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"Sora's keyblade closes hearts and mine opens them to darkness. So we used mine on him and freed Tifa."

"And now he's in darkness, then?" Leon's voice was curious.

"He was supposed to be a heartless now." Everyone grasped.

"She has protected me." Everyone turned to Cloud. "Aerith, were is she?"

"In the old castle."

Chapter 3- Title: Perfect balance

Cloud and Leon entered in another room.

"We better split up. There are no heartless here anymore." Cloud nodded his response.

They have been searching Tifa for four hours now. Aerith only said she was here, she can't feel exactly were Tifa is, but that didn't stop Cloud. Shouts of 'Tifa' sounded everywhere, until...

"Teef!" She was in the floor, unmoving. "Tifa!" Cloud closed the distance between them and kneeled at her side. "Ti-" When he tried to lift her, his hand run through her. Cloud froze.

"Cloud! Have you found-" Leon's voice got caught in his throat. Tifa was shining and vanishing.

"... No. Tifa!" Cloud tried to lift her again, and again his hand couldn't touch her. Leon kneeled at the other side and tried to touch her. He succeeded. "What...?" Cloud and Leon where frozen.

"I don't know what is happening, but at least she's here." Cloud nodded and let Leon lift her in his arms. "We'll take her to Aerith, maybe she knows something." Cloud nodded again.


"Cloud..." everything was black.


"Now no one will stand in my way. No stupid woman nor light will stop me."


"You are in the darkness, Cloud. This is your place."



"No! You are supposed to be dead! He doesn't have your heart anymore!"

'Cloud... I love you.'

"Teef... I love you too." Everything turned grey.

"Shut up!"

'Cloud... Remember? The darkness will still be there, but in a place were he can't reach it. No matters if you get rid of him or not. You have light too'

"Don't listen to her!"


'Cloud, I gave you my heart and light, my whole soul. I'll be with you always.'

"She's fooling you! We are the same! Your place is in the darkness!"

'I don't have a heart or a body. I'm only in your memories, Cloud.'

"Then... These are my memories?"

'Cloud... It's okay. I love you. Always.'


"You are not fit to be in the light! Your place is in the past! In the darkness!"

"The past... Forgive and forget?"

'Cloud, it's okay. It's the only way.'

"... Yeah... It's time to move on."


"...Goodbye, General Sephiroth." And everything turned white.


"Cloud?" There she was. Bright and beautiful as always. His Tifa.

"Teef." Cloud smiled.

"What are you talking about?" Black leather clothes turned pink, burgundy eyes turned green. Aerith. "You thought I was Tifa?"

"Where is she?" Cloud got up from the bed he was in.

"She's okay, she's a little weak and tired, but she's already up and waiting for you outside with the others." Aerith got back to the other room.

'She's okay' Cloud found those words the best thing in the world.

"Cloud!" Maybe he was wrong, that sounded even better. Tifa's voice sounded from the doorframe, and a second later she was in his arms.

"They finally let me in!" Tifa's voice sounded weak.

"Are you okay?" Cloud looked at her face, she was a little pallid.

"I'm fine." She smiled. "But being inside another person for so long and being thrown away later get's you tired." She laughed softly and nuzzled his neck. Then, Tifa's smile disappeared. "You... I mean... I'm not human. I'm light, no body, just a soul-"

"-I know. It's okay." Cloud kissed her forehead. "I need your light, Tifa. I need you."

"I know." Tifa kissed Cloud. "Light can't exist without darkness." They stared at each other's eyes. "You'll be my darkness?"


He wasn't light. But he wasn't in the darkness anymore either.

Because the darkness will still be there, but in a place where 'He' can't reach it.

A/N: If someone didn't get it: Tifa was ONLY light when he found her, that's why he, being only darkness (at that moment) couldn't touch her, because the light and the darkness can't touch each other. It happened the same with Sephiroth and Tifa.

Cloud: "This was short."

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