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Gilbert blinked at the finely carved oak doors. Then glared at them as if they were the source of his problems, and if looks could kill, those doors would have caught on fire. Where did Roderich get off, throwing the incarnation of all things awesome out like that?! Okay, so he kinda 'accidentally' stole some of his sheet music and ran them through a paper shredder, so Roderich might have been a little mad about that still. But Gilbert apologized! He even went out of his way to find a copy of that exact sheet music and give it to the priss, (mostly because the said brunette always sent him glares that would make Russia shrink back. And as pleasing an image as Russia cowering in a corner was, it still creeped the hell out of Gilbert) so all should be well.

The soft piano music began again; the very light strain withheld within the notes would have been missed if not for the Prussian's extremely sharp hearing. Though, listening to Roderich coax music out of that thing for several years might have had something to do with it. More important than the music, was that bowl of ice cream he had been so cruelly separated from, melting in the sun pouring through the window. Waiting for the door to open was really out of the question if he wanted his frozen treat at least somewhat still cold, seeing as how the aristocrat could stay in that room for literally hours. Normally, the Prussian would have just gone downstairs and get more, if the bowl didn't have ice cream he had scrapped from the bottom of the tub to get before they ran out.

The door was locked…and years of Gilbert sneaking into the house through the music room windows had probably taught the Austrian to lock them…

A little light bulb went off over Gilbert's head; the lock on the music room window was broken! If he was quiet, he could sneak back in, easily! It would be even easier, since once Roderich really got into his music, it took a lot to get him out. A smirk spread across the carmine eyed man's face as he turned on his heel and glided down the hall towards the foyer and reached out to open one of the overly large front doors.

"You have been thwarted by my awesome once again, Austria~" He said to himself chuckling, his momentary joy was cut short when a blast of hot air slammed into him. He could almost feel his lips begin to chap. He hurriedly, closed the front door and ran around the side of the house, flipping off the sun briefly before he leapt over one of Roderich's shrubs, doing a ninja roll as he landed because he was just that awesome.

The lavish, dark red curtains of the music room were drawn with the intent to keep the sun and the man from peeking in. Gilbert stepped nimbly over the short, perfectly trimmed bushes in front of the window and eased a panel open. As expected, it wasn't locked. The Prussian smirked to himself again and crawled in through the window, smooth as silk. Or, it seemed that way, the only thing that had stopped his plan from being so perfect was that, once he had come out of the curtains, Roderich was looking at him, his facial expression one of half-expectancy,

"I knew I should have fixed that lock." Roderich sighed out, "Close the window, it's blistering out." He demanded, turning away from the other man.

Well, at least the bug that was up Roderich's ass had crawled out. Gilbert thought as he closed the window with not nearly as much care as he took opening it. Crimson eyes glanced at the bowl sitting innocently on the coffee table. Now, Gilbert would have gone straight for his prize, but he was still pissed that the priss had just thrown him out like that. So, he opted to plop down on the bench next to the pianist, straddling it.

"What the hell's up with you?" He asked bluntly, violet eyes flashed over to him before flicking back,

"None of your business."

"Did you want some alone time with your," Gilbert ghosted his fingers over the keys of the piano, "lover?" Roderich put both hands on the key lid in warning, not once looking at the Prussian. Remembering that the last time he had touched Roderich's piano, he had the lid slammed on his hand, the taller man drew it away as if he had been shocked. The other slowly slid his fingers off the lid and sent a short glare to the ex-nation.

"That wasn't it," Roderich said "and for the last time, Gilbert. I am not in love with my piano."

"Could have fooled me!"

"Just take your stupid ice cream and go."

"Not until you tell me why you kicked me out!"

Gilbert looked at Roderich's profile for a few moments, although knowing that he would never get an answer from the blank expression on the brunette's face. His eyes trailed down to the his lap, hands folded presently except…not. They were…slightly raised? Without warning, Gilbert reached for the aristocrat's wrists and ripped his hands from his lap,

"What do you think you're doing?!" Roderich cried, struggling to get free of Gilbert's grip

"Ooooooh. So that's what your problem was. Having a little uprising in Silesia, Roddy~?" A fierce blush spread on the Austrian's face as something sparked within Gilbert's eyes. "I can help you with that~" And yet again, without warning, the Prussian released one of Roderich's wrists palmed his crotch, earning a delicious hitched breath and a moan; followed by a light squirm underneath his touch. The Prussian chuckled huskily, the sound suddenly cut off by a pair of lips attaching themselves to his own.

Oh yeah, Roddy was horny. Lips were nipped and licked, asking for permission to enter, and then soft sounds of tongues sloppily meshing together filled the room. Somewhere down the line of this make-out session, Roderich practically begged Gilbert to finish him off. And to deny such a request would be just plain cruel. So, standing from the bench and picking the aristocrat up bridal style, arms wrapping around his neck and lips being attacked by lips, he somehow managed to unlock the music room door and walked down the painfully long hallway towards one of the nearest bedrooms.

Look Ma, my first groping scene! Okay, that's a big lie; my Gilbert and Briana's Roderich have groped each other many-a-time. But that's another story for another time, ladies and…mostly ladies. I'll leave the lemon to writers who have more talent than I do. Until the next plot-bunny bounces unto my life, ciao~