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Rasengan Kisses

1st Interlude

Description: (Takes place during the fic titled Attention) Hinata was just ushered into Ino's party. Sasuke's blazer was removed from her by Ino, and placed on the back of a chair in the foyer. Sasuke was left behind at the door with Shikamaru, while Ino pulled her into the billiards room. She shielded her eyes from the light strobing throughout the house, while the blonde urged her forward. Soon her vision began to adjust, and she snatched free of Ino's grip, after catching a glimpse of Sasuke already on the dancefloor...

"Excuse me, Sasuke-kun?" Hyuuga Hinata was stricken by the sight of some... girl... writhing all over her fiance!

Sasuke, whom hadn't looked too upset by the sloppy kunoichi's antics, turned toward her, black eyes widening in surprise. It wasn't a look she could remember ever seeing on his face before, and that confused her. Then, the surprise settled into something more subdued. It wasn't shame, and that made her angry. She recognized that childish expression. Her sister, Hanabi, had worn it often enough, after her many shenanigans.

The Hyuuga Heiress looked into Sasuke's deep, dark eyes... and saw only remorse for having been caught.

"How did you get in here so fast? And on the dancefloor, no less?" She was courtly and serene, just as any Hyuuga wife would be when confronting her husband in an adulterous act. And this was tantamount to adultery! They were betrothed, the promised merger of the Hyuuga and Uchiha Clans!

"Looking for you," Sasuke lied.

Hinata frowned, then cast her stare upon the smug looking girl. "Looks like you found somebody else..." She looked away, seething so much that her hands began to shake, even as they were clentched together in a painful vice. Sasuke gasped slightly, confusing her further, but not enough to hope he actually cared.

"My father will hear of this. All of it." She was firm. She had to be. She didn't want to do this, so why did he want to hurt her this way? She was falling for him. Wasn't that what he'd wanted? "I will take responsibility for sneaking out of the Hyuuga compound..." She paused, accepting that awful inevitability, then allowed the anger to seep into her words. "And you," she hissed, "will accept responsibility for wasting the Hyuuga's time, and dishonoring your own Clan, Uchiha."

"Hahaha!" The... girl... began to cackle. Hinata was a patient person, a patient ninja. But she was also a Hyuuga, and the Hyuuga never did take insults to their honor lightly.

The Clan Heiress pulled her arm back and delivered a slap of epic proportions to that little hussy's face. Almost immediately, a long bellow rang out in a chorus of male voices...

"Cat-Fight!" Someone shouted.

"Bitch!" The hussy held her tender, red cheek. She balled one fist, but had it slapped away by the Uchiha now standing between the two kunoichi.

"Get lost," he dismissed the hussy. Then, he grasped Hinata's waist, pulling her across the room.

She wanted to fight against him. She wanted to scream at him, but again, she was a Hyuuga, and therefor acted like a perfect Lady as he led her into a darkened corner.

"Listen to me, Hinata-chan," he started after they were appropiately concealed. "I was looking for you, really. That's how and why I got here so fast." He placed his hands on her shoulders. "That girl... you know how they are. She jumped me. I was just being polite, you know? There was nothing I could do..."

The Heiress' face scrunched into a mask of disgust. "That doesn't make any sense! What's wrong with you, Sasuke!?"

The Uchiha sighed in frustration, earning him a roll of Hinata's eyes. "Ok, I'm finished." Her lip began to quiver, and the sting of tears assaulted her pale eyes. "We're finished..."

Suddenly, Sasuke's arms were firmly around her, and he pinned her between himself and the wall.

"Tell me if this makes any sense," he crooned, then shoved his tongue into her mouth. He consumed all protest, until there was no more protest. Until there were only two mouths locked in scorching battle. Soon, the Heiress lost her edge, as she was subdued by the Uchiha's oral prowess.

Her knees buckled. Still he kissed her. Her arms rose to find his neck, and he dove further into her. She shivered, she moaned... and his kisses became lighter, as he lifted her head to gaze into her now glossy eyes.

"Don't leave me, Hinata-chan," he whispered, running both hands continually through her hair. "What I told you was the truth... believe it." He smiled then; a bit wider than she was used to, but she was happy now, and wondered just why she'd been so jealous in the first place. Sasuke-kun had always treated her with respect. And tonight was no exception.

"I... I accept your apology, Sasuke-kun," Hinata bit her lip, blushing for all she was worth.

"Yeah, well..." He said, "I'm worth it, you know?" Before stealing another kiss.

The already passive Heiress now melted completely into him, and was reminded of summer blossoms and warm sunsets... bright orange and yellow, strewn across the sky in haphazard waves. The same waves that flushed through her body now. As she inhaled, she breathed the scent of Konoha, of forests and rivers, and fertile earth. How strange. Sasuke usually smelled of fire and burning wood smoke, or strong inscense. This was like life itself, and sunlight and cool water dancing on her tongue...

Finally, he broke the kiss, and she was grateful, because there at the end, she'd no longer been dreaming of Sasuke.

"You'd better go find Ino. She's probably freaking out," the Uchiha reminded her of their hostess.

"Um... hai. You're right," she fidgeted a bit while extracting herself from his embrace. In truth she couldn't have been more grateful for the oppurtunity to leave. Hinata darted out of the shadows then, daintily making her way across one crowded dancefloor.

Uzumaki Naruto let out the biggest sigh of relief he could handle. Damn, that was fucking close... He almost got Sasuke dumped! He snickered, then licked his still moistened lips. Hinata-chan was such a babe. Then, he thought of the ninja who's form he was currently holding.

"Lucky bastard," he spat, while stealthily making his way toward the door. If Hinata-chan was here, Sasuke wouldn't be far behind.

Naruto slipped through the door, unnoticed until he reached the foyer. Just his luck...

"Oh, Ssassuke-kuuun..." The girl from before stumbled into him. "Show me your Shaaarringaaan," she trailed her finger down his chest, looking provocatively up at him.

He grinned. Just his luck indeed.

"Well," Naruto stepped closer to the girl. "I can't show you right now... but I can explain everything."