The sun goes down, the night rolls in, you can feel it starting all over again;

Your mood comes up, the city calls, you're getting tired of staring at these same four walls!

You're out of your room and walking the streets, moving through the crowd in the midnight heat;

The city roars - you can hear the screams - look at the faces it's just like a dream.

Nobody knows where you're going; nobody cares where you've been -

But you belong to the city; you belong to the night; living in a river of darkness - beneath the pale moonlight.

You were born for the city, cobblestones under your feet, it's in your moves; it's in your blood; you're a man of the street.

You can feel it;

You can taste it;

You can hear it;


You can take it.

For you belong, yes you belong!

You belong to the city.