The following takes place sometime after Razen joins the team.

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Dear Diary

Day 2, Me, Slop and Razen has been here in the world of Shinyou. Slop told us that the place was being under control by Kuroouja's control, and that we had to come and liberate it. Since Momentai, Chloe, HT, and James were busy with their own assignments that only left Razen and me available for the job. We had to disguise ourselves, as servants in order get around here unnoticed, and to get around here without causing so much attention to ourselves. Slop told us that there was a secret weapon being built here and we had to find it and destroy it.

When we came here we were all shocked at the conditions of this place, it was as a sad and depressing sight. There were people and creatures being harassed and beaten for no apparent reason, the streets were littered with garbage and people begging for food. Some of the buildings there looked a bit old and ready to collapse at any moment; the sky there was clouded with darkness like the sun would never shine down on this place ever again. Slop was able to find us a hotel for us to stay in for a while good thing it's a three bedroom suite, the inside is nice and the food here is good. This is all I have to write for now, signing out.


Spryous soon closed his diary and teleported back to his room back at the base. As soon, he did that there was a knock on his door.

"Hold on a second!" Spryous screamed as he put his mask back on his face, and made his way towards the door.

"Let me guess writing in your diary again?" Razen said standing in the doorway grinning at his masked friend.

"Ha-ha that's so funny, you should be a comedian," Spryous said in mocked laughter to his fellow teammate.

"Anyway come on Slop is waiting for us downstairs in the lobby," Razen said to Spryous as he went downstairs to meet up with their leader.

*Hotel Lobby*

Spryous and Razen soon made their way downstairs both of them were wearing black hooded cloaks that covers their entire faces so nobody could see them (A/N Like the ones Organization XIII wears).

"I was wandering when you guys were going to show up" Slop said sitting down while reading a magazine. He was wearing the exact same cloak as the other two boys, except his was a little darker.

"Hey we're here aren't we?" Spryous said while taking a seat opposite of the one Slop was setting in.

"So what are we going to be doing today?" Razen asked while setting in a chair that was between Slop's and Spryous' seats.

"Simple we find the secret weapon they have here, destroy the thing, and we set the people here free" Slop explained with smile on his face, and making sure that only his two friends were the only ones who heard him.

"Come on Slop since when have our jobs ever been simple?" Spryous said with a little chuckle.

"I'm pretty sure that this one will be a walk in the park," Slop said with a carefree tone in his voice.

"Yeah you're probably right, come you guys let's go put some food in our stomachs we got a long day ahead of us." Razen said while getting up from his seat.

"Good point I am pretty Hungary" Slop said getting up from his seat as well.

"Yeah I am starving, let's go get some breakfast then" Spryous said as they left the lobby and went to the dinning hall of the Hotel.

*Downtown Shinyou*

It had been about four hours since the three had left the hotel; they had been wandering around alleyways and going in and out of buildings for information. They spoke to everyone they met but still nothing.

"Man how many buildings have we been in now?" Spryous said in a tired tone while setting down on a bench.

"I think we should take a little break before we continue" Razen said setting down besides Spryous.

"Alright you guys, if you want to rest we'll rest then." Slop said while looking for a place for them to rest. "Hey how about we go rest in there?" he said pointing to a building that

Looked like a tavern.

*Inside the Tavern*

When the three walked inside there were a band playing on the little stage, everybody inside were either drinking, smoking, talking, gambling, or even fighting.

"Wow what an interesting place to take a break" Razen said in sarcastic voice while looking at the inhabitants of the place.

"It's the only place I could think of." Slop explained to them.

"More like the closest place for you to pick" Spryous corrected him.

Slop only gave them a sheepish grin and led them to a random table in the Tavern.

"So, were you guys able to get any leads at all?" Slop asked his two friends.

"Sorry but we've been coming up empty" Spryous explained to him while listening to the band.

"Most of the people we have been talking too have told us what some of the servants been doing to their homes and land." Razen concluded on today's little outing.

"Don't worry guys I'm sure we'll find it, I mean it's only been two days now so relax for now." Slop told them in a reassuring way.

Soon three bigger and muscular guys showed up at their table looking at the three boys threateningly.

"HEY! You three little bastards you're at our table" Said the guy with a tiger like appearance. He was wearing a black leather jacket green pants and knife holder around his waist.

"Yeah if you boys know what's good for you you'll get your little asses up pronto!" Said another guy that looked like a normal human with a purple Mohawk and several tattoos on his body. He was wearing a spiked leather Jacket with no shirt underneath and he was wearing brown cowboy pants.

"Now get the hell up now!" Screamed the third guy, he looked like some kind of humanoid wolverine. He was just wearing a pair of blue jeans.

"Look guys I'm sure that there other tables in here that you could use right now" Slop told them trying to avoid a fight.

"There are, but we want this one," The Tiger guy told Slop in a threatening growl.

"Listen we don't want to start any trouble in here" Razen told them while holding up his hands.

"Yeah I'm sure we can talk about this like adults" Spryous told them hoping that their massage would get through to them.

"Yeah I mean come on" That was all Slop could say before the tiger guy threw him across the room and made him land on top of a table.

"What were you saying?" The tiger guy laughed at him.

"Guys what do you say we have a little fun hmm?" Slop asked as he got back up.

"I call the Wolverine guy!" Spryous shouted as he jumped up in front of him.

"I guess it's just me and you big guy," Razen said to the guy with the purple Mohawk.

The Tiger guy soon lunched himself at Slop who was able to dodge him with ease, delivered a roundhouse kick to tiger's ribs, and sent him crashing into a table.

The Wolverine guy were slinging his claws left and right trying to make contact with Spryous. Spryous was able to dodge the attacking beast with no problem.

"My turn!" Spryous said as he punched the wolverine guy in the gut then followed up with an uppercut. It sent him landing on top of the tiger guy.

"Too slow!" Razen said while dodging the broken glass the Mohawk guys was using to cut him with. He tried to cut him again, but Razen caught his hand and made him drop the glass.

Razen then gave the guy three quick punches in the face, followed by a swift kick in the guy's face.

The tiger guy soon pulled out his knife and attacked Slop with it. Slop was able to catch the guy's hand and caused him to throw it into the wall.

"This is fun and all, but I think it's time to bring this to a close." Slop said as took the guy's arm and slammed him on top of a table knocking him out cold. "Bad kitty" Slop told the tiger.

The Wolverine guy came charging at Spryous ready to attack him like a helpless animal. As soon as he got close enough to the masked boy, Spryous jumped up into the air and with both of his feet kicked him in his chest sending him crashing into the wall knocking him out.

"Remind me to get a rabies shot after this" Spryous told Slop after finishing his opponent.

The Mohawk guy charged at Razen with a chair in his hand ready to hit him with it, Razen was able to catch the chair and gave the guy a hard punch in the gut.

"I'll take this," Razen said as he took the chair from the guy and hit him with it causing him fall to the ground like a rock.

Everybody in the Tavern all looked at the three boys who were able to take down those three bigger guys with little to no problem.

"Sorry about that I'll be sure to pay for everything that got broken in here!" Slop told the people inside.

After that, everybody went back to doing the things they were doing before the fight broke out.

"That was quite the show you three put on" Said a monotone voice from behind them. It was wearing a hooded cloak just like them except it was gray.

"Who are you?" Spryous asked the mysterious figure with a curious voice.

"I over heard you three talking earlier, and I might be able to help you." The voice said that sounded like the person was male.

"So you think you might be able to help us?" Razen asked the figure.

"Yes follow me, and by the way my name is Kenjo" Kenjo told the three boys.

They soon followed him outside into an alleyway where nobody could see them.

"Ok so could you please tell us what you know?" Slop kindly asked the hooded man.

"Why of course" Kenjo chuckled, and without warning shot all three of them with a tranquilizer dart and caused them to fall unconsciousness.

"You sneaky bastard!" Was the last thing Spryous said before he blacked out.

*Several Hours Later*

When the three woke up, they found themselves inside of some kind of dungeon. There were barley any light in the place, and the ceiling of the place was dripping water onto the concrete ground. They could hear shouts and yells coming from the cells, but what really caught their attention was the silver collars that was around their necks.

"What the fuck! How the hell did we end up in hear?" Spryous said as he pulled himself up while taking in his surroundings. He checked to see if his mask was still on his face, at least he was happy to know that his mask was still on.

"That bastard tranqed us." Razen grumbled as he got to his feet. "So what do we do now Slop?" He asked the leader of the group.

"First we figure out how we're going to get out of here, and then we try to get these collars off of our necks." Slop informed them as he examined the collars around their necks.

Not too long afterwards, they started to hear footsteps coming down some stairs in the barely lit area.

They saw three figures in front of them, two of them were servants wearing black armor with horns sticking out of their heads, from the way they looked it was like the armor was moving on it's own. They were both carrying staffs in their hands that were the same color as the collars. The third figure was the hooded man Kenjo chuckling about his latest catch.

"I was wandering when you boys were going to wake up" Kenjo said as he removed his hood to reveal a man that looked like he was in his late thirties. He had blonde hair and a blonde beard (A/N: He looks like Luxord from Organization XIII, but with blue skin and elf ears).

"What do you want with us and what's with these collars?" Slop asked as Kenjo approached the outside of the cell.

"Why I just came to check up on the newest additions of our little arena games" Kenjo stated to Slop with pleased smile on his face.

"Ok then why did you put these things around our necks?" Spryous said as he approached the man.

"Why to help keep you under control" Kenjo said as he pulled out a grey remote control and pressed a blue button on it.

The moment he pressed that button the boys started to feel an extreme pain going through their bodies. It was unimaginable they screamed bloody murder like there were thousands of daggers going through their bodies all at once.

Kenjo chuckled at their pain with amusement "Did you boys enjoy the little demonstration?" He asked them very amused.

"You….Bastard!" Slop screamed trying form electricity in his hands to electrocute the man, but to his surprise, nothing happened.

"Another little feature is that it will negate any and All special powers that you might have. Think of it as an insurance policy, and one more thing your first match is in one hour." Kenjo said before he and the two guards went back up the stairs.

"Well guys looks like we don't have much of a choice right now," Slop stated as he sought himself back down on the floor.

"No I guess not, but there might be a bright side to this," Razen said in a hopeful voice.

"Really like what?" Spryous asked fellow teammate wandering what he could be talking about.

"We might be able to get some information on the secret weapon that we've been looking for." Razen explained to them.

"You do have a point, and we might be able to figure out how to get these damn things off of our necks," Spryous added to the statement.

"Alright then it's settled" Slop said agreeing with them. "Remember when get out there to the battle ground we can't afford to let our guard down out there." He informed them and they replied with a nod.

*One Hour Later*

While the three were waiting in their cell, a group of guards opened the lock to it and began to drag them out.

"Well looks like it's time to get down to business." Spryous said, as they were being excourted to the arena.


When they got to the arena, they found that it was a giant dome with hundreds and thousands of people there cheering for the fights to begin.

The battlefield was mostly a matlic battlefield with a silver floor and there were bars over it to separate the fighters from the spectators durning the matches.

The three were amazed at the amount of people who were there shouting and screaming for the entertainment to begin.

*King's Throne*

The king was a tall man with short brown hair with creamed skin. He wore a golden robe with black stripes in it, he was wearing three rings on both of his hands. He also had on lite blue pants and grey combat boots. His throne looked like it was made of pure gold.

"So these are the boys that you told me about? Funny they don't like anything special to me." He spoke in a gruff voice.

"I wouldn't say that; looks can be deceiving after all" Kenjo said to his as he watched the three boys down in the arena.

"Well let's see how good they are first." The king said as he stood up to address the crowd.

"WELCOME NEW CHALLANGERS TO OUR ARENA!" He said with a booming voice of authority. "HERE YOUR SKILLS SHELL BE PUT TO THE TEST! ONLY THE STRONGEST CAN SURVIVE THIS!" He announced to Slop, Spryous, and Razen as they looked up to him.

"NOW LET THE BATTLE BEGAIN!" He announced as the crowd boomed with cheers and screams.

With that the ground beneath the boys feet started to separate them and soon gaint walls came out of the ground putting them each in their own little arenas.

*With Slop*

Slop looked around trying to find a way to make contact with his two comrads. "guys can you hear me?" he yelled to them.

He soon turned his attention to the ground in front of him. He seen a hole appear in the ground and out of it came a servant. The servant was big and muscular and gave out a lion's roar.

"Ok I think I should take care of you first." Slop said as he got into a fighting postion.

*With Spryous*

Spryous just looked around his little cubical trying to figure out what just happened.

"I REALLY do not like where all of this is heading" He said to himself as a small hole opened up in the ground in front of him.

Out of it came a muscular servant with sharp horns on it's forhead. It gave out a ferocious roar and charged at him ready to kill.

"Just my fucking luck!" Spryous said as he dodged out of the way of the raging beast.

*With Razen*

Razen was wandering what he was about to face as he watched the hole on the ground in front of him open up.

"I have a bad feeling about this" He said as he saw a shadow figure come out of it.

It was another muscular servant with sharp tiger claws on both of it's hands and roared like one to boot.

"Well here I go again" Razen said ready to fight the servant as it came at him.

*King's throne*

"Now let's see what these boys are made of" The King chuckled as he watched the three fights that was about to take place.

"Likewise" Kenjo snickered at the entertainment below.

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