it's alright. I just wish you gave me a chance to pack up some clothes."

"I already had some bought for you," Aoi said, "And you should accept them, since I think you wouldn't want to wear your old clothes."

"It's unnecessary, but thank you anyway," Kahoko said.

Aoi just smiled in return, driving the car towards Kahoko's parents' house.


"Hino!" Kanazawa said as she entered his office the next day, "What a surprise! What brings you here today?"

"Kanazawa-sensei, she knows that you wanted her to give that master class already," Aoi said.

Kanazawa shrugged and rubbed the back of his head, "Well, that's no fun. But I'm glad that you can make it anyway. That guy Kira asked me to find one of the old participants and throw a master class in one night's notice! Good thing I still had Kaji's contact number. If not, I wouldn't be able to reach any of you."

"Why their generation, though?" Aoi asked, "There are other students in the next years' concours."

"They were the most successful," Kanazawa said, shrugging, "Look at the list, they have Tsukimori Len's name among them! The other generations? Not so lucky. Too bad he's on tour. And I knew from the very start that he wouldn't sacrifice his practice time for a bunch of high school kids that can't play as well as he could during his high school days – so he's out of the question."

"Then if I may ask, why me?" Kahoko asked, curious, "Ryou-kun and Hihara-senpai are easier to reach, compared to myself. They are right next door, after all."

"You're the one with a scholarship from Kazuyama Kayako," Kanazawa said matter-of-factly, "And you're being trained by Professor Matsumoto of all the teachers in Japan. What on earth is wrong with your language?"

Kahoko ignored his question, "Then the reason really is that simple. I'm sorry, I have thought too much into this."

"Why would there be anything else?" Kanazawa said, "Alright then. The master class should start in fifteen minutes. Let's get prepared."

They headed to the classroom where the master class will be held in. When they arrived, Kanazawa took a good look at Kahoko.

"Hey, Hino," Kanazawa said, "When did you turn into such a…girl?"

Aoi chuckled while Kahoko smiled, but none answered.

"Well, I certainly missed out on a lot," Kanazawa said, sighing, when he realized he was not going to get his answer, "Those kids should be here any minute. This year we only have five participants in total. They're all in the Music Department."

"Oh? You certainly went back to your old ways," Kahoko said, "But I must say, I'm glad that those Gen Ed students would not have to experience what I did."

"At least you were talented," Kanazawa said, "These students are good, but, well, the quality has gone down since Fuyuumi and Shimizu graduated. Those two were picked for the concours three years in a row."

"No more Tsukimori Len, huh," Aoi said.

"No more of him," Kanazawa said. Just as he finished speaking, the door slid open, revealing five students in Music Department uniforms. "Ah, here they are. Come in, kids, sit down."

"So what's this all about, Kanayan?" a cheerful sounding guy wearing a green tie said, "You said there's going to be a master class."

"There is going to be one," Kanazawa said, "Let me introduce you to Hino Kahoko."

Kahoko stood up and bowed politely to the students, "My name is Hino Kahoko. I was a participant in the concours about five years ago, when I was in my second year of high school. I am a third year student in Tokyo University of the Arts, and I play the violin. It is very nice to meet all of you younger generations."

"Well, you heard her," Kanazawa said, gesturing to Kahoko, "What she left out is that she got a scholarship given by Kazuyama Kayako, a famous violinist that had retired and settled as a teacher in one of the best conservatories in Germany, and that she is trained by Professor Matsumoto, a highly respected violin instructor and critic. Now you go and introduce yourselves."

"Sato Takashi, third year, violin, just like you," said the cheerful guy.

"Nakamura Aria, second year, vocal," the girl sitting next to the cheerful guy said.

"Aria's my girlfriend," Takashi said, "So nobody touch her."

Kahoko chuckled, "I am a female, Sato-kun. I wouldn't be any threat."

"Just saying, for precautions," Takashi said, grinning.

"Maruyama Keiichi," said a blond guy in the corner, "First year, piano."

"Nakagishi Chie," a girl sitting next to Aria said, grinning like Takashi was, "I'm a third year and I play the piano. Nice to meet 'cha."

"And last but not least…" Kanazawa trailed off, signaling for the guy sitting between Chie and Keiichi to speak up.

The guy looked up, "My name is Takahashi Akito. I am currently in my third year, and I play the flute."

Kahoko almost flinched, "Flute?"

"Yes," Akito said, smiling, "Nice to meet you, Hino-san."

"Well, you do not have many variations, do you?" Kahoko said, chuckling, "My generation had all your instruments, except for vocal. Kanazawa-sensei should be able to give a better master class than me in that area. I do not know much about vocal, to be honest."

Kanazawa cleared his throat.

"Well, since the introduction is done, let's get started," he said, "Sato, you go first."

Takashi's face fell. "Me?"

"Yes, you," Kanazawa said, "Who else?"

"Why me?" Takashi said, "I play the violin like her, can't I go last?"

"No, because 'you play the violin like her' you should go first," Kanazawa said, "Get on it, play the song you chose for the next round."


Without realizing, three hours had passed and all the participants have had their turn performing and being 'coached' by Kahoko. They all left the room happily with a new knowledge and some useful suggestions. Kanazawa had thanked Kahoko so sincerely it freaked them out. Apparently Kira had scared him pretty badly.

"Well, that was fun, wasn't it?" Aoi said as they got out of the school and into his car, "I haven't been here in years."

"Me neither," Kahoko said, "I actually miss this place a little."

"Do you want to go somewhere before we go back?" Aoi offered.

"That sounds alright," Kahoko said, smiling, "Do you have anything in mind?"

"How about…Rinkai Park?" Aoi said, "I haven't been there in a while and I think you can use some amusement right now."

Kahoko smiled, "Well, then, we shall go there."

"You know, Kahoko," Aoi said, "You don't need to put up that façade of yours in front of me."

Kahoko paused for a while before she smiled grimly.

"I know."


There was a knock on his door.

"Come in," Azuma said, not looking up from the documents he was checking.

"Good afternoon, Azuma-niisama," Miyabi greeted after she opened the door and shut it again, "Are you busy?"

"No, it's alright," Azuma said, smiling as he put his pen down, "Have a seat."

Miyabi sat on the chair in front of desk.

"You seem to have a lot of documents to check, onii-sama," Miyabi said, "What are they about?"

"Hanabi-neesama's proposal," Azuma said, "It seems like obaa-sama accepted her idea."

"Obaa-sama actually accepted it?" Miyabi said, surprised, "I didn't think she would."

"Hanabi-neesama had always been obaa-sama's favorite," Azuma said, "I wasn't surprised at all."

"Well, Hanabi-neesama may be her favorite," Miyabi said, "But Kahoko-san? Not so much."

"She would use anything that would profit her," Azuma said.

"True enough," Miyabi said, "Speaking about Kahoko-san, will she be invited to your engagement party?"

"Of course," Azuma said, "She is an old friend of mine who is also acquainted to Ayano-chan. And to add to that, she will soon be a member of our company."

"All the more reason to invite her," Miyabi said, "But won't it be awkward? I mean… With all that happened, would she even come?"

"She will," Azuma said, looking at the paper he was reading, "Hanabi-neesama arranged for her to perform a piece in the party."

"Did she decide the piece?" Miyabi said, "I want to know what she's going to play."

"Obviously not anything like Apres un Reve," Azuma said, "It's an engagement party, a supposedly happy event. She wouldn't play a piece that discourages the happy couple."

"Well, this 'couple' includes you," Miyabi said, "She does have reason to discourage the 'happy couple'."

Azuma sighed, "Miyabi, you pry into other people's business too much."

"I want my brother to be happy, that's all," Miyabi replied, before standing up, "Well, I already have what I needed. I'll see you later, Azuma-niisama."

Azuma gave her a smile in reply. She turned around and went out of the office room.

'I should pay her a visit.'


Two days later, Miyabi arrived 'too early' for her classes.

She knew that Kahoko had classes in early morning that day, but she didn't know where she was. That was why she was walking around the Music Faculty, trying to find her. Luckily, she walked into the vocalist who used to be Azuma's student – or something like that – in Building A. She didn't remember her name, though.

"Miyabi-sama?" the vocalist, Kashiwagi Chinatsu, said, a wide smile on her face, "What are you doing here in the Music Faculty?"

"Oh, good morning," Miyabi replied, giving her best smile, "I am looking for a violinist named Hino Kahoko. Do you happen to know her, by any chance?"

"Of course I know her, Miyabi-sama, everybody does," Chinatsu said, chuckling, "Who doesn't know The Crying Angel?"

"Well then, did you see her today?" Miyabi said, "I really don't know where to find her."

"When I saw her she was up in the third floor," Chinatsu said, "She was in the student's lounge with the Nishikados and Nakamoto Maya. Just go up those stairs until you're in the third floor and turn right from there. Don't turn left, that one's the teacher's lounge."

"Alright," Miyabi said, smiling, "Thank you very much, Kashiwagi-san."

"It's no problem, Miyabi-sama," Chinatsu said, "Well, I…have to get going."

Miyabi just smiled as the vocalist walks off. She followed her instructions and arrived in the student's lounge. True enough, she found Kahoko sitting on one of the sofas with the Nishikado siblings and Maya. She smiled and walked into the lounge, ignoring the stares the music students gave. She wasn't a familiar face, and she knew she was beautiful. She stopped right next to Kahoko and her group of musicians.

"Good morning, Kahoko-san," she started, catching Kahoko's attention. Kahoko looked surprised.

"M-Miyabi-chan?" Kahoko said, and realizing she stuttered, she took a deep breath and spoke again, "Well, what brings you here to the Music Faculty? We are so far in the other side of the campus."

"Oh, I came here to give you this," Miyabi said, taking out the invitation for the engagement party and handed it to Kahoko, "It's for Azuma-niisama's engagement party. I'm sure he had talked to you about it."

"Ah, he did," Kahoko said, reading the contents of the invitation. The envelope was an exquisite royal purple, and the card was white with gold linings. Definitely suited for Azuma's expensive taste.

"And Hanabi-neesama has contacted you about the proposal, no?" Miyabi continued, "It was accepted, and thus you will perform at the engagement party as well."

"Oh, it was accepted?" Kahoko said, smiling, "Pass on my congratulations to your sister, will you? I haven't heard about the performance, but I will prepare for it. Do you have any requests?"

"As long as it isn't a sad piece, it's fine," Miyabi said, chuckling, "It is a happy event, after all."

Kahoko's smile almost fell, "Of course. I will find a suitable piece."

"That's great," Miyabi said, "Oh, you can bring your boyfriend there along to the party as well."

"Nishikado-senpai isn't my boyfriend," Kahoko said, smiling, "I don't have a lot of time in my schedule to fit in a relationship."

'Or you're still in love with my brother,' Miyabi thought. "Well, my class would start soon and I have a long way to go, so please excuse me."

"I'll see you soon, Miyabi-chan."

Miyabi smiled and left the lounge, heading to her own faculty's area.


"Who was that, Kaho?" Mizuki asked as soon as Miyabi walked out of the door, "A friend?"

"Yes," Kahoko answered, "She's from the Arts Faculty."

"She doesn't look like the artsy type," Shinichi said, "She looks as feminine and graceful as you. Aren't art students messy and stuff?"

"I believe she is studying aesthetics," Kahoko said.

"Well, that explains it," Shinichi said, "Is she single? She's really beautiful."

"She is."

"Single or beautiful?"

"Both," Kahoko answered simply.

"I thought you were only interested in Kahoko, Shinichi," Maya said, "Well, what's this engagement party about?"

"Oh, my high school friend is getting engaged," Kahoko said, "He is Miyabi-chan's brother."

"Brother?" Mizuki said, suddenly interested, "Is he hot? Or does she have any other brothers?"

"I don't know if he's hot to your standards, but he is definitely beautiful," Kahoko said, "And her other brothers are already married."

"Oh man," Mizuki said, obviously disappointed, "But how can a guy be beautiful? What's up with your wording?"

"If you see him you would use the same word I used," Kahoko said, "Ah, and when I think about it, Aoi-kun might be there at the party as well. Do you want to come along, Maya?"

Maya was a bit taken aback by the sudden mention of Aoi. "Eh… Kaji-san would be there?"

"Well, he was an old friend of his as well," Kahoko said, "And he would definitely be there if I'm performing. He has this sort of obsession towards my music. It has been like that for a while."

"Wait, wait," Shinichi interrupted, "Who's 'Aoi-kun'?"

"Kaji Aoi, a medical student from Keio who happens to be extremely gorgeous," Maya explained, "And also Kahoko's high school friend…not more. At least that's what she said. You and I still have hope, Shinichi-kun."

"Kaho is definitely not interested in you though, nii-san," Mizuki said, laughing, "Best of luck for you, Maya-nee. Can I come along too? Gorgeous people have gorgeous friends, right?"

"I can get you to be my accompanist," Kahoko said, while Mizuki murmured a 'yes', "I'll just contact Hanabi-san."

"Who's this Hanabi person anyway?" Maya asked, "That girl also mentioned a Hanabi."

"Hanabi-san? She's Miyabi-chan's older sister and head of the new music agency their company plan to start," Kahoko said, "As soon as I finish my education I will debut professionally with her company."

"WHAT?" Maya said – her eyes as wide as saucers, "You have a debut contract?"

"Yes, it was only decided recently," Kahoko said, "And she didn't know whether her proposal will be accepted or not."

"That's great, Kaho!" Maya said, "You have your whole future planned right in front of you! Look at me, I don't even know what I'll do after I graduate – and I'm in my last year, too!"

"I thought you were going to inherit your dad's record label," Shinichi said, "Wasn't that why you went to this uni in the first place?"

"Well, yeah, but still…" Maya said, "If I can get a debut contract it would be so cool…"

"Start building your connections," Kahoko said, "I met Hanabi-san because of Kazuyama Kayako-san."

"But I don't have anyone great like Kazuyama Kayako to give me a scholarship, and I don't have a famous instructor to teach me either," Maya said, "All I have is my dad's record label. I'll just end up working backstage."

"Well, maybe you can find some people in the engagement party," Kahoko said, smiling.


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