I do not own Xmen.

This is my first fan fiction based on the xmen. I really like the pairing of Storm and Wolverine, so I have based by story around their relationship. This is set about a month since the event at Alcatraz.

A storm raged outside Xavier's school for the gifted. Its occupants unaware of its strange appearance, for it was 2:00 in the middle of the night. The storms creator was also unaware of the mayhem she was causing outside; the weather witch would not be woken from her slumber. However, a loud crack of thunder brought the Wolverine out of sleep. He's senses where on high alert, trying to discover what had woken him. Another crack of thunder enabled him to understand what the loud bang had been. However, he was puzzled, there was no forecast for a thunder storm, in fact the weatherman had forecast a clear night. This worried him, for there was only one person he knew that could affect the weather this way. With this, Logan got out of bed and made his way to the stairs that would take him up to Ororo's attic room. As he made his way up the stairs, all he could hear was her peaceful breathing. On entering her room, he found her sound asleep. She did not even stir, as he sat on the end of her bed. As he watched her sleeping, he did not see any reason why she would be creating the storm. Her face was peacefully and she did not seem to be in any pain. Satisfied for now, that it was just another freak storm, Logan slowly made his way out of her room, trying not to wake her. However, if he had stayed a few minutes longer, he would have seen her peacefully face tense up, as if she was having a bad dream.

It was not until 9:00 that Ororo awoke. Lately she had been feeling more tired then she had used to, although it was properly because of the extra amount of paper work and other jobs she had to do, to keep the school running. For Ororo Monroe was now headmistress of Xavier's school for the gifted, due to the passing of three of the closes people to her; Scott Summers, Jean Gray and Charles Xavier. It had been hard for Ororo this past month, coming to terms with their deaths and also trying to keep the school from closing. If it had not been for her friends help, Ororo believed that she never could have done it.

Ororo glanced towards her clock, 9:05, god she thought; at least it was a weekend. Slowly Ororo got up, washed and changed, before heading down to the kitchen for breakfast. Although later then what she normally got up, she still knew that it would be a few more hours before everybody was up and about. As she made her way into the kitchen, she notice Logon and Hank sat on stalls by the island, with a cup of coffee each and the morning's paper.

'Good morning' she said cheerful to the both of them, as she filled the kettle with water. She felt like a good cup of herbal tea.

'Your up late, I was beginning to think you weren't getting up' Logon inquired, as he placed his newspaper on the table. Even though she had slept in, she looked tired, he thought. She's properly just over doing it.

'Yeh well, can't the headmistress get more then 40 winks these days' she said playfully as she poured hot water over her tea bag.

'Of course you can Ororo. Out of all of us, you deserve to have some rest. You've been working hard this last month and it shows with how well the school is doing.' Hank commented to her.

'Thank you, but I wouldn't have done it without you two helping me' she commented, as she sat down beside them with her tea and helped herself to some toast, which was in the rack.

'Oh Logon; I was thinking whether we should run a danger room session later today. We haven't done a session in a last couple of weeks and I don't think that we should allow ourselves to get rusty. It would be a good opportunity to see how Jubilee gets on with working in the team. What do you think?'

'Sounds good to me. We're going to have to wait to after lunch. You know what that lot are like, epically freeze boy. Don't even know why he bothers getting up at all. He spends most of his time in his bed; he might as well live in it' they all laughed at this.

'Well that sounds alright to me. About 2 o'clock.' She inquired to Logon who nodded.

With this Ororo got up and went over to the fridge and wrote on the notice board that there would be a danger room session at 2'o clock and that she expected them all to be there, as well as Jubilee.

'If you need me, I will be in my green house, ok' she told the two men, as she walked out of the kitchen. Logan followed her with his eyes. She didn't seem right to him.

'Is something bothering you, by boy' Hank asked, as he had watched Logon stare at Ororo, as she left.

'I told you, don't call me boy' Logan growled at Hank.

'Someone definitely got up on the wrong side of bed this morning' Hank chucked.

'Well seeing as I've been up since 2'o clock, I don't really think that counts.'

'Why have you been up that long?'

'Well furball, if you didn't notice, we had quite the storm last night'

'I certainly didn't hear anything; I thought it was meant to be a clear night'

'Yeh well you haven't got super hearing have you', tapping his ears 'I thought it was meant to be clear as well' Logan commented

Hank suddenly realise what Logan was getting at.

'That's why you where staring at Ororo, you think it was her'

'Yeh well I ain't saying I am certain it was her but......I don't know I just don't think she's right that's all' Logan shrugged. For some reason he just couldn't explain what he felt, he just know that something wasn't right'

'Of course she's not going to be right Logan; she's just lost three of the closest people to her. She saw them as her family. Of course she's not going to be herself; I would be worried if she didn't act differently. It's going to be a long time before she starts being herself again. Just give her time'

'I ain't stupid Hank; I know what she's going through. But it's not just that, I know it's not. It wasn't just a freak storm, Hank. That's the third time I've been woken up by one in two weeks'

Hank pondered this information. It could be possible for Ororo to be causing the freak storms. Maybe her subconscious's mind was showing Ororo's grieve through the weather.

'Hummm it could be possible it was her. Maybe we should just keep an eye on her, just to be sure'

To be continued .....