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Leon: "Nice to meet you."

LadyTeefStrife: "Wow... Look oldie Squall! You have grown up!"

Squall: *glare* "My name is Leon."

Zack: "Don't you dare glare at her. The only ones who can are Kou and Cloud." *glares at Leon*

Leon: "Who are you? Some kind of porcupine?"

LadyTeefStrife: "Okay, you two, that's enough."

Cloud: "Disclaimer: LadyTeefStrife don't own anything. Leon. Looks we'll be together this time."

Tifa: "Leon is here too?"

LadyTeefStrife: "Okay, you guys... I have to start already..."

To: Kitsune13's 'Requiem' (I love the final chap ^.^)

Prompt: Cloud's light and darkness.

Title: Light and Darkness.

Cloud, Leon and Sora stood in the Dark Depths.

Cloud looked the sky. Two months ago, he disappeared there with his worst nightmare, leaving alone again the woman he loved. Now that he had won and returned, Sora and Leon had stopped him and dragged him here to talk.

Tifa and Sephiroth were nowhere to be seen, and Cloud wanted to find her again.

Cloud remembered this last two months.


He was in the darkness, everything was black.

"You can't run away from me."

He was in the light, everything was white.

"You can have my light!"

He was lost, everything was grey.


"No colour in my life."

"you'll still running away from her?" Leon's voice sounded from behind him.

"That's not your business." It wasn't.

"You know were she is?" Cloud turned at that. wasn't her with them?

Sora looked at Cloud. "The last ones who saw her are you and I." That battle. After fighting Sephiroth in the Lifestream of Radiant Garden, he had retuned following the light, but she wasn't there.

"Sora told us she gave you her light."

"That woman was stupid."

Cloud and Leon turned to the voice. "Sephiroth!" They readied their weapons.

"She gave you her light?" Sephiroth snickered. Cloud, Leon and Sora were confused.

"She gave you her heart!" Sora was in Cloud's right. "I finally got it! It's just like Kairi! I had her heart inside me once too!"

"But that means it must be a nobody and a heartless of her around too." Leon looked around them.

Sephiroth laughted. "You fools! you don't understand anything!" Cloud felt dizzy.


'.... Cloud...' Cloud froze.

"That voice."




"Cloud...?" Cloud blinked. Leon was looking at him.

"I'm fine, where's Sephiroth?" Cloud looked around but found nothing.

"He left. I don't think he was 'real' " Leon put his gunblade over his shoulder.

"Yeah, he just stood there talking."

"How you know so much about this? about Tifa and-"

"King Mickey send me a letter."

"He told you to come here?" Sora nodded.

"It seems I still have something to do here." Sora was staring at Cloud. "Can you hear her? When Kairi was inside of me, I saw and heard her."

"I just heard her."

Sora nodded. "There's no nobody and heartless because she's not 'human'." It wasn't a question. "She was light. Your light. As the same Sephiroth is your darkness."

"You mean one can't exist without the other?" Leon turned to Sora. "Like light and darkness?"

Sora nodded again. "But... " Sora looked at Cloud. "Sephiroth is here, but Tifa no? maybe they both are inside you."

After a long silence, Leon spoke. "So, to get rid of Sephiroth we have to get rid of Tifa too?" Cloud froze. Tifa is a solidification of light, as the same Sephiroth is of the darkness. but, it was still Tifa, his Tifa.

"I won't do it." Cloud's tone was final.

Sora and Leon looked each other and then at Cloud. "Cloud... " Sora didn't know what to say.

"We'll think of something." Leon tried to calm Cloud.

"You two are proposing to kill Tifa in order to kill Sephiroth. I won't do it. Not now, not ever." Cloud turned and walked away.

Cloud reached Merlin's house. 'Maybe someone has another solution. Yuffie, Cid and Aerith won't let Tifa die.' Just then Cloud felted dizziness again.


"....Cloud?" Everything was white.


"... Cloud? Can you hear me?"

"Tifa? ... I can." Everything turned grey.

"Do you think you can save her?"

"Cloud, it's okay."

"Kill her with your own hands."

"Cloud, it's okay. It's the only way."

"Kill her and you'll be free."

"I won't! Tifa! I- I can't do it!"

"Cloud... It's okay. I love you. Always."


"Tifa!" Cloud woke in a bed of Merlin's house.

"It's okay."

Aerith was in the doorframe of the room staring at him. Cloud got up and walked past her.

"Don't say that again." He was out of the room, his back to her.

"Leon and Sora found you passed out in front of the door. They told us about Sephiroth and Tifa." Aerith tried to look at his eyes. "Cloud, we both know it's the only way-"

"-Don't." Cloud took a step away from her. "Don't say her name again." Aerith was puzzled at Cloud's cold tone. "You have no right to say her name if you want to kill her." Cloud tried to exit the house, but everyone was blocking the door.

"We can't let you out. With Sephiroth inside you, you are a danger out there. Until you get rid of him you won't get out of our sight." Leon's voice was cold.

"You all want to kill Tifa. I won't let you." Cloud's voice was even colder.

"Cloud! Don't you understand!? It's the only way! We don't want to kill her! She's our friend! Tifa is like a sister to me! But we can't let him-!" Yuffie was sobbing.

Since Sora and Leon told everyone what was happening, Yuffie had been keeping in check her tears, but now it was too much. Aerith and Cid just weren't able to believe it at first, and Merlin just told everyone to be strong.

"I don't care. I won't kill her." Cloud stormed past everyone and directed himself towards the Bailey. When he arrived, he turned around and was relieved to see no one had followed him.

"You are Cloud, right?"

Cloud turned towards the voice. There they stood three little fairies.

"We were in Merlin's house too. I'm Yuna." The little fairy made a reverence.

"Paine" this one just crossed her arms and closed her eyes.

"I'm Rikku!" This one was restraining herself to not bounce all over the place.

"And I'm Auron." The fairies and Cloud turned to the new voice. A tall man stood there. "I heard too."

"Auron!" Yuna and Rikku exclaimed at the same time.

"Yuna, nice to see you again, but we all are here for another matter."

"You are right." The three fairies started to shine, and then they transformed in three young girls. "Now, much better." They turned to Cloud. "You know why we are here?"

"You all want to kill her too?" Cloud was starting to get mad.

"You know? In our world, Yuny was ready to sacrifice herself in exchange to save the world too." Rikku put one arm around Yuna and squeezed.

"Rikku and my boyfriend tried to find a way to save me."

"why are you all telling me this? There's a way to save her?" Cloud's tone was hopeful now.

"No." Auron's voice sounded from behind them. "You have to understand her self-sacrifice and let her go. Tifa is not even human, this is her destiny."

"Shut up." Cloud walked past them. "I don't want to hear you anymore. You saved Yuna, you all are telling me to do something you yourself didn't do." Cloud kept walking and returned to the Dark Depths.

The feeling of dizziness returned.


"Cloud, it's the only way." Everything was grey.

"I won't kill you Tifa, I love you."

"I know, Cloud."

"Kill her."


"Cloud? You have to fight him, not fisically, but mentally."


"Kill her and you'll be free."

"Cloud, you have to fight the darkness. You have my light."

"But everyone told me to kill you..."

"Kill her."

"Remember? The darkness will sill be there, but in a place were he can't reach it. No matters if you get rid of him or not."

"Then, he will be with me always?"

"Kill her and you'll be free."

"The same as I. You have light too. the difference is in the balance. That's why you have to fight him."

"You won't die?"

"I already am."


"I don't have a heart or a body. I'm only in your memories, Cloud."


"Kill her and you'll be free of the darkness. Erase her. Forget her."

"Cloud, I gave you my heart and light, my whole soul. I'll be with you always."

"I won't forget you Teef."

"I know. Cloud, you have to get rid of the darkness."


"Forgive him."

"What? I- I can't."

"Then you are just like him."


"See? We are the same, Cloud."


"Yes. Cloud you are living for vengeance, just like him."

"How can I forgive him!?"

"Cloud, I know it's hard. You have to forgive and forget."


"Forget her." And everything turned dark.


'I'll protect you this time.'

Cloud was in the bed of Merlin's house again.

"How many more times I have to drag you here?" This time it was Leon who was in the doorframe.

Cloud sat on the bed. After a long pause, Leon called everyone in the house.

"Cloud? What did you do?" Aerith's voice was worried. "I've never been able to feel her, but I can feel her now!"

"It was I." Everyone turned at Sora. "I have to introduce someone." Sora left and returned with a young man at his side. "This is Riku." Everyone nodded in greeting.

"Sora brought me here because my keyblade is the opposite as Sora's." At everyone blank expressions, he kept explaining. "Sora's keyblade closes hearts and mine opens them to darkness. So we used mine on him and freed Tifa."

"And now he's in darkness, then?" Leon's voice was curious.

"He was supposed to be a heartless now." Everyone grasped.

"She has protected me." Everyone turned to Cloud. "Aerith, were is she?"

"In the old castle."

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