Hey Everyone! So sorry for not updating! This one goes out to PhantomFreak301, for getting my lazy butt in gear!

Sam stayed over Danny's house for a while after school. They sat on the couch and watched a movie. Not long after the movie started, Sam fell asleep. She curled up against Danny and put her head on his shoulder. Danny smiled and put his arm around her. Soon, he too fell asleep. Maddie came up from the lab to make dinner. She walked into the living room to ask if Sam wanted to stay for dinner, but changed her mind when she saw Danny and Sam sleeping contently. Maddie tiptoed out of the room and went upstairs. She knocked softly on Jazz's door.

"Come in!" Jazz yelled from inside her room. Maddie walked into Jazz's room.

"Shush! Don't yell! I want you to see something. It's so cute!" Maddie said. She led Jazz downstairs and into the living room.

"Look!" Maddie whispered. She pointed at the couch. Sam was curled up against Danny with her head on his shoulder. Danny was leaning against Sam with his head resting on hers. They were both sound asleep with sweet, contented smiles on their faces.

"Aww! How cute! I'll be right back! Don't wake them up," Jazz whispered. She tiptoe-ran upstairs and grabbed her camera. She went back by Maddie.

"Wait. Why are you taking their picture? If they find out, they won't be happy," Maddie whispered.

"They won't find out until their wedding day. I'm making a scrap book to give them as a wedding present," Jazz whispered. She turned the flash off and snapped the picture. Maddie was looking at her like she had grown a second head.

"Mom, don't look at me like that. You, I, and apparently, the rest of Amity Park, knew that Danny and Sam were destined to be together. Marriage is inevitable," Jazz whispered.