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Matt and Riley arrived at the lobby at 11:30 waiting for the rest of the group to come. Riley was nervous since this would be her first time actually hanging around with guys that her brother's worked with. That really wasn't bothering her as much since she had her eyes more on a certain Legend Killer. As they waited Matt noticed that his sister was thinking about something or someone and he knew who it was.

"Riley I want you keep your guard up." Matt says

"What are you talking about Matthew?" She asked

"I'm talking about not letting anyone and everyone into your pants just because they say something that you want to hear." Matt says

"I cant believe you just said that. Matt I'm not that type of girl. I don't let anyone into my pants that fast and if I did that is my business not yours." She says

"I just don't want to see my baby sister hurt by someone." he says

"I get that Matt, but you have to let me experiment with everything and make my own mistakes." She says

"I know that Riley, but you don't know these guys like I do. They will say and doing anything just to get into your pants and after they do they will toss you to the side like you were a ring rat. I don't want to have to kill someone for hurting you." He says

"Matt I promise I want do anything stupid." She says as Randy, Cody, Elle, Ted and Evan walk over to them

"Alright." He says seeing the coming

Riley smiles when she sees them, but it fades away seeing Evan with them. She knew that this was going to be one of those nights where she wouldn't be able to decided who she would want to hang out with. Matt noticed the sudden change in his sister's face and that was when he realize that Evan was with them. Matt shakes his head as they reached them.

"Hey you two." Elle says hugging Matt

"Hey babe." Matt says as he nodded at the rest

"Hey Riley." Evan says smiling

"Hey Evan." Riley replies looking at Randy

"So are we ready to party?" Cody asked

"Hell yes." Ted says

"Lets go." Randy says putting his arm around Riley's shoulder walking out of the hotel with her

Matt looks at Elle and then Evan when he sees his face drop because Riley was walking with Orton. Matt shakes his head as he, Elle, Ted, Cody, and Evan follow them out of the hotel. They arrived at the club thirty minutes later. Cody and Ted were getting drunk and trying to pick up girls lefted and right. Elle and Matt were out on the dance floor while Randy, Riley and Evan were sitting at a table. Riley was watching her brother and his girlfriend dancing and she couldn't help, but to smile at them. Evan noticed that she was watching them.

"Riley do you want to dance?" Evan asked

"Ummm…Yeah." She says smiling

Evan held out his hand to her. Riley took his hand as she got up from her chair. Evan lead her out to the dance floor pulling her close to him once they reached it and started dancing. Randy watched them from the table trying to hold his temper back. Riley and Evan continued to dance with each other for the next couple of songs while Randy sat back drinking his beer watching them. Matt and Elle noticed Riley and Evan having a good time, but they also noticed that Randy was watching them non stop.

"Elle I don't like the way Orton is looking at them." Matt says

"I know Matt, but there is nothing that we can do about it." Elle says watching Orton

"I guess your right, but if he hurts her in anyway I'm going to kill him." Matt says

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you Hardy, but I get the first shot because I know how it feels to be hurt by him." Elle says

"Deal." Matt replies

Elle smiles as she kisses Matt. Riley looks over at them shaking her head trying to keep her dancing as good as she could. Randy finally decided that it was time to get the girl that he has had his eye on since he saw her in the locker room earlier that night. Randy got up and walked over to Evan and Riley.

"Can I cut in?" Randy asked them

"Of Course." Evan says

"Thanks Bourne." Randy says pulling Riley close to him

"Not a problem." Evan says walking back to the table.

Riley wraps her arms around his neck as they started moving together. Matt and Elle head back to the table and sit down with Evan while he watched Randy holding onto the girl that he liked. Randy held Riley as close to him as he could as they moved together to the song. A couple songs later Randy and Riley walk back to the table where there was only one chair lefted. Randy sat down and pulled Riley into his lap holding her there. Riley didn't try to fight him she just sat there.

A couple hours later everyone was talking and having a good time. Randy had his hand on the small of Riley's back rubbing small circles there. Riley was talking to Elle and Evan, but her mind was somewhere else as Randy rubbed her back. Matt watches Randy cause he knew the look in his eyes. Of course everyone else was talking about something which Matt really wasn't paying attention too. Randy knew that he had Riley right where he wanted her and it was time to make his move on her.

"Do you want to get out of here?" He asked her

"Yeah." She says

Randy nodded grabbing her hand and walking towards the exit. Cody and Ted didn't care that he was leaving because it meant more girls for them, but Matt, Evan and Elle on the other hand were worried about what was going to happen. As they walked out together all the girls were looking at them sighing because they knew they had missed there chance with him that night. Randy and Riley arrive at the hotel thirty minutes later. Randy holds Riley's hand walking into the hotel walking past everyone and everything.

Once they were inside the elevator Randy pulled Riley to him and started kissing here. Riley kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck. Randy sucks on her bottom lip as he held her close to him. Riley moans into his mouth as she pulls herself closer to him. Randy picks her up as she wraps her legs around his waist he carries out of the elevator walking towards his room. Riley hangs on to him still not breaking the kiss that they were sharing at the moment.

Randy sets her down breaking the kiss long enough to unlock the door. Once he unlocked it he pulled her into the room shutting the door and placing her against the wall as he attacked her neck. Riley moaned gripping his shoulders while her eyes closed. Randy wasted no time taking off her shirt and tossing it to the side before taking off his shirt and tossing to the same side. Riley was looking at his muscular body and she was smiling to herself. Randy was looking at her perfectly curvy body thinking of the ways he was going to make it his for the night.

Randy slowly pulls her to him walking her backwards towards the bed before pushing her down on it. Riley was looking up at him trying not to take her eyes off of the man standing in front of her. Randy slowly got down and unbuttoned her pants and slowly started to take them off. Once he got them off his hands ran over her body which caused Riley to moan out in pleasure. Randy pulled off her underwear and then took off her bra before standing up himself pulling off his pants and boxers.

Riley looked up at him in a amazement. She has never seen a mans body as beautiful as his. Randy smirks at her before grabbing a condom out of his wallet opening and slipping it on. He gets on top of her and started kissing her neck again. Riley moans running her hands down his back. Randy pushes her legs open wide enough so he could place himself in between and in one quick hard thrust he entered her. Riley screamed out as he entered her. Randy slowly started moving in and out of her causing Riley to moan. He started to pick up the pace once he got all the way into her. Riley moans become louder and heavier once she feels him all the way in her.

Randy starts to go fast and hard in and out of her. Riley moans louder gripping his shoulders. Randy groans causing him to go faster and harder against her. Riley wraps her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her. Randy continues to ram her causing her moaning to get even louder. Randy starts to kiss her neck as he keeps his pace going. Riley moans his name loud as she feels her peak approaching faster with every thrusts that he does. Randy groans feeling his coming each and every moan.

"Randy." Riley screams as she reaches her peak.

Randy groans as he reaches his a couple of thrusts later. Randy rolls off of her and lays down next to her. Riley relaxes against the bed catching her breathe. Randy tosses the condom into the trash can next to the bed before looking over at her and smiling at her, Riley smiles back at him. Riley gets up and starts to get dressed. Randy watches her.

"Where are you going?" He asked

"I have to get back to my room before my brothers call out the national guard." She replies

"Oh." He says leaning back against the bed

"I'll see you tomorrow right?" She asked as she got finished getting dressed

"Of course. You do work for the company now." He says

"Right." She says

Randy smiles as he gets up and kisses her one more time. Riley kissed him back, before pulling away and walking out the door. Randy smirks to himself as he gets back into the bed and goes to sleep. Riley walks down the hall smiling to herself. She reaches her room walking and walking straight to the bed and laying down. She continued to smile as she falls asleep.

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